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Disclaimer: English is not my native language, so I apologize in advance for anything that is badly written or completely incomprehensible.

 Made in Abyss is a fantasy story based on the manga made by Tukishi Akihito. It centers on the adventures of Rika and Reg and the different experiences they will get while exploring the unknown Abyss.

Episode 1: The City of the Great Pit

The chapter starts with one boy and a girl, both of them are exploring a beautiful green landscape in search of some artifacts, the boy is called Nat and the Girl Riko, they are “Red Whistles” which means that they can explore some places that are considered to be relatively safe. Still Riko is excited to find new stuff and hurry herself up to “Upgrade her rank”; soon enough Riko has filled her backpack with various artifacts of a civilization long lost.


She starts yelling at Nat to know where he is and if he can help her with her backpack… Until she finally sees him.

Nat is unconscious, with blood on his forehead, a giant red monster is near him, such creature has eaten Nat´s backpack and now it´s ready to eat the little boy. Quickly Riko grabs her Red Whistle and blows it! The sound is strong and it captures the attention of the monstrosity! Riko starts running in order to save her life now! The Monster is chasing her and he is very fast! She enters into what would be a “natural aisle” Riko runs and loses her backpack filled with all the stuff she managed to grab! The Monster has catches her and it´s ready to satisfy his hunger with the little girl! Riko closes her eyes expecting for the worst…


A powerful beam appears from nowhere! It is so strong that it even destroyed the walls that divided the place form the rest of the world! The Creature is damaged and decides to run for its life! Riko doesn´t know what is happening, although she is thankful that someone or something saved her life! She looks with curiosity the direction from where such beam came, in there she is able to see a human-like shape.

Her savior looked like a boy from her age, he wears weird clothes, although in quantity such body coverture isn´t a lot. He is now unconscious, Riko looks at him and is thankful, she sees in order to know if the boy it´s alright…


He isn´t human… The feel of his skin, his weird mechanical arm, and his weird clothes, all points out that this boy it´s a robot! Riko quickly carry the robot boy and soon enough she find herself with Nat, who has woken up and decides to help her, both of them starts going the way back to home, reaching finally the outskirts of a giant city, a city that has the peculiarity of having a big abyss on its center.

Finally the group has reached their destiny, an orphanage, where an angry looking old lady is at the entrance, if she finds out that they have brought a relic without giving it to the guild they will be in a world of trouble! Shiggy, a Gladded boy joins the group and decides to help them by asking the little boy Kiyui to make a decoy. The little boy throws his book to the ground and starts crying, the old lady goes to see the problem and help the little boy (and scold him for throwing his books), That´s the opportunity they were looking for! The group quickly enters with the Robot boy without anyone of the grownups noticing them! 


The next morning, Leader, a Teen looking boy is giving instructions to all the kids and that the explorations will continue on the same site, if they lost something just report it and they will get a replacement. After that, the Director (AKA the Angry looking old lady) starts saying that all of them must work hard and to not to keep any of the relics! Everything must be given to the guild since it is their way of life and how they earn profits! If they keep something, for little it is a world of pain will come to them! Riko feels that she was referring to her.

After the meeting Riko go and asks the Leader if she can get promoted, which he quickly says No to such thing, Riko says that she just wants to be like her Mom! Who went very, very deep on the abyss! Still, her request was denied.


Soon enough Nat and the other Kids join her and talk about what they will do with the Robot Boy, Riko says that there is only one thing… To wake him up!

Darkness, there is only darkness… Suddenly a light starts coming and He can see a group of Children doing something, he doesn´t care so he will go back to sleep. 


A powerful electric shock comes through the whole body of the robot! He has woke up and Riko and the others greets him! Riko has a million questions for the Robot! If he recognizes her? How he did it to defeat the monster? And much others, the Robot, who even apologized to answer with a question, asked where is he?

Riko says that they are in an Orphanage and this is her room! Then the Robot asks if they are torturers since there are a lot of torturing objects on the wall, Nat explains that Riko´s room was an old executioner room since she made a lot of mischief she was brought here.

Nate continues explaining that they are Cave Riders, or rather apprentices, called Red Whistles. RIko interferes and asks what is his name? What he can do? Who is his maker?...The Robot just says that he believes he is a Robot…Nothing more.


Suddenly Shiggy, who went to the hall, comes running! There are problems! The electricity shock messed up the connections so the adults are investigating, and Leader is coming here right away! They have to hide the Robot boy! They cover the robot with a Blanket while the other kids who aren´t called Riko escape by the window!

Leader comes in and just ask her what she did this time?! Rikot ries to diver his attention to the fact that her foot is hurt, still the Leader doesn´t listen to her and just removes the blanket!

…There was nothing, just a weird helmet connected by some wires, that´s all…It must be Shiggy´s handiwork, in any case the Leader knows that she must feel frustrated that he said no to her earlier; but this is no way to act! Riko looks at the ceiling and the Robot Boy was hiding himself in there using his extendible arm to reach higher places.


In any case the Leader has decided that Riko should write an apology and clean the whole Orphanage by herself as punishment. 

When the door closed, the Robot boy went down to the floor, he starts seeing what he can do, like his extendible arm, and his weird helmet…Also he wonders that if he is a robot, why he has a belly button? Also he looks in his pants and yes, he has a penis… Suddenly Riko steps in, she says that she ran off when Shiggy and the other kids got caught!


The leader has detected that Riko is no longer in there and has went in search for her! Riko doesn´t know what to do; but the Robot does! Quickly he asks Riko to grab him, she does and thanks to the extendible arm both of them escape through the window to the outside!

After that RIko decides to take Reg, the name she gave to the Robot Boy, to some other place. While they go there Reg asks why she called him that way? Riko says that was the name of a Dog she used to have…. Yeah Reg has a Dog´s name. 


Both children goes to a windmill on a hill, while the dawn breaks and illuminates the city, showing his true beautiful color. Rika start explaining to Reg that this city is called Orth, the city of the Pit, a City made by the explorers of the Abyss, a hole on the ground who goes to the infinity, where strange creatures lives and artifact of lost civilizations are hidden.

My Impressions

A very strong first chapter, I liked how quickly they explained the ins and out of the world while at the same time showed us the personality of various characters, I mean I read the first chapters of the manga some time ago and I have to admit that the first chapters where relaxing; but slow, and for some people that might be a pill hard to swallow, so I am truly glad that the anime decided to acknowledge the happenings on such chapters (the naked hanging punishment); but at the same time skipped most of it and just gave us a quick glimpse of them while at the same time it show us a very dynamic world and vivid characters.


Other thing that I liked a lot is the backgrounds and the coloring of these (also the characters; but that´s another topic) All of them looks beautiful, of course they still look “Tv anime” material and not “Movie anime” quality; but still they did an amazing job showing us those beautiful images with a beautiful coloring.

On the characters, man I liked all of them, I mean Reg is a little empty right now; but His mission on this moment it is to be the “Proxy” that will make the questions about the world that will enlighten us on the ins and outs of it, Riko meanwhile it is very likeable and as of right now the heart and soul of the series, like, she is truly likeable! I like her attitude and positivity! So yeah, this duo it is amazingly good and lovely for the main characters, and the secondary ones are very likeable as well.

On a little note, I like how cohesive is the world on itself, like one of those RPG that stay on your mind that has a very well made world.


Anyway, My two cents, See ya next time!