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Chapter 2: The Man only Dies Once


The chapter exactly where the past one left off; with JD about to face Yuri, in the mind of Pops, the manager, the recent memories of what JD told him resonated, the words of believing on himself… At the very least once.

The match is inevitable and no matter what Pops tries to do it will continue! The Manager then changes his strategy and tells JD to let himself loose at the first punch! This is because the man in front of him is serious business and could kill him if he can! Junk Dog doesn´t listen to him and is ready to fight, the leg work from JD can be seen, he is testing his opponent and seeing his skills by throwing a rain of punches towards him; suddenly the Champion throws some jabs which Yuri is able to evade… Or he didn´t?

A drop of blood starts coming out of JD´s check, Yuri was only playing with those attacks, which were made only for Junk Dog to evade and still having that exact effect… Still, our Hero knows that, so now he is more pumped than before.


The match is about to begin; but Yuri stops momentarily and says that he wants to make the things more equal for both parties… He is going to fight using only his left hand, a handicap match… Junk Dog instead of feeling insulted by that clear mocking from his opponent, he is motivated now, he will make sure to show him what a Stray Dog can do!

The fight starts and Yuri ask him what name does he want on his tombstone; Junk Dog only says that Dogs don´t get tombstones… Yuri starts throwing powerful punches and he is able to land one in the humanity of JD who falls to the ground the pain can be felt like a truck just passed over him! Pops tells JD to let himself down and the count to go to ten! JD decides to get up.. He won´t let this match end so easily, especially when he is having this much fun!


The match continues and JD starts pressing on, his punches starts getting more and more closer, more and more dangerous to truly damage the Champion; Yuri, for his part, can feel the reflexes on his right arm moving, the fighter inside him is telling him to take the person in front of him seriously! Junk Dog gives one more punch and Yuri moves his right arm blocking the attack! He has defeated the condition input by the Champion!

The Manager gets excited by seeing such action and JD with a smug face tells him that it looks like he had to use his right arm…So why don´t he take this seriously now? Yuri says that Ok, he will take it seriously… The fight restarts and Yuri is even faster than before landing ina few seconds a killer blow to JD!


JD ends up on the ground and is unable to get up, losing the match; Yuri says that the match has ended and is preparing to leave; JD suddenly gets up, he knows he has lost, but he doesn´t care! He wants to keep fighting! Junk Dog mocks Yuri telling him that he is not impressed, his punches weren´t capable of killing a stray dog like him; Yuri tells him that he is tired and disappointed on fighting Dogs, this ring is not his… So he will leave now, to the ring where he belongs. JD yells and tells him that if that´s the case he will go where he is then!

After the match JD is riding his bike and thinking about what happened while also images on the slumps of his neighborhood, a harsh life for the people who doesn´t have a citizen ID… He was so immerse on his though that by little he fell off a cliff.


Yuri, meanwhile, was back home and is received by his Dog, who later receives Yukiko Shirato, she scolds the champion because she knows that he went to a pit hole to fight that biker guy of the other day! She tells him that he must not do that again, since he is one of the most valuable assets she has in order to do the whole Megalonia a success! Yuri says that he won´t do that again. 

Back with JD while riding his bike he sees an announcement of a new neighborhood, one that will be filled with luxury…Not for the average joe.


The next day JD is back at the gym where his Manager is waiting for him, he has new instructions… a 5 rounds fight he has to let himself loose in the middle of the fifth round, still he has to make it look like the other guy won by the hairs, just by a lucky punch; also he says that the money will be big this time since he is the guy who fought the champion! So soon they will be all out of debt!

JD has not much interest in that and asks Pops if he would be able to put him in the Megalonia competition? JD then shows him the pamphlet of the Megalonia competition. Pops quickly takes it and puts it away, he starts scolding him and telling him that those kind of competition aren´t for him! He is not made for those high stuff! Besides he doesn´t even have a citizen ID , so he better left those dreams and focus on his words! After that the Manager gives him that earphone.

The match is about to begin and obviously Junk Dog is pissed, the match starts again that nobody and Pops realizes that his partner doesn´t have the earphone; in a single hit in the face JD is able to win the fight, looking with defiance towards his Manager, who is scared by the thugs on suit that are behind him


On a luxury restaurant, Junk Dog was waiting sit while watching the huge window and how the sun was slowly setting in the twilight; meanwhile in the kitchen, Pops was very scared while a Yakuza looking person was cooking, the sounds of torture and pain could be heard nearby, the Gangster tells him about some dish and how they can make something even out of thin bone, after that he obliges JD´s Manager to take a little taste of what he is preparing.

Pops then bows himself so fast and hard that he even damaged his head, he asks for compassion and that all the fault was JD´s he is the one who busted the fight! Not him!


The Yakuza tells him that his death won´t do any good with them, he is a kind man so… He only has to give his other eye, the Gangster then gives him a knife. Pops then decides to use his last sleeve! The Megalonia competition! He promises that even if they are nobodies, a Dog will fight with it´s teeth until the end! So he just needs one chance to let him JD make it big and win! That way he will be able to pay all his debt!

Those words and that kind of high risk high reward attitude has attracted the attention of the Yakuza.


Soon enough JD, Pops and those gang members are in a dark room, a person in front of a computer is laughing how the guy had bad luck. Tortured, killed and stripped of his organs in order to be sold…And now his Citizenship is about to be hacked… Like if he has never existed…

Is obvious that the new information will be about JD, now a new name is needed… Junk Dog has one already planned… Joe, just Joe, no last name… Everyone agrees that it has a nice ring to it. Now Junk Dog… Or Rather Joe has been born as a citizen and can enter the Megalonia competition, he only has 3 months to train and be ready for this event.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An Amazing Chapter! I was truly pumped during the fight between Junk Dog and Yuri, man the action on this series is amazing and very well paced! Loved everything on the fight and the door it opened.


Also it sort of went like I predicted… I mean JD… Or rather Joe, obliged Yuri to be serious and that fight motivated JD, even if he loosed, to enter Megalonia. On the topic of Megalonia, or rather how Pops decided to make him enter the tournament was quite well done! Although it also felt a little (just a little) like Karate Kid in the sense that Joe has to win…If not something bad will happen.

Still on the topic of those gangsters… Man they can be scary, I mean what they did to that poor guy was brutal! And yeah, that how the gangsters deal with that kind of stuff, like have fear of the dog who doesn´t bark because it doesn´t need any menaces, it will just attack you without notice and will be sure to make you suffer.

On the final topic, the Soundtrack is amazing! Even that hip-hop song that was presented was very cool! So yeah, I am happy that we might as well be in front of a heavy contender this season!


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!