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Episode 13: The Challengers


The Chapter starts with a quick look on some key moments of this adventure, from the beginning until the moment we are now. With Nanachi asking Reg to kill Mitty.

Nanachi then starts telling her story to Reg, once upon a time… She was just a little girl with white hair, poor and with not much to look further, still she begged to God to give her a chance and to investigate the Abyss and see what was in there.


One day, a strange man, Brondewd the lord of Dawn, appeared in front of these Kids, he told them about an opportunity that was once in a lifetime. To accompany them to the abyss, so obviously she went alongside a lot of children and crossed the sea in order to reach Orth and go to the abyss.

In there, while waiting for Bondrewd to come and pick them up, Nanachi got to know an obnoxious, positive girl called Mitty, soon enough they became friends and started hanging around, Mitty was very excited for this endeavor since her dream was to be a white whistle in the future.


Finally, Bondrewd came and took them all far beyond the 5th layer, a place where no kid should be able to go, still Bundrewd believes in them and has some plans for them.

The time passed and one by one each and every one of the kids got taken away by Bondrewd, both Nanachi and Mitty wondered when it would be their turn? Although they trust it will be soon.

Sometime later, their time came, or exactly for Mitty, who went when she was sleeping with Nanachi. Soon Nanachi found herself alone and went to search for Mitty, she would then hear from Bondrewd and a Black Whistle about the plans of the Lord of Dawn.


…He is experimenting with Kids, by looking at how they transform by using the curse of the abyss and see if they die and how they transform. The Black Whistle doesn´t want to be any more involved with is; but it seems that Bondrewd powers will force him to…

Soon enough Bondrewd found Nanachi and he says that this is good, since he has a especial mission for her. 


Nanachi will accompany Mitty on the experiment, since both girls are so good friends he is curious how their transform will develop. They are put on an elevator that will took them to the next layer and then they will ascend, after that they will register their transformation.

With Horror both girls are put down to the next layer, a dark place filled with monstrosities who once upon a time were children.


They only stood there for only seconds until they are put up and their bodies start changing, hair starts growing from Nanachi while Mitty´s transformation was a bloody and violent one, she starts begging to be killed, the pain is too much to bear! Still… She survives.

After that both Nanachi..And the thing that was used to be Mitty, started living in there. Soon the Bunny girl will realize what Bondrewd was doing to her friend, the experiments that were doing to her revealed that Mitty can´t die.


Nanachi in horror see a suffering Mitty with her guts splattered behind her, still no matter how much damaged she gets Mitty just can´t die and her organs or other damaged body parts rehabilitate.

After knowing that Nanachi took Mitty, still dripping Blood, and went away, she won´t let that man to still doing whatever he wants with her!

After that, Nanachi build her own home and started searching for a way to kill Mity, weapons? No avail? Poisons? Nope. Sickness? Even less, Nanachi even made experiments with Raiders to no avail. Mitty only suffered; but she didn´t get killed… And so we have reached to the situation she is now.


While Riko was sleeping, Reg and Mitty keep talking and Reg decided to cook…It tasted awful. In any case Nanachi explains that there is one thing that can kill Mitty…The Incinerator, or rather weapons like it. Once Mitty was hit on her eye with a beam like that and she lost it forever, it didn´t grew back, so if there is a way to kill her it will be that.

After thinking a lot about it, Reg decides to accept Nnachi´s request… Under one condition, that after he does that Nanachi won´t took her own life! Nanachis ays that she won´t since she still has to keep taking care of Riko. Reg says that wasn´t what he meant! That She must not suicide after that! Nanachi agrees…Although that is the end of her plan, since she planned to do that from the beginning.


Outside of the house, Nanachi prepared a bed for Mitty and put all of her stuffed dolls in it. She was ready to let Mitty Go, she put herself behind Reg and he starts preparing his Incinerator. The beam was about to come out; but Mitty stops him and embraces Mitty, she cries and says that she is so, so sorry! After crying, now she is ready to let her go.

Reg fires his Incinerator and after that there was burned ground, no flowers, no stuffed dolls, no Mitty. Nanachi starts crying since she lost her treasure, her reason to be and her only friend.

Reg embraces her while Naanchi was still crying. 


After that, obviously, Reg falls asleep until a strong smell wakes him up he can see then that Riko has woke up! He is unveilabily happy for that! Riko greets him and is happy to see him, also she is petting Nanachi a lot. Reg wonders why does she let her do and gets angry when he does it… Nanachi says that when Reg does it he does it in a lewd way!

While eating, a delicious food for once, Riko explains a dream she had. She was desperate, encapsulated between two walls that trapped her, she forgot how to speak; but she was afraid and crying. Then she heard a crying that wasn´t hers and she came closer and closer, the girl over there was crying heavily. Sill she stood by her side and tried to comfort her in any way she could. Then her body was back and she could she a form of the girl in front of her, she couldn´t watch her face; but her eyes had the same desire of any Raider to go and explore.

After that Nanachi took them to take a bath, both Riko and Reg goes and bath…Riko detects that Reg´s Penis was doing what penis does and other shenanigans. Also Riko says that Nanachi told her that she helped Reg that time because he was like her… someone trying to protect their treasure


After that it came the moment to remove the mushrooms, and those hurt like hell! So much that Riko pissed. Still, now she is all better now. 

It seems that their time to go has come, although Riko has a last request for Nanachi… If she wants to accompany them? Nanachi agrees, so they will have to do some more preparations!


They send a globe to the sky, the adventure of this globe and their destination to Orth begins. Meanwhile Nanachi, Riko and Reg starts doing preparations… Medicine, food, and helping with the rehabilitation of Riko´s hand.

Meanwhile the globe goes going up and up, got a little damaged; but the people on the Seeker camp repaired it and made it to keep going upside until Nat and Shiggy found it and brought it home.


Meanwhile Nanachi, Riko and Reg will keep going on their adventure towards the bottom of the abyss… 

Meanwhile in a laboratory, a light has went off. Bundrewd says that Mitty´s light went off…He congratulates Nanachi for having killed her friend…


End of the chapter.

My Impressions


An Amazing finale for an amazing series, seriously this 1-hour chapter was truly something else, something extremely good, a big emotional roller coaster where we could see all the things that makes Made in Abyss so great.:

Beautiful art, beautiful voice acting, amazing music, dark moments, amazing character development, emotional moments…And finally, hope. This last ingredient, the fact that there it is the feeling that by the end of this dark abyss there will be light it´s hopeful and a motivation not only for the characters of the story; but for us as well, to keep going to keep seeing their adventures, struggles, psychology, good moments and bad moments, everything with the hope that by the end everything will end well.

Now… We have to the end of the series, and this one is special, I mean, on all the years I have been covering series either on this weekly articles or on the “X Chapters so Far” ones, all the series, while I have enjoyed them to some extents (yes, including Phantasy Star Online 2 and Luck & Logic) those series where for me something like: “If you skip some chapters you will enjoy it”; “If you have patience for the turn around you will love it”; “If you liked that series you will most likely love this one” and so forth…I mean series that needed some “If” before recommending them, series that while enjoyable were far from perfect or needed either previous knowledge or to sacrifice something in order to enjoy them… This is not the case, at all.


Made in Abyss is a series that I will recommend to anybody, no matter if they like romance, slice- of life-, action, or nothing at all! Made in Abyss is just that Good, easily not only one of the best animes of the season; but of the whole year! There was never a moment where the series left off or that it didn´t had some form of payoff. Truly, this Anime is one that I will keep remembering and recommending it to anybody.

Still, the story is far from finished, there is still Brondewd in there, and even more layers before the bottom! So let us hope that a Second Season comes through and if that happens let us gather here on this space again, in order to keep watching, and enjoying the adventures of Riko, Reg and Nanachi while they keep going down on the abyss.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!