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Episode 7: The Unmovable Sovereign


The chapter starts with Habo, who is explaining more about the white whistles to Nat and Shiggy, all of this on the city, outside of the abyss. He explains that every white whistle has a nickname attached to some personality trait of them. On the case of Ozen it was the Unmovable, and her strength, The kids asks if it’s true all the stuff that it is said about her, in how she is able to lift impossible weight or things like that. Habo says that those are just rumors, legends, although it is true that every White Whistle tends to have some high artifact for their personal use. In the case of Ozen it was one that has made her survive for more than 50 years.

In any case Habo looks at the abyss and he is worried about Riko, so he hopes that when the time comes, Reg will be able to protect her. 


Back in the Abyss. Riko, Reg, Marulk and Ozen have reached to the hall of the White Whistle, there is her uniform and various objects. In the end of the room a huge white cube existed, with weird shapes and in a fashion that doesn´t belong to the room. Riko asks Ozen if this cube is the Relic that lifts the curse of the abyss. Anything that goes in there won’t suffer the effects of the curse; that way the Raiders has been able to bring various specimens to the surface and study them...Also when she was a Baby she was carried in there and brought to the city.

Ozen says that what Riko is saying is not quite true, at first glance it seems that way; but in truth what this cube does is that it brings life to anything it is introduced there. She says that all the animals left in there suffered the curse and died, still when they went out those things started to move… And the same is with Riko.


Riko Can´t believe what she is saying… Ozen continues and says that when Lyza gave birth to her she was born dead, so the legendary White whistle insisted in putting her there, even though Ozen was more comfortable leaving the deceased body of the baby in the abyss. In any case she was put in there and when she went out in the city she started to move, towards the abyss. In the case of the abomination that Riko saw the other night that was because she felt nostalgic so she put some of her dinner meat in there and see if it started to move, and surprise, surprise…It moved… Still in a while it stopped moving, so…She wonders when will Riko stops moving like that piece of meat?

Marulk and Reg tries to stop Ozen; but their words reaches deaf ears, Ozens closes her hand towards Riko saying how much she despises her… In that moment Reg extends his arms and ties her up!


Ozen easily breaks Reg´s embrace, Marulk tried to run; but Ozen stopped her, Reg tries to attack her; but Ozen is just too strong! So much that she is able to analyze in what kind of material is Reg made. Ozen then violently whips Reg to the floor! Even more, Ozen says that the people in the abyss don´t believe in God; but believes in the Abyss itself in the frightening place filled with secrets and mysteries… Easily the figure of a divinity can be replaced by the Abyss.

Rikot ries to stop her; but she gets unconscious after facing the powerful finger of the white whistle! Reg sees that he can´t do much, so on his mind he apologizes with Marulk since he is going to use his beam! He tries to focus; but Ozen grabs his arm and wonders what thing is he going to show her now? The beam starts appearing, Ozen is curious to see what it can do, so he points Reg´s Hand towards Riko, the beam will kill her! Meanwhile Marulk takes the chance to escape!

Reg quickly uses his other arm in order to punch the Incinerator´s hand and the beam goes to the ceiling! No matter what they do, it was all for nothing, Ozen simply is just too powerful.


Riko wakes up and she can see a beaten up Reg, she cries and runs towards Reg who quickly lose his consciousness…

Reg is having weird reams until he wakes ups. Riko is taking care of him and she was crying, Reg then start crying… Ozen was in there; but also 3 other persons. Those persons says that they are part of Ozen´s troop, just some Illegal Cave Raiders that she took under her wing. Marulk is in there and Ozen explains that when she escaped she went to the hiding spots of these 3 dudes in order to help her to calm Ozen. Ozen is proud of the wise choice of her disciple, although she also disobeyed her, so she will be punished later.


Ina ny case it is explained to our Heroes that all of this was a test from Ozen, one in order to know how prepared they are…And sadly it seems they failed the test epically, so Ozen will put them into shape in order for them to survive! Reg asks if she wasn´t going serious; Ozen says that she was, especially because she went with the flow in the time of the battle. Marulk will take care of Reg´s Wounds.

Before leaving Ozen says that “Lyza´s Grave” was empty, she tried take out the body and there was nothing in there… So yeah, Her Mom is waiting for her. 


While Ozen is going her way, she starts remembering her time with Lyza, when she was her mentor and the bonds and friendship she had with who will be Riko´s Mother. Ozen can´t help; but to smile…

The next day Ozen is taking both Reg and Riko to a practice part, one for them to survive, she puts limits to the distance and their actions, like Reg can´t use his beam. All of this because after using it he gets unconscious in a matter of minutes. So he needs to use other things if he wants to protect Riko and avoid a cruel destiny for both of them. After saying that Ozen leaves them, their survival practice has begun.


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An Excellent chapter! Loved everything about this chapter, although what it made me move it from very good to excellent was the first half of the chapter. Man the thing went dark, very, very dark; and that it´s without counting the brutal fight that both Reg and Riko had to face against Ozen, man that chick is brutal with a mayor B!


At the same time, the things went dark, very, very dark; like the nature of such cube and the truth about Riko´s birth, the fact that she was born dead and how she get the life. This Mix of light moments with dark ones, the innocence and the horror are what I think it is a truly great Mix that leaves me yearning for more.

On another topic, the second part was quite enjoyable; but it wasn´t such adrenaline rush like the first one, still what I liked the most was the left off, where the chapter ended since we will see another adventure filled with danger, and this will be mere training, so yeah this chapter was extremely good and ended in a good note for the one that it´s coming!

Anyway, My two cents, See ya next time!