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Episode 9:The Great Fault


The chapter starts with both Riko and Reg going to the end of the third layer, the Great fault, they have left behind the inverted forest and keep going down, whatever it may come to them it is still a mystery.

Meanwhile back on Orth, Nat is bored and wonders where could be Riko and Reg; Shiggy, who was reading a book with Kiyui on his side doing the same, says that they might as well be on the Great Fault, all of that based on his own calculations on Riko and Reg´s abilities.

And certainly Shiggy´s calculations were correct. Our Heroes are now at the great fault, and they are using the same trails that some little and fluffy creatures uses. When they saw outside of the connected caves, they saw some big blue and ugly insect-like creatures. Also in there Reg hear some roar that it sound familiar; but he can´t remember where he heard it.


Since they needed to go outside and go to another cave, they threw some of those fluffy things in order to distract them and after that they went to another cave! In there, Riko wondered if there were some artifacts in there. She realized that this part was a ship, an ancient ship stuck in there!

Riko then she puts her feet on something… Brown, squishy and stinky…Yeah poop; she suddenly start seeing that in that place, besides the great numbers of feces in there, there are a lot of bones… Riko has realized that this is the nest of one of those blue monsters! 


Riko and Reg starts running in the caves, the cute fluffy things blocked an exit while the creature comes closer and closer! Reg sees that he doesn´t have any other choice! He uses the incinerator! The beam is so strong that burns the creature, while Riko wondered the taste of the creature… that Roar that Reg heard has come back… It was the red thing! The one that in the first chapter tried to eat Nat and later Riko! Reg has used his incinerator, so soon enough he will fall asleep.

Riko and Reg starts running their way to safety! In there Reg falls unconscious and tells Riko to not to move, for 2 hours.


Riko starts waiting, until her hunger is so big that she has to keep going in order to get food; She grabbed Reg by the arms and started moving, soon enough a sweet aroma came to Riko´s senses, she starts moving following her nose, suddenly she sees a weird part of the ground, the weir part opens a hole and Riko´s falls alongside Reg.

Riko soon enough realized that she is inside a belly, a creature was using a sweet scent to grab some cute little things to eat! Quickly Riko grabs a knife and starts cutting her way out of the belly!


Out of there, Riko gets surrounded by the cute little hairy things. These things starts getting, closer and closer. They jump at her! She has been enveloped in that sweet aroma so now they want to eat her!

Riko uses her force to get out and goes away with Reg! 


The next part was an uphill, so if Riko advances she will get affected by the Curse of the abyss, still she gets her chances and goes up while carrying Reg. She gets advancing and she start feeling the haziness the vomit, the headache and finally the audio visual hallucinations. She is hearing and seeing Marulk, Ozen, Shiggy, Nat, Habo and all the persons she has ever met, all their voices are telling them to go back to Orth. In the most up thing there it was… Lyza, she grabs her hand.

Suddenly Riko is with her Mom, they are on a Gondola on their way up to Orth, She does not need to worry about the Curse, not anymore.

Both have returned to orth and everyone is awaiting for them a celebration for their return. Riko asks her Mom where is Reg? and she says that Reg is in the deep of the abyss…


The illusion starts breaking and Riko with tears on her eyes says that she couldn´t be able to leave Reg alone! She just couldn´t no matter what!

Riko wakes up and Reg is still with her, she has reached the uphill and keeps going forward… She won´t leave Reg behind.


Suddenly the monstrosity has found them again and Riko starts running with Reg on her back! They have reached a no end, RIko will have to fight it! She gets out her Mother´s weapon. Reg wakes up and she threws the weapon to him since he is going to battle!

Reg activates the weapon and highly damages the monster, making it flee for it´s own survival! Our heroes have made it! Both RIko and Reg know that they need each other to survive, they need to be together if they want to keep advancing.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A very good chapter! I think it wasn´t as good as the past 2 ones; but what it did, it did it very well so in comparison the difference is still minimal.


A thing that I truly enjoyed was the action that we saw, from how both RIko and Reg distracted, and the escaped, from those monstrosities, then all the Riko´s quest for survival while carrying a sleeping Reg, all of that very exciting indeed! Of course that goes without mentioning the final aprt which it was the combat where Reg participated and attacked that Red thing from the first chapter!

A strong point in it, it was that we get to saw some of the people who were left on Orth, like Nat, Shiggy and Kiyou…I think that was his name, and the resolution of Riko to keep going. One thing that I have to mention it is the fact that the “Side-Story: Birthday curse” of the manga won´t appear in the anime in any way shape or form, thing that it is understandable since they only have a limited amount of chapters and we still haven´t seen the Rabbit girl who, for obvious reasons, won´t spoil her name. Still, going back to the Side story, why I am saying that? Because the little one it´s Ok, he was gladly reading his book…While in the manga, he was… Not well, he was about to die on his birthday, like many other children, and it was Leader´s mission to save him…Which led him to a trail about a new form of curse on the abyss, one that affect the people on their birthday…

Anyway, My two cents, See ya next time!