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Episode 5: Incinerator


The Chapter starts with our Heroes Riko and Reg chatting while they keep going down to the Abyss, right now they are on the second layer, so Leader won´t keep pursuing them… And while they are out of danger for Human hands, far greater ones comes now, mysterious creatures, unknown vegetation and a bunch of other stuff might be awaiting for them.

While they were going down, Our heroes hear the screams of help from someone <<<Someone, Help!>>> they heard, so in truth Riko and Reg went to see what it was happening, some Raider must be in trouble now! 


Near a cliff, they sought a Human body, a giant-looking bird creature was feeding for his remains, eating his guts, a the same time a similar-hearing human sound was coming from the creature… Riko knew what was going on. That bird was a Corpse-Weeper, birds that imitate the cries of help from the beings that they have captured, they do that in order to bring other people and catch them! Reg is surprised since now in truth that person was already dead.

Another bird comes behind them and Riko detects it so she throws Reg to the ground! Still the bird catches Riko! The curse of the abyss comes in action and Riko throws up! Reg has to move fast if he wants to save her friend for either dying from the curse or being eaten by the birds!

Reg throws his punches; but other Corpse-Weepers blocks his attacks! Suddenly other birds comes and blocks Reg´s Vision,s till he can see how Riko is being prepared to be food for their off springs!


Then Reg remembers that he has other ability besides his extendible arms… He has a beam, so he quickly concentrates and prepares himself! 

Reg shoots a powerful heat beam that destroy everything on its way! It kills the bird that held Riko and other stuff, the other Corpse-weepers start flying off to another location, Riko is going down so Reg quickly catches her and takes her to safety! Reg looks at his hand and this is trembling, the shock and power of such beam could have killed Riko…


A little later Riko wakes up and…She is half naked, Reg tries to explain that he took her shirt off not because he was a pervert; but because it was dirty with vomit and stuff! So…

Surprisingly Riko is not angry, she is happy that Reg has saved her and she is more amazed by the fact of how powerful the beam is!... Suddenly Reg falls unconscious. 


…The fog, Reg can hear Riko´s Voice asking for help, in the distance…Riko is being eaten by one of those monstrosities, her body rest on the ground, with her eyes wide open and a string of blood coming out of her mouth…Lifeless.

Reg wakes up, it was just a dream, he see that Riko, now fully dressed says that she is glad that Reg is Ok and that it seems that using the beam tires him out, no? In any case that awesome beam has to have a name! And if it doesn´t then Riko will name it “The Incinerator” , still Reg isn’t so hot about the beam thing because he could have her killed; but Riko says that this is the 2nd time Reg uses such beam to save her and in both times she didn´t receive even a bit of the beam, so she knows that Reg can manipulate it in a way and he will never hurt her. 


Reg is pleased and after that both of them starts eating some steak, it was made with the meat of those Corpse-Dwellers, Reg is a little grossed out; but Riko says that this is just the way of the nature, that on this place things are more or less like that, so he must not think too much about it.

After eating the group keeps going further and they reached the inverted forest, where it is a little colder so Reg gives his cape to Riko in order to cover herself.

After that they find a bunch of weird Monkey-like creatures that start throwing things at our Heroes! They are protecting their territory, so Riko and Reg starts running! 


While they are running a person is looking at them through a Spyglass… That person, a girl, asks her boss if she should get low the Gondola…Although there was no one in there.

Back with our Heroes, after they manage to escape those “Not-Monkey” creatures they have reached the Seeker camp, it is said that there is always someone looking through a spyglass who levels down the Gondola, although…That thing is still up. At the same time Riko explains that the farthest one is from the Abyss barrier the effects of the curse are a little lesser, and the Seeker camp is somewhat a far from such barrier. 


Reg is looking at the Gondola and decides to use his extendible arms to get up, he uses them and…Someone up there has grabbed them. Reg is clearly frightened by such things…

The person who has grabbed them it is one of the most strongest humans out there, the one who helped Lyza to carry Riko outside of the abyss. Ozen, the White whistle.


My Impressions

A very good chapter with a truly strong start! I loved how our Heroes face the various creatures in such a dangerous place; but at the same time how these creatures, the curse of the abyss and the barrier affects both Riko and Reg.

One interesting bit is that the series it´s starting to show us some of the grueling stuff that both Riko and Reg will face, things that will come from the abyss and it´s various dangers, like the creatures we sought and even others that will later appear.


At the same time I am eager to know what will happen now that they have reached the Seeker camp and how Ozen will treat both Riko and Reg, like, what kind of character is she? Will she be good or bad? Whatever the case, this series it is proving to be a truly exciting adventure!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!