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Chapter 4: Let´s Dance with Death

The chapter starts with Joe, Nenbu and Sachio, they are entering the arena… They will carry Pops new and unexpected plan, since JD doesn´t have any Gear to begin with…He might as well do that his gimmick, therefore the fight will be between Shark Samejima and “Gearless” Joe. The group of our Heroes goes inside the Arena.

Our heroes start remembering what they spoke the past night, that Joe in order to get to Megalonia fast he needs to fight strong people, win against them and having some sort of Gimmick that puts him under the light, that gimmick on this case will be that he is not using Gear, at the very least on the 3 first fights, after that the last 2 is where the true challenge will be… When they get to Megalonia, they will be able to breath; Joe corrects Pops and tells him that Megalonia is not enough, he is aiming to reach Yuri!


Junk Dog is on the ring, and the people, his opponent and basically everyone is angry and offended by the fact that he is fighting without Gear, they want to see Joe´s blood, to see him defeated and harmed; Samejima is very angry at Joe´s Gimmick since it´s a disrespect to this sport. Still, our Hero is confident in how he will perform while his arms shakes with excitement, according to him. 


The Match starts and Joe shows his leg play movement, both warriors start fighting and our Hero is able to block or avoid the attacks of his opponent, even more he is able to put some punches in the face of Samejima; still such things aren´t forever and JD´s opponent ends up punching him; Junk Dog falls to the ground, he can´t get up, the pain is too much, his vision gets cloudy and he can´t hear clearly the different sounds surrounding him; Sachio and Pops try to help; but ultimately they are unable to do anything substantial other than make a fool for themselves.

By the seventh second Joe is able to regain his senses and is able to get up, the round comes to an end, Nanbu tries to give indications to Joe; but is clear that he is not listening, he is barely there, his arms tremble and the next round starts.


The round basically went with Joe escaping all the attacks that Samejima is throwing At him, making for a very frustrating round for JD´s opponent who gets desperate and he grabs Joe and starts punching him! The referee puts them apart and Samejima´s Trainer scolds him for doing that! He is already penalized and if he does that again and gets disqualified he will be banned. Pops try to scold Joe to move like always do, that he won´t do anything unless he starts punching back!, still Joe says that it´s better if he escapes the punches; both of them start arguing until Sachio enters and in his own way scolds both Nanbu and Joe… That was the moment when the Manager understood what was happening to his fighter… He is afraid, the hit he got on the first round made his body be afraid, something natural, to avoid any chances of getting killed or receiving pain, still the fighters embrace that pain and make them theirs, not like something to make them run; but to push them forward! At the same time, if Joe can´t think clearly…Clearly he is not alone, since this team is made of 3… So it´s moment to do what they always do, Pops will say and JD will listen!


Joe is back on his tracks and then again makes his feet movement, the match continues and Joe is able to fight back and punch Samejima again and again! His movements are fast and he is taking the lead on this violent dance! Giving punches to Samejima while evading theirs, Joe gets in the control of the match!

In the end Joe is able to attain a clean victory over his opponent winning the match and the respect of the people watching the match! 


After that a normal life filled with the continues matches that Joe has comes; our Hero is able to defeat his opponents and going up on the ranks, since his Gimmick is revolutionary all the eyes are on him and the people has come to like him; Shirato notices that and how everyone talks about him.


One day Nanbu gets a call for a future fight, he has to convince the person to let his boy (JD) fight. They meet in a café; Pops is very happy to meet the fighter Manager, who tells him that this guy is in the top 20, thing that makes Nanbu quite happy since he was awaiting for someone in the top 30; still the person tells him that Joe was asked by name… Suddenly the fighter appears, someone who Pops new and calls him “Coach”.


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An Amazing chapter! Loved the first half with all my heart and the second was quite good, although a weird change of pace from what the first chapter presented to us, still it was quite good and showed us what would be Joe´s next big opponent.


First and foremost, as said earlier, the first half was excellent! The action was amazing with great pacing, plus one could easily understood how Joe felt when he could feel like water on his feet, all of that due to Joe´s own instinct of survival, think that has logic because before he was fighting on rigged matches where he knew the result; he was using gear, so now on this match anything could happen and he is “Gearless Joe”. Still, the pacing was amazingly made and if the chapter would have ended there, I wouldn´t complain!

The second part had a very different change of pace, and I think it didn´t hit too well such change, like we just had a good fight and at the very least I, was eager for more matches in future chapters; but instead we got various images of both everyday life and against some random opponents, looking how Joe is climbing up; and while that´s a very “Movieish” ay to show things in a certain period of time, it was a little strange to see it in a series where the focus is this one, I want to think that is because they want to go fast towards the main Megalonia competition, thing that it´s understandable, although it still is a bit of a letdown.


Finally we had the face of JD´s new opponent, and it seems he knows Pops, so the thing looks to be interesting!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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