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Episode 3: Departure


The chapter starts with Riko, saying to her friends her plans to go to the abyss where her Mom is…Also we got a quick look of the various creatures that she encountered.

In any case, Riko wants to go to where her Mom is and Nat isn´t so hot on the idea, at the same time Shiggy is cooperative; but not much more, the conversation then drifts to the fact that tomorrow is Reg´s big day. He will go to his first Raid and Nat will be the one in charge of him!


The next day, Reg is Raiding the abyss, he is thinking in all the creatures Riko´s Mom encountered and especially in that creature that looked like him, Nat is accompanying Reg and while they were searching for Relics, which were mostly junk although pricy for foreign countries, there wasn´t much exiting stuff in here.

Also Nat told a ghost story to Reg about kids and Birthdays, and to not to look on the mirror. In any case Reg has some questions, about the abyss, the curse, himself…And he wonders if deep down on the abyss such answers will be encountered?

Going back Nat is having troubles with the curse of Abyss, which activates when the person starts going up, still there is nothing out of the extraordinary and they go back home safely.


In the night, Riko reveals her plans in going tomorrow morning, before dawn breaks. Nat is still against it, Shiggy just asks if she knows how she will go down? Since the guard is up at all times. In any case Reg enters the conversation and says that he will accompany her since he has a lot of doubts about himself, Riko is happy about hearing that.

Nat is still against all of that because going to the deep of the abyss is a one ticket trip, there is not coming back since the lower one goes, the stronger the curse will be by the time one goes up! 


Shiggy explains all about the White Whistles and the different areas of the Abyss, and how for the White Whistles, most of them won´t come back from their journey for the same reason. Nat adds, after arguing with Riko, that most likely her Mom is already dead! That thing broke Riko´s heart and Nat quickly feel truly bad for saying such words, Kiyui was crying and Reg comforted him.

Later that Night Riko and Reg are getting ready to go, Reg talks about Nat and it seems that Riko wants to make the peace with him since it might be the last time they see each other. Still he is nowhere to be seen. Riko goes down by the window and Shiggy says that he will go out by his own methods. Reg decides to do the same and goes out. 


Reg starts searching for Nat and he didn´t found him, he then goes to the room where Kiyui is, he is still asleep, although he wakes up, he is a little sick; but he says that his birthday will be very soon. Reg gives the advice to not to look any mirror on his birthday! In any case after that he encounters Leader, who was patrolling the area, Reg says that he is going to the bathroom, Leader asks for Riko and Reg says that she…Went to the Bathroom? In any case Leader “believes him” and tells him to take care of Riko.

After that he leaves and both Shiggy and Riko where awaiting for him. They go to the city and Shiggy presented them the one who would guide them, a boy filled with rags… It was Nat, that was obvious, so much that Riko discovered him right away. 


Nat apologizes to Riko and she accepts the apology, after that they go to the wharf district, there it is to say that Nat still oppose Riko´s Idea; but he won´t do much things to stop her.

The Wharf district, made by unofficial Riders, basically re the slumps where poverty low lifes hang and try to make a living. Nat was born on this area, although after his Sister died he went to the Orphanage. He reveals that his dream is to become a Moon Whistle like Leader and open an Orphanage on this place. Riko believes that he will do it, after all Nat is as good as her on this Raiding business! 


Finally they have reach their destination, Shiggy and Nat says their good byes and that they will look forward for their letters. Nat cries alongside RIko and both of them say that even if they never see each other again, they will be connected to the abyss. After that Reg grabs Riko and both of them goes down to the darkness of the Abyss, where one way journey will begin, their history it is just about to begin.

My Impressions

A very emotional chapter! Man more than once I was at the verge of tears, Riko´s voice actress sure is convincing!


One thing that I truly liked on this chapter were the background, it truly were beautiful drawn, heck everything in this anime is beautiful! S I have no complaints in that regard.

One downside on this chapter this time it is that regardless of the whole emotional stuff about leaving, and how Riko and Reg will miss Nat and the other kids, is that it was in truth a transition chapter, one where noting much of importance where happening, and while the emotional stuff where quite good, I quite couldn´t get off the feeling that I was awaiting for the “good stuff to come already!

In any case, all in all, the chapter gave the right feelings and some sort of a thing of what would be for Nat at the very least!


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!