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Episode 4: The edge of the abyss


The chapter starts with Riko and Reg going down to the abyss.

Later that morning, Reg and Riko where sleeping. Reg made a some form of web with his arms in order to make a some class of protective barrier. Riko wakes up and a little after that she wakes Reg up. It seems that after they descended they just fell asleep.

In any case, after that both Riko and Reg started their way to the second layer, they will keep advancing, they ate some food including some recipes and how to do it and Riko ended up losing her Compass that only pointed out to the abyss. Thing that she even cried a little; but oh well, not much they can do about it. In that moment Reg gives Riko a little sealed notebook it had a copy of her Mom´s letter. Reg believes Leader gave it to him when he wasn´t looking.


Besides that there was another note that said “In the Morning I will go an search for you!” Which means that unless they want to get back and receive a hell of a punishment they must hurry up and keep going down! 

After eating Riko and Reg found a new monster, a huge ant with some spiderweb; when the creature attacked eg quickly punched him with his extendable arm! Riko gave the advice to Reg that the best case is to jump and hoping for the Gravity to make it´s dent against such creature which had caught Reg´s hand!


Riko´s plan was successful and our 2 Heroes were able to keep going further. The second layer was at sight, they are near the line of no return for the ones on their class!

Riko was feeling a little under the weather due to the environment, pressure and the whole exercise she is doing, so Reg suggest that they should go and rest a little; both of them went to pee and after that they started resting and drinking some water. Reg detected some voice; but he didn´t minded too much. 


Both of them where chatting until Reg was able to detect a shadow, someone was watching them, it wasn´t an animal or a creature; but rather a human… Could be the searching team led by Leader?! They didn´t had the time to know that so they quickly grabbed their stuff and tried to escape.

Their intent to escape was futile since that person was none other than Habo, Riko´s “Uncle” and a black whistle, who could catch them quite easily. Habo explains to our Heroes that he is not here to bring them back, although he has seen such group a little while ago. 


Habo starts telling them that after both Riko and Reg left Shiggy and Nat went to see him and asked him if he could help Riko and Reg to have a safe travel? So that´s why he is here… He will get them to the Seeker camp. Reg is glad about that; but Riko refuses such help.

Riko says that this is the last test from Leader, so she wants to approve in a good way! Habo understands that and embraces both Reg and Riko, he gives them some food and medicine, also he gives a warning, at the Seeker Camp they will find Ozen, a White Whistle and the person who helped Lyza to take her daughter back to Orth, Habo says that they must be wary of her... After saying their good bye Reg and Riko keeps going forward. 


Riko and Reg have reached the second layer, the chase of Leader has ended; but a new challenge has come, now Riko and Reg are alone and every creature in there will most likely want them dead or eaten…

My Impressions

A very good chapter! It felt like it covered a lot of ground without giving much time to truly swallow what was happening; but I think it worked in the end.


I liked how Riko and Reg interacted with each other from sleeping, going to the bathroom and eating. Also the part about Leader and Habo felt truly emotional, like the last test and how Riko decided that they should do it alone, without any help. It made me truly remember all the emotional stuff in the past chapter.

Still, as I said before, it covered a lot of ground so it was a little hard to swallow everything that happened, although the emotional scenes made it´s job and on that note I would have liked to see Leader even a little, like a final good bye from his part.

Finally, we have seen that now, humans will be something weird to encounter, and Monsters and other creatures will be more, and more common.


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!