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Episode 10: Poison and Curse


The Chapter starts with our Heroes, they have reached the Goblet of Giants, an humid place with hot water and lots of sweat, giant mushrooms and a lot of fog; Riko is excited about this new place, still they have to keep advancing.

At the same time, Reg is able to detect a presence, someone or something is in there and it is tracking them, could be another Raider, or a monster, whatever the case it seems it only moves when they make a sound…The best thing to do is to keep going and find a place to camp.

While they search for it, a foggy shadow forms itself, Riko detects what it is.


An Orbed-Piercer has appeared! With a form like a Polar bear fused with a Hedgehog and a red face, These creatures are strong and their needles are highly poisonous, a lot of Raiders have been killed thanks to them! Quickly Reg grabs Riko and tries to escape; but the creature it is so fast that it stopped them! Besides being fast, the Monster was smart enough to predict their route of escape. The Monster attacks and Reg is barely able to avoid the attack! 

The Backpack gets destroyed and Lyza´s weapon is at the Monster´s feet, the Monster quickly pushes the weapon away! This Monster is extremely smart. The creature prepares to attack, Riko tells Reg to use the scaled parasol as a shield.


The Monster comes and attacks! Reg quickly opens the parasol and just by the hairs he avoids the poisonous needles of the monster. 

…Until he sees Riko´s Hand, her hand has been pierced fully with a Needle, the Poison will soon enter and then Riko will die!


Reg tries to know what to do, he can´t block anymore, if he attacks with the Incinerator he would leave Riko alone with the poison! So fleeing is the best way! Still that thing is fast, so what can he do?! Going up; but then the curse!...RIko Says that it is fine, he has to go up if they want to go to safety. With fear and pain Reg embraces Riko and goes up, escaping from such creature.

In the safety, Reg puts the needly away, Riko cries with pain, still it seems that the Curse hasn´t entered and even the pain of the wound is going away… 


…Suddenly Riko´s nose, eyes, ears, mouth starts bleeding, the bleed can´t stop while the poison is continuing in her Body, with a Rope a some sort of nude was made in order to avoid the poison of continuing, Reg can see that Riko is having hallucinations already.

Her hand has inflated like a globe, he tries to put away her globes; but the pain is too much, Riko Cries with pain! There is no way he can do that! Rikos asy that she doesn´t want to be left alone, that Reg leave her, she wants to go to the bottom of the abyss with him! Reg says that he is here, and he won´t leave her!

Riko then says that she is afraid, she doesn´t want to die, such though scares her! Suddenly in a moment of light of her mind, she says one thing to Reg… He has to cut her arm. Reg didn´t wanted at first; but it seems that it is the only way; first Reg will have to break her bone in order to ease the cut of the arm…


Reg brings a rock and by making a lot of pressure with it he breaks her arm, her cries could be heard on the distance. Next Reg takes out the knife and start cutting the flesh. It seems all is over, Riko´s cries stopped.

Riko looks pale and he sees her face, she isn´t breathing…Could she… Could she be…Dead? Reg starts crying and embraces RIko saying that he doesn´t want to be alone, he needs her by his side!


A Shadow figure appears, a being with bunny hair and filled with fur tells Reg to give her RCP, like a kiss, since her heart is still breathing, he does that and after some advices Riko starts breathing again…Reg gives his thanks to the stranger, still this person says that there it is still the poison, so they have to go to her house. They reach a some form of tree house, Reg says that Riko might not survive the curse since it is on a way up, still the being with bunny ears says that the Curse won´t affect her here. Reg doesn´t know what she is talking about since the stranger said that Reg wasn´t able to “See it”.

In any case they enter the house, Raider belongings are there, helmets, whistles and other tools. The being puts away some of the fur and reveals her true form a some sort of Humanoid Rabbit.


…Nanachi was her name.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An excellent chapter! Man it was gruesome to watch some of it´s scenes; but ultimately those scenes were what makes Made in the Abyss very memorable, especially with the Dichotomy between the art style and some of the gruesome things that both Riko and Reg will have to face in their way to the bottom of the abyss.


Another important aspect is that we already got to see Nanachi, AKA the Ribbon Girl, and the one who will be the third member of this group of adventurers to the bottom! At the same time while it seems that the anime won´t cover the following arc (one of the best) for causes of the time, I disagree, mostly because HiDive service (who alongside Amazon streams this series)list the anime with 14 chapters, still even if it´s 13 the last chapter is a 1-hour especial, so the time to cover the next arc are high; but I am heading myself.

All in All this was a very good chapter and believe me that what it´s coming is really good!

Anyway, My two cents, See ya next time!