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In The Latest Chapter Of... Megalo Box (Ch.11)

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Disclaimer: English is not my native language, so I apologize in advance for anything that is badly written or completely incomprehensible.


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Chapter 11: A Deadmarch

The chapter starts with Pops getting drunk on his truck, he gets called by Fujimaki, the gang leader, it seems he has brought some people to go and take him to the stadium; Nanbu, says that wasn´t necessary, still he decides to go.

Meanwhile Sachio is making a flower arrangement and Yukiko ask him why he is doing that? Sachio responds by saying that he is doing it as a sign of his gratitude to her; Yukiko responds saying that she is not very good with the flowers though, still the Kid responds by saying that his Mom liked flowers a lot… Yukiko then changes the subject and ask him if he wants to go and see Joe? Today is his fight; Sachio says that he doesn´t want to because he is going to see him when he faces Yuri! After that he leaves. In truth, Sachio feels lost because what was Team Nowhere is no longer existing, yeah, everyone was using each other; but…After all this time it couldn´t be just that, Right?


Feeling nervous Sachio touches a wall while at the same time Joe does the same before entering the ring… Sachio remembers some words of Joe, that if he feels nervous he should touch something, it will ease him and remind him of his goal...Maybe it´s pure bollocks; but still… 


The introductions are made and Glen is ready to enter! Now it´s Joe´s turn and he enters using his Gear made of scraps! Everyone is impressed since he is “Gearless” Joe! Nanbu tells Joe that he is free to hate him and never forget him; but he needs to do this and he now knows that Joe is the real deal, so after this he can go and do whatever he wants… The fight is about to begin and Burroughs mocks Joe in English…With some not truly good results since it´s almost guarantee that Joe can´t speak English; still the battle continues and Pops is giving information to Joe in how to move; for the trained eye is obvious that Joe´s ability is bigger than Burroughs and if he wanted, he could finish this match in a flash; but still he continues, even letting himself be hurt in order to do a good show and convincing defeat.

Meanwhile outside Sachio went to the coliseum; but decided not to go, feeling lost he start singing a rap while throwing fist to the air, like if he was megaloboxing…


At the same time, Joe has lost one of his gear arms and the second round has finalized to bring us the third one! Pops tells Joe that he only needs to endure this humiliation a little longer and after that he will be free! Fujimaki then corrects him and tells Nanbu that is just a lie; both Pops and JD will always fight on his ring and will always be on the grasp of his hand…Pops can´t believe what he is hearing.


The fight continues and it seems that Joe will lose against Burroughs for a big attack on his humanity! During this round he has lost his another gear arm. Yuri then decides to get up and go, while Sachio enters running and begs Joe to get up while our hero is losing consciousness! The guards try to catch Sachio; but Yuri stops them! Pops then yells to Joe to get up! This is his dream! After doing that Joe responds and starts getting up! Meanwhile Nanbu is fighting against Fujimaki´s Goons!


Joe continues his fight against Burroughs and with an uppercut he is able to K.O. his opponent the Bloody Lion! Now it´s official, the people who will be fighting at the grand finale is Joe Vs. Yuri! Yuri then recognizes that Joe is the real thing…So much that he even feels a little jealous… After that he decides to leave while Joe and Sachio go to where Nanbu is! While they go Yukiko appears and detects the Id that Sachio had.

Joe and Sachio gets where Nanbu and Fujimaki are…In there they see a gruesome image; Pops has lost his eye, he gouged it out in order to set Joe free, he has paid the price that Fujimaki did and now they are free to go… Fujimaki tells his pawns to let them go since Nanbu did something very bold, something that showed his guts, so… He has won his respect and they can be at peace now. 


In the night, at Yuri´s house, the King is training while his dog is very fiery towards him…


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Man what an amazing chapter!! Truly these last chapters are being amazing and we are 2 chapters from the big finale! Also my predictions where dead wrong in basically everything; but I am glad I was wrong, because what we got is something that I liked even more!


For starters the fight was amazing, very well paced and with good commentary from the various persons watching the fight, although what I liked more was the resolution from Sachio and Pops came giving Joe the will to keep going and defeat Burroughs!

In another instance I like how Yukiko is nice with Sachio, especially because the guy is a hard nut to crack; also I liked Sachio throwing some punches plus the rap, even though it made me laugh because was a silly moment in the sense of hearing a rap sang by Sachio while he is throwing punches to the air.


Finally, I liked how Pops took responsibility, and since he showed guts, he got forgiven in a way to Fujimaki, even though that means that he is blind now, and can´t do much to help Joe…Although what he did is something more precious since it opened Joe´s path to his future since Fujimaki would have them on the grasp of his hand for all eternity… Also, this new path to Joe has made him a true rival for Yuri, one he is eager to fight! So we must be ready for an explosive end of season!

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Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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