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Episode 6: Seeker Camp


The Chapter starts exactly where the past one left off, with Riko and Reg at the seeker camp; the Gondola comes down and our Heroes take it. Riko feels the power of the curse; but she is able to keep it together. When the ride ends they are greeted by Ozen, the White Whistle, Riko tries to present herself; but the urge to Vomit over thrown her and she pukes; Ozen says that was nasty, although she recognizes her, she is Lyza´s Brat.

Inside Ozen is looking and playing with Lyza´s Whistle, Riko gives her thanks for saving her when she was just a baby. Ozen just says that more than once she though on leaving her behind, heck she is even annoyed that they have had the bell behind…

Ozen´s muttering stops and she asks Marulk to give them some Blue whistles; plus show them a room where they can be and sleep…And bath because they stink like vomit…Yes Riko knew she was talking about her.


Ozen, finally before leaving, says that the Blue whistles are in order to not to make a lot of explanations to the other Raiders, also she tells Marulk to talk with them, it would be good for her to interact with people of her age.

Marulk takes them to their room and starts talking with them about various topics like the origin of the Seeker camp, or that even though she is so young, she is a Blue Whistle, that is because she is the disciple of a White one. Marulk also says that Ozen took her when she feel by accident to the abyss, and she didn´t went up because her eyes are sensitive to the light, so yes she is here and Ozen has been good to her.


In any case, and after a bath it is time to eat!

The three youngsters starts talking and enjoying the meal; after that Reg and Marulk are washing the dishes while Riko is messing with some relics that are , for short, considered “Junk”. Riko detects that the form of the relics is more complex than the ones they find above. Marulk says that the deeper one is in abyss the Relics gets more complex, she wonders in what way the ancient civilization used it…


After that they start exploring the possibility to stay a little longer and explore the caves and see what they c n find, Marulk is happy to hear that and says that she will ask Ozen for that! Riko stops such intentions by saying that they must hurry up, just as how Ozen is like a Mother to Marulk and wants to see her happy, she wants to go and see her Mom, she doesn´t know if she has to hurry; but she will hurry because she doesn´t know… Marulk understands, then she says that the only thing they can do now is talk, and talk, and talk, to make the most of this day… 

The night comes and the youngsters are sleeping. Riko wakes up, she needed to Pee. She walks half-sleep trying to know where it is the bathroom; she hears some noises and she decides to investigate a little, a weird and creepy aura can be felt on the place.


Riko, who was a little afraid, start seeing what was what moved the things there?

What she founds…Made her forget about going to the toilet.


A weird creature with the shape of a human torso; without head or legs, straight open up to where the neck is, the thing moved towards Riko, like if it has known that she is looking at him and now wants to present itself to the one who noticed her.

Quickly and filled with horror Riko runs towards the room and covers herself up with the blankets, awaiting for the nightmare to pass.

At the next morning, Marulk and Reg are talking while Reg´s blanket is being dried, Riko says that she is very sorry; Reg wonders why she peed on his Blanket. She says that she couldn´t find the bathroom and…And… She found something that made her go back.


Marulk says that is impossible she hasn´t heard of any ghost stories about this place; Reg concurs, although he is obviously scared. 

Ozen appeared, Riko apologize for the blanket; but she just asks her if she wants to know what was what she saw? If not, she might as well forget about it.


Reg grabs Riko´s hand and the 3 youngsters go to where Ozen is going. While they walk, Ozen says that Marulk told her everything about what they talked, and she asks if her mission to go and see her Mom is true?

Riko says that yes, it is… The Ozen says that Lyza is dead, she found the White Whistle, or haven´t they tough on why she went to all the effort to bring that thing to the surface?

Riko can´t believe that and she asks where did she found the Whistle?! Ozen says that she found it bellow, on the 4th layer, the cup of giants there is a beautiful garden, Lyza loved that place, there it was her grave…So her journey ends here.


Riko still doesn´t believe it and shows her the letter, the note that her Mom brought to her!

Ozen just says that is not Lyza´s hand writing, she doesn´t know how that got mixed on the package; but there is no way Lyza would have written that, not even as a joke. Riko, with even less, and less confidence, says that she just wants to make sure that her Mom is…


Ozen stops her and with a twisted smile ask her if she plans to go and exhume her Mother´s grave, huh? Riko then says that there it is the thing about Reg, there were notes about a being that looked like him.

Ozen just says that is Ok… In any case they have reached their destination, Ozen´s Room. The doors gets opened…

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An Excellent chapter, I loved everything about it, and that is even though there wasn´t any action and it only focused more on the character development of not only Riko and Reg; but to Marulk too, there it is also a slight element of Horror in all around the series and I love that feeling.


Expanding on that point, I love that feeling that on the dark, there are creeping shadows that will only sent you to hell, and not only on the obscurity of the night; but on the day those creatures will tear you apart and sent you to death. That certain feeling, which is slight, not something that dominates the other emotions that Made in Abyss Gives, is something truly wonderful.

Another point on this chapter that I liked was Ozen, or rather her attitude since she is…Weird, like what is the mystery behind her? What is what she is hiding and will reveal to Riko? In another point, I think she also is trying to make Riko to go back, like she knows what was of Lyza or what is awaiting for her deep down, and it might as well not be pretty.

Anyway, My two cents, See ya next time!