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Episode 12: The True nature of the Curse


The chapter stars in Orth, on the Orphanage, a medic (well a Pharmaceutic) is checking on Kiyui, the little one is very sick and his Birthday is coming. Nat and Shiggy are very worried since what tragedy it is to die on your birthday?! And even more when Kiyui was so looking forward for it!

Leader then takes Kiyui on his arms and goes with the Pharmaceutic to her ship, since she is from another country she came by boat. On their way there, Leader explains that in the whole town there is this…Sickness that affect people on their birthday, the people just suddenly fell very ill and ended up being dead, he even says that some kids on the orphanage died that way, although their birthday were unknown.

On the bay, in the Pharmaceutic´s boat, Kiyui suddenly gets better, he didn´t needed any medicine or anything… It seems just the distance with the Abyss and he got better. Kiyui asks where is he? The Pharmaceutic says that this sickness is not natural; but rather a curse… Maybe this whole town is part of a big curse, one that surrounds the whole abyss and the craving for the people to explore it.


Meanwhile back at the abyss. Reg is coming back to Nanachi´s house, now with the clean clothes. He sees that Mitty is above Riko and is sucking her, Reg demands her to move away and not do anything!

Nanachi enters and says that Mitty won´t be doing anything bad to Riko, as a matter of fact it is the first time in a while that she has liked a stranger that much. Nanachi also explains that it was thanks to Mitty that Riko got saved since her blood can cure any poison, and the medicine was made with her blood. Reg just thinks that as long as Mitty doesn´t eat the mushrooms it will be al right. Nanachis ays that won´t be a problem.


While chatting Nanachi is doing the dinner and she invites Reg to eat with her, and the food looked bad and tasted worse… Nanachi says (a little flustered) that she has never eat anything that Reg would consider “Tasty” so… Yeah.

Anyway, after eating, Reg ask her about how can she know about how to evade the curse of the abyss? Nanachi accepts and decides to show it to him.


Both of them go outside and Nanachi starts telling him the true of the abyss… She spreads an invisible cape, one just barely visible and one can barely feel it on the fingers. Both Reg and Nanachi go bellow it and she starts explaining that the Curse of the abyss is like this mantle, very subtle and starts pilling more and more the more the person goes down, so trying to go out it´s like forcing one self out of the mantle until they ripped it and get outside, it will be hard and when you do it will hurt… So when the character goes out with a vital member then…Well, the consequences will be deadly.

Nanachi also explains that the Abyss is like a wave that gets moving with any touch and breath, also that the Orbed Piercer is not smart; but rather it can see the future, and for that can adjust itself… Quite frightening, isn´t it?

Reg then ask her for the opportunity to see how she looks things.


Meanwhile Riko is having a fever dream, she looks like a meat-thing with eyes, at the same time she can hear the desperate crying of a girl and see a big red eye in front of her, looking at her and she looking back… All of that while Mitty looks at Riko.

Back with Reg, he has a microphone-like object and Nanachi is talking with him. They will be exploring a little and then…Reg can hear the sound of a Whistle, he runs and finds a Black Whistle, the Orbed Piercer is in front of him… So Reg will have a new objective. To save the man!

The Black Whistle tells Reg to get out, since he is a Kid; but Reg then decides to enter the action by following the directions of Nanachi.


Reg looks upside, that made a change in the wave of the Abyss! Reg takes the opportunity and grabs the Creature by the red face, that membrane is what makes him predict the Abyss Force Field! Now it´s the time to attack! Since the Monster will attack now tha it doesn´t know what to do! The Creature tries to use it´s spines; but that doesn´t affect Reg!

Reg gathers all his hatred for what the Creature did to Riko and uses the Incinerator! The Monster took a little window to escape although it has lost all it´s poisonous spiines!


Now It´s time to go back… But before Reg goes with the Black Whistle and tells him to tell Jairou (Leader) of the Orphanage that “Their Adventure still continues”.

After that, Reg goes back with Naanchi and apologizes for not obeying her in the end, Nanachi says that it´s Okay since he didn´t said anything about her… Then after that Reg ask her to accompany them, when Riko gets better she can go with them on their journey. Nanachi thinks about it; but before that… She has a favor to ask Reg.

… To Kill Mitty.


In Another time, Nanachi is running from a place with Mitty on her back, she won´t let that Man to keep doing his stuff with her!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Another fantastic chapter with lots of exponential information about the nature of the Curse of the abyss and everything about it, also that piercer…That´s not fair! Seeing the future! Still I am glad that Reg was able to defeat him.


On the same note, I said on a past chapter that Everything looked that the “Birth Day Curse” Side story wouldn´t be presented; but hey! Here we are! And such story is being presented! I can´t complaint though.

Other point that I liked is that Nanachi truly is likeable and it seems that we will be able to see her past and the reason why Mitty has to be killed, I guess in some form it is to release it from her pain; but yeah, it might be very sad indeed.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!