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Episode 2:Resurrection Festival


The Chapter starts with Riko talking about her other relic, the compass she has guarded. After that Shiggy giving to the other part of Riko´s Gang a quick explanation about The Abyss and its consequences of staying there which will depend in how deep you go, it can go from being dizzy, to start throwing up, start bleeding from all the holes in your body, to become a some kind of monstrosity and ending with Death… All of that it has a single name which it is: The Curse of the Abyss.

After such talk Riko start saying all of her findings about Reg, like how soft is his skin, that he can get energy from food or electricity, that his arm can be extended to 40 meters, that even if he is a Robot he has a belly button, that one can stick something to his Ass and that his penis looks like a boy and not a robotic one… Yeah, she did a lot of stuff to him. In any case the group starts debating about what will do to him? Because if Reg IS a relic, and everything points to that, he will be taken away and God knows what will happen to him… For that the group now has a plan for him.


The next day, Reg dressed with Ragged clothes went by himself to the doors of the Orphanage he tells an invented story to the Leader in order to enter and live in there, on the distance, Riko, Nat and Shiggya re seeing how the things go. The Leader hears the story and he decides to check up on the robotic arm, Reg says that he doesn´t know when he got it. The Leader just check his grip and after that he gives the welcome, In that moment Reg was part of the Orphanage.

The time went smooth with various works and studying the classes, The Robot Boy was able to enjoy the classes and the life he has now in there. He is just a bell alongside Kiyui, so he is even less than a novice on this business; but no matter he is enjoying himself.

In another day as any other Riko was looking through a Spyglass the different nature on the Abyss, She and Reg where helping on Riko´s Auntie store, she has been married to a big guy who is another explorer of the Abyss and he has left a letter. In any case Reg has shown to be very serviceable and with all the intentions to help. 


After that, an Exploring group has come back, leaded by Riko´s Uncle, a Black Whistle is on his neck and they have brought various things…Especially a White Whistle. Riko could recognize that whistle… It was her Mom´s…

After that, Riko´s Uncle , Leader and other grown-ups gathered alongside Reg and Riko, they are there to give her the White Whistle, it was her Mom´s Lyza “The Annihilator”, since it is a tradition that a family member will get the Whistle of… The family member who is no longer with us. Riko doubts and can feel the emotional burden of having it, still she decides to keep it.


A Celebration is being held in the town, one for the Legendary White Whistle, a man is telling the qualifications of the Whistles: The Red Whistles for the novice; Blue for the experienced; Moon for the Teachers; Black for the Experts and finally White for the Legendary Raiders, the ones who went deepest to the abyss, sought their mysteries and where able to defeat whatever horror held in there, People of Legend…

From those people there it is the youngest of all, Lyza “The Annihilator” the Woman who brought a lot of relics and a lot of fortune to this City! All the kids goes crazy seeing her portrait while on the backstage Reg, Stan and other kids are helping with the illumination and various special effects.


Meanwhile Riko is seeing her Mom´s Whistle, Leader comes and ask why she so Gloomy? This celebration as made in honor of her Mother, as a way to celebrate her memory and give a last Good bye to her.

Riko explains that besides the fact that her Mom was a White Whistle and therefore her goal to achieve, she never knew her much, so much that she doesn´t even remember her face… So she doesn´t know how to feel.

Leader says that he meet her when he was just a little Kid, that she was, besides being an awesome Raider, a long mouthed, heavy drinker, someone who liked to party and well… Another weirdo. Still… Suddenly Leader changes the subject and ask Riko if she doesn´t have more headaches. Riko says that yeah, as long as she has glasses she is Ok. 


Leader then reveals that Riko doesn´t have a bad eye sight or anything, her sight is good; but the cause of her pain is another… It is the curse of the Abyss.

Leader starts saying that when her Mom was pregnant with her, she was ordered to go and grab a relic with a big group of Raiders. On their way to retrieve the Relic they chase a lot of dangers like a battle against foreign Raiders and lost a lot of members , In one of those Riko´s Father, a Black Whistle died… 10 Months passed and she gave birth to Riko. Then, when they retrieve the Relic, a bell that could stop time, she had to choose between 2 things, such Relic that a lot of people died in order to obtain, or the life of her offspring.


Without doubting it twice, Lyza put her Daughter on a Relic that reduced the effects of the Curse and with the company of a stronger fellow Raider who carried Baby Riko they made it to the City where Riko would live, her Mom sacrificed all in order to let her Daughter live.

After such tale and with renewed Strength Riko went on her way, Leader later said to himself that on the moment her Mom secured that her Daughter was alright she went back, killed the Foreign Raiders and retrieved the Relic.

After the festival, Reg and Kiyui are looking at the twilight, Riko and the others went exploring. Reg will soon be a Red Whistle, Kiyui is a little jealous; but Reg says that still Kiyui will become bigger and bigger more than him, so…He has that advantage, Kiyui agrees.


Later Riko came back and soon after being greet by Reg and Kiyui a notice came from Leader, who says that other package of her Mom, data, has been studied and now Riko can go and look at it. Reg, by order of Leader, goes and makes her company. 

In there they see a lot of documents with drawing of unknown creatures…Between them there was a drawing that looked like a lot like Reg, so…Who Knows? Reg then points out to a little note, Riko puts light on it and the note says:

<<<<At the Netherworld´s bottom I´ll be waiting>>>>

It means that Lyza, Riko´s Mom, is alive and awaiting for her…

My Impressions

A very good chapter, it felt like it was rushing it a little; but I guess that´s a good thing since after that the real adventure will begin! We get to see and understand more of the world and specifically about the abyss, it´s effects and how the organization in charge of exploring it is handled.


At the same time seeing the story about Riko´s Mom and the curious case of her birth was very pleasant and I enjoyed a lot how the fact that she was born on the Abyss made her resistant or not affected by the effects of it, since that way it makes her birth a interesting story; but it doesn´t give her any kind of a “Chosen one” or “Special ability” on the stuff she is going to do, which means that she will face the Abyss as a normal person and seeing the problems, how she will react and overcome and everything of that a more interesting tale for the viewer.

Finally, we got also a reason for Riko to go down which it is a journey to encounter her Mom or go where she is now… A good enough reason to go to the Adventure!

Anyway, My two cents, See ya next time!