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Chapter 7: The road to Death

The chapter starts in the city, a kid is making rap while he walks, at the same time in different parts of the city, Gearless Joe has become a some sort of People´s Champ, a cultural icon for the common folk to look and admire, and after his victory against Aragaki he has become one of the favorites for the 4th spot in Megalonia.

Meanwhile a Sports show is talking about the upcoming match between Suger and Mikio Shirato, both also favorites to show in Megalonia, in the case of Mikio, he is not only one of the favorites for it; but also he is Yukiko Shirato´s brother, so he uses some top notch Gear, still the place for the 4th place is still up in the air, and Gearless Joe can steal the spot!


Back in reality, Pops and Sachio are watching such show and say that they are trying to downplay Joe´s chances on getting there; still they aren´t the ones who will choose, since the promotors, AKA the ones organizing the event, are the ones who will choose in the end; while they talk Yukiko Shirato and her body guards where passing, Nanbu, noticing her, makes some comments that attracted her attention and ask her about the possibilities of Gearless Joe making it to the big event; Yukiko responds in loud voice that everyone has a chance on getting into Megalonia, although in whisper she completed the phrase to Nanbu´s ears… That the only exception are the ones who fight without Gear. 


The match between Suger and Mikio starts and both Sachio and Nanbu are watching it, and Mikio has an easy win where he was able to avoid all the attacks that his opponent attacks and tricks be useless against him, so yeah, even if he is a SHirato Kid, this thing wasn´t made by Nepostism; but rather pure ability.

Now that he has the ticket at his hand, Mikio says on the microphone that before he accepts, he has a request… To fight against Gearless Joe and show to the people who deserves to go to Megalonia!


Meanwhile Joe is still very injured from his match against Aragaki, so much that he is still pissing blood; he has been tied to a chain in order to avoid him going out and more injured, when his duty is to chill and recover; suddenly both Pops and Sachio enters the house and notifies JD from the good news! That they are closer to enter Megalonia than never before! Junk Dog states that if that´s the case then he has to start training! Until both Sachio and Pops shows him that he is in not condition to do anything right now, so now his work is to rest. 


Back with the Shirato Group, The sponsors and higher ups are talking about that Mikio is in there and if Yukiko is Ok with that, especially about the fight against Gearless Joe; most of the higher ups wants to diss that stuff and just announce Mikio as the 4th contender and be done with it, although Yukiko isn´t so sure about that… Still the last decision will come from her.

After that Yukiko is talking with her secretary and how the battle against Suger had an opposite effect, she didn´t wanted it to show the strength of Mikio; but to stop him, also that it seems that Mikio´s Gear might be more especial than what they thought it would be, although Yukiko is still set that the integrated Gear that Yuri has is still the best; still, they need to stop her Brother of going too far since that can affect the Agenda they are trying to reach in Megalonia, after that both Girls welcome some military looking persons.


Meanwhile Nanbu is very serious, he has meet the middle man and it seems they have a some form of agreement for this fight of Joe Vs. Mikio; before leaving, the middleman tells him to be careful since Yukiko doesn´t want Mikio to win, some people say that it is because they don´t want a sight of nepotism, although…He believes that this is a more shady thing in the background. 


Back with Yukiko, she is seeing the progress of Yuri´s Gear, that piece of equipment is now part of his body now, after that Yuri starts training and he is truly in top form!

After that Yukiko goes with her brother who shows her about his new gear, a gear that can predict the movement of his opponents, and make the best course of action for it, since he wants to destroy Yuri… He knows that Yukiko was behind that Suger match and that she wants him to lose, so this is his moment now, is the moment to screw his Sister plans, the one who stole his position as leader of the Shirato Group! Yukiko says that it was Grandfather who choose her, although Mikio believes that she coerced him to make that choice, and now that this is his time he has made all that he can do to defeat this last fight against Joe!


Meanwhile with Joe, there are various people wanting to see his training for his upcoming match against Mikio; Pops is teaching him about the Gear, and how those machines are made in order to enchance and predict the movements the user makes, still those things have a slight delay, so JD´s edge is that he doesný have that delay, so his movements are naturally faster. 


The day of the match comes and Team Nowhere is ready to fight against Mikio and going to Megalonia, although Pops looks somewhat disturbed about this match, on their way to the ring they have found Mikio, who tells them with a Smug face that this match won´t happen, they are going to stop right there and won´t attend the match, why? Because he knows Joe´s secret, or rather Junk Dog, the unregistered citizen of the underground fights!

Joe gets angry at him and tries to attack him; but Nanbu hits JD, making him unable to move, after that the trio gets in there while Mikio goes to the ring where finally the time for Joe to appears finishes… Mikio has won.


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An Excellent chapter for more than one reason! While Megalobox´s story has been very direct, I mean it is basically Joe´s search to get to Megalonia, there were some more things about this world that could be exploited, and now it seems that we have the real enemy, The Shirato in general and Yukiko in particular; make no mistake this chapter presented us with a new and interesting obstacle which is Mikio, and he is a scumbag; but in the end we all know that for one way or the other JD will surpass him and will continue.


Back to Yukiko Shirato, It has become clear that this whole Megalonia thing has some shaddy things behind, and a theory of mine is that it might have something to do with war or military armament, like super soldiers stuff or something of that nature.

Also we got to know more about Sachio´s objective, although it was obvious that it has something to do with his Parents; now… What I am curious is to know how much Nanbu is involved with Mikio in all of this, since it looked he already knew what was going on since at first he was very exciting; but as the chapter progressed, all of that changed so… Yeah, who knows if he got black mailed too or was bribed with some money. In any case what has happened on this chapter and what is coming in the future is exciting!


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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