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Episode 11: Nanachi


The Chapter starts with the last part of the past chapter, with how Nanachi comes and helps Reg into saving Riko and taking them into her house.

In their Nanachi presents herself as a hollow. There she starts healing Riko, she uses some medicine that cures the poison and then cuts the rope of the inflamed arm and she starts taking our pieces of meat, nerves and bones; She says that Reg was very brutal with the way how he treated her; but oh well… Then she starts sewing it.

Reg asks why did she helping them? Nanachi says that she was annoyed by Reg´s scying, also she reveales that she was watching them since the beginning, and that they have been… Quite interesting.


After that Nanchi has some errands for Reg, some that will save Riko´s life. Nanachi then reveals the nature of the “hollow” and it´s that they are people who suffer the curse from the 6th layer, when you either loss your humanity or die… Well she is that, although she doesn´t live alone.

Then Reg hears a sound… The “Roomate” of Nanachi, Mitty, has made a sound, a deformed being is presented in front of Reg, the inhuman shape is other Hollow, Nanachi says that more often than not the Raiders becomes in that and are killed, except her because she is especial…Well her Roomate/pet is also especial.


In any case Reg goes to find the stuff, some Mushrooms, fish, herbs and other random stuff. Reg hurried himself up since if he doesn´t come back on time Riko will die.

Reg comes back and finds… Nanachi striping Riko off her clothes, Nanachi explains it was in order to avoid an infection since her pants are filled with pee and blood, so it needs to wash them. In any case Nanachi is grateful that Reg has brought everything, especially the mushrooms since those things have the ability to cure her since the mushrooms protect their host, so she start sewing them on the arm, although those things hurt as hell when removed; but hey! It will save Riko´s life!


While Reg is gone, Nanachi starts remembering, the white whistle that Riko has, that has brought some meory of another White Whistle and how he kindly treated her when she was little… That person, Brondew of the Novel.

The other things? Oh it was just ingredients for Nanachi´s dinner. Anyway, Reg now has to go and wash Riko´s pants.

Reg goes to the backyard and some little pillars are in there, those might be tombs? Who knows. The river is nearby and suddenly Reg hears a voice inside his head…<<<I´ll be going now Lyza>>>… It was his own; but didn´t felt like his own. It felt like he was talking to someone he knew… A memory of the past? 


Suddenly Reg was in another part, one filled with flowers, in front of what would be Lyza´s weapon, it was supposed to be lost… No, this wasn´´t the place where he was…Just what is happening now? He looks his hand and some form of sphere is in there.


Suddenly Nanachi wakes him up, he was just looking at RIko´s pants…So pervy, Reg says that´s not the case, although…He was just thinking. In any case Nanachi gives him other piece of clothes to wash since he is already there. In any case Reg goes and do his labor.

Meanwhile Riko is sleeping and Mitty is looking at her, she is going closer and closer towards Riko…

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

An Amazing chapter!! I know that I have been saying that word a lot; but seriously the quality of this show is so big and every detail it´s splendid! Truly a contender for Anime of the year!


Now passing on the chapter of particular, It was somewhat very relazing; but not to the point to be boring since it gave enough tension to keeping us glued to the Tv and keep watching it non-stop.

On the part of the character of Nanachi, man she is amazing! Truly funny and cool, like I love how nervous she gets with Reg while t the same time she can be playful with him when she is in a more dominant way…As long as he doesn´t touches her.

Now I think that a lot of us will be relieved that Riko will be alright, even though it´s obvious that her hand won´t be the same since some nerves are already destroyed, so her hand will most likely be very useless now.


Man We are also at the end of the road and I am both sad and excited to get there! Excited because this series most likely won´t disappoint and sad because I would love if this were a longer series; but hey! Let´s hope there will be a second season in the works!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!