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In The Latest Chapter Of... Megalo Box (Ch.03)

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Chapter 3: Gear is Dead

The chapter starts with Pops who watches with a nervous face a huge building, the building to register the Megalo Boxers; he goes quickly trying to look unnoticed to whatever eyes might put their sight on him; suddenly his fears are meet and a person calls for him “Nanbu” they call him, he quickly ditches them after a little talk and registers Joe to the Megalonia competition; Junk Dog, since he never has had any official match, is in the last place of the whole ranking.

Later Pops remember the words of the Gangster who tells him that if JD enters in Megalonia, it would be enough for him…


Meanwhile a Sports news report is airing on the Tv, it talks about the Megalonia competition and the person that will fight against Yuri, in any case while such report, and commentary is given Yuri is training his body in order to defeat his opponent.


Meanwhile Joe and Pops have decided to go and live together in order to maximize the training time; plus the old man will be given maintenance and upgrades to JD´s Gear. Also, the plan is simple… Joe needs 5 fights to enter, the fights must be with strong people who are high in the ladder, 5 fights, 5 victories and he will enter to Megalonia! Junk Dog is confident on his skill and he says that he will be able to do that!

in other part of the slumps a working man is trying to put out of the cameras off a truck; some kids where watching such action and decided to enter in action; the most younger of the bunch start discussing with the man about the cameras and how he would like to watch them, he is not going to steal them! Meanwhile other is using a little remote controlled machine with the shape of a mouse, who gets inside the boxes, the little one then tells the man about a mouse with the cameras, so the guy obviously goes and opens the box, where the third kid takes the opportunity to steal a camera followed by the young one! The smart kid takes another and the robot mouse!


The 3 kids alongside a fourth one start escaping from such person with the cameras in hand!


Meanwhile, back with Joe and Pops, they have gone to a scraped parts in order to upgrade the Gear, Pops is trying to make a good deal with the seller; the seller goes and search for the things that Junk Dog´s Manager ordered and he is able to see a nice looking Gear, a strong looking middle aged guy with some impressive looking Gear starts talking and says that´s a prototype of the model that Yuri uses right now, although is not as strong as the one he uses! Soon he is told that his Gear can´t be used in fights since it has integrated gloves; the guy, who responds to the name of Potemkin, says that he was once a Megalo Boxer who was on the top 100! Joe is not all that impressed; soon the gang of street kids enters and gives the seller the cameras in exchange of something… soon the seller gets out and gives a little bag to the scoundrels, a bag filled with small red candies, those candies have something that makes the lives of these kiddos a little more bearable, the leader (the one who used the robot mouse) yells at the seller since he gave them 3 and not 4! The Seller says that the crap they brought only adjusted to that amount!

The argument between the little one and the store seller gets a little out of the line and Joe decides to interfere in the name of the Kid showing in some way his abilities by quickly evading the knife of the seller! Soon after that the kids escape and both JD and Pops gets out with their merchandise. 


A little later, Nenbu is preparing an improvised gym for JD to train, after that Junk Dog is resting while Pops shows him his opponent, a nasty guy called “Shark Samejima, who has a gear with a shark motif… He has to fight him and beat him.


After that, JD is training with Pops who is using a gear aimed at training, the training will be a little sparring where the Manager says that Joe has a weaknesses in the way he fights, since he always aims and gets unprotected, making him an easy target once they learn his style…So he has to change that and cover his weak points!

Meanwhile the kids are watching Junk Dog and Pops training, the manager chase them away while the kids, as the scoundrels they are, go away telling them nasty words to the duo. Before the last one leaves, JD gives the kid, who responds to the name of Sachio, his hat, which he takes and leaves. 


In the evening, and after some upgrades, Joe starts trying his new and improved equipment, and it seems is good! He can give punches waaay more powerful than before! Suddenly Sachio enters the conversation and says that such “improvements” are garbage! While the Gear has more power now, some other things are unbalanced; plus other technical details in how this “upgraded” thing is bad!


After such conversation, Sachio asks JD to take him to Megalonia! Quickly both Junk Dog and the Manager ditches the little brat and tell him to get out of here!

The night comes and the bunch of kids goes and enter on the same store they went when the sun was above in the sky, they have a mission… To take that prototype gear! The kids go and try to get it, suddenly the seller and Potemkin appears and grab Sachio while the others run with the Gear! 


In the morning both Pops and Junk Dog have found that indeed their Gear doesn´t work now, a big problem since the fight is tomorrow, after that the kids have brought the information to Joe and have the prototype with him… It´s obvious that now he has to do something.


Back on the store, Potemkin and the seller are hurting the kid who does not tells them anything. Suddenly Joe appears and he has come to save the day! A fight against Potemkin is imminent and he shows the prototype that the kids stole; JD starts fighting against Potemkin and one can see the agility that Junk Dog gas against the ex Megalo Boxer; still the Prototype powers are short lived and end up destroying itself after receiving some attacks from Potemkin, who told him that such thing wasn´t made to be used without gloves!

Still the combat continues and JD remembers the words of his Manager, that the Gear doesn´t make the Boxer! What one has is what make the fighter something dangerous! Sachio helps Joe to predict if Potemkin is going to use right or left, So JD avoids his opponent attack and he is able to defeat him! 


Finally, JD decides to let Sachio, unite them on their road to Megalonia.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A Solid chapter! It wasn´t as good as the first 2; but considering the high bar those left off, it was obvious that in some moment during this journey the anime had to stop such pace in order to take a breath and show us other part of this story.


On this chapter, the focus, more than the gear or Joe´s training it was the introduction of Sachio and how the life is on the slumps where both JD and Pops are, a place filled with poverty and necessity, where one has to do or Die; an interesting point is about those “red candies” the kids eat, which I don´t know; but checking how the store seller said…Those candies didn´t only had sugar; but maybe drugs or any other kind of hallucinogen in them… Thing that in that kind of places is common, heck I have seen kids of 8 years old smoking or drinking in real life…Mostly on neighborhoods where one does not want to stay for long.

Now on the last note, I have to say that I truly liked how they put the phrase “Dios ahorca pero no asfixia” which is a popular saying here in Latín América, and in a way it reflects the hardships and this chapter as a whole…I mean the phrase translated would be something like “God squeezes but does not strangle” which yeah… One can see how both Joe, Pops and even the kids had their hardships; but you know in the end the things go through or a solution is at the grasp of their hands to grab…


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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