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In The Latest Chapter Of... Megalo Box (Ch.06)

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Chapter 6: Until the Last Dog Dies

The chapter starts with a memory Aragaki is training with nanbu, and he is teaching him the basics in how to keep balance in order to keep fighting and evading, all it was in balance, or as Nanbu said : <<< Split your Weight evenly. Fifty-fifty>>>

Back to the present where the past one left off; Joe is on the ground, the 9th second is coming, alongside Joe´s body has risen up and he is ready to fight again! The match continues and it seems that JD has got the trick on Aragaki, especially since Joe is repeating the same phrase : <<<Split your Weight evenly. Fifty-fifty>>>. 


The round ends abruptly and Pops advices Joe to give up, that he can find a new opponent in no time and reach Megalonia still Joe has decided to not listen to him and keep fighting.


The fight continues and Joe is able to land some hits on Aragaki´s humanity while reciting the phrase <<<Split your Weight evenly. Fifty-fifty>>>, thing that truly pisses of Aragaki who makes JD to kiss the floor once again, still our hero is able to get up and the match continues it´s flow! Pops tries to give some advice to our Hero; but he has decided to not to listen to him and use only what he has teach him

Back in the past, Aragaki was training with Nanbu, telling him the Fifty-Fifty stuff, as a way to memorize the basics, when the time comes and is hard to think the basics are what will get him through. 


A new round is about to start and Miyagi, Aragaki´s trainer, tells him to wrap this thing on this round, meanwhile Joe and Pops are chatting and JD is not so sure about Aragaki´s intentions of making Nanbu suffer through his pain, it seems it´s something different what he is aiming for.


The match continues and Aragaki is landing more and more hits towards JD while Pops reflects on everything that happened, when he left Aragaki for death, and how he is in there to bring pain to JD! Our heroes goes down and by the 7th second he raises again! Joe starts thinking and says that he doesn´t care about what happened between Pops and Aragaki, he only knows that the man in front of him is an obstacle that he has to overcome, nothing more, nothing less!

The match keeps it´s flow and Joe is able to land a big hit towards Aragaki making him fall; he gets up by the 8th second though; but now the things have changed in the flux of battle! At the same time Pops has seen the fruits of his labor with Joe, the guy now has everything he has taught as a second nature, and now Joe is able to land more and more hits towards his opponents, the ability of both of these gladiators is equal now! Aragaki is thinking about how this fight is for him to keep advancing! 


The round ends and JD is hungry for more; although the fight has ended, Aragaki has decided to surrender and won´t keep fighting, Joe has won the match.


After the match Nanbu goes to see Aragaki and he confesses that he had limited time on this sport, if he continued he could get bedridden forever, so it was time to stop after that both start talking and remember about that dog race bet and how Nanbu gave it to him a s a good luck charm so he won´t get shot in the war, now Aragaki wants that those tickets go with Joe… Since starting this moment a new day has started and he can keep going.


Later that night the third competitor for Megalonia has been chosen, alongside Yuri and Pepe Iglesias there will be Glen Burroughs, a big man called the “Bloody Lion”; Shirato starts talking about the good points and strength of this new fighter; although the press is more focused on that fighter, “Gearless” Joe, Shorato says that no one knows who will be the 4th contender, so anyone can be while trying to bring the attention to Glen again.

Outside of such place, Yuri is seeing in those big Televisors in the buildings about Junk Dog Strides in the competition, another man comes and tells him that Glen is angry because his event has been ruined for that “Gearless” guy, Yuri then says that he and that slump dog have things to settle, still his chatting companion says that he won´t make it, he is sure of it…


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An amazing chapter! I really liked the fight and how the pace went on it! The fight was very exciting and while it had some lows, most of the action was indeed very high and quite well done!


Another point is in how little time they were able to end Aragaki´s character arc in a good way and in a way in a “Less is more” approach, they didn´t give much exposition, just a few key scenes and let the people join the dots.

Finally In the fight I sort of feel that Joe was trying to push Aragaki´s buttons in order to distract him and act on anger alone by repeating that mantra about the position and stuff! Which is a some form of a nice strategy in order to make the enemy act on impulse and stop fighting with his brains, so yeah… That sort of makes my own head canon in the way Joe managed this fight!


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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