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Chapter 9: Enemy or Friend


The Chapter starts with our Logicalist here, they are on the traning room fighting a foreigner, Enlil I believe, and our Heroes dispatch him with relative easiness.

Meanwhile Olga is exercising himself pumping himself up… You know, to be on shape, at his side the recording of the training made by his Team mates is shown.

When Olga was going out he caught the other Logicalist who were talking about Enlil, who was a Foreigner that give them a lot of problems off camera. Olga prepares himself to look cool.


Olga just appears in front of them with a smug face and tells them that he can hear his Logic… That their conceit will work against them. .. And Chloe transform it to a positive saying that means that as long they have the 5 of them and they don´t let their guards down they will have no problem.

Olga just looks at them and says:

<<<…Five of You?>>> and leaves with an angry face. I will play the psychologist and say that he is annoyed because Chloe didn´t counted him as a Logicalist or someone who can be useful.


Little after that Olga is looking at his Logic device and is saying that he is just sitting on a Gold Mine. Yoshichika knocks his door, since he detected the disgruntled face in Olga. Yoshichika tells him that he is thankful for the advice he gave them…And also that he is part of the team too. If it weren´t for him when Quetzalcoatl attacked the ALCA offices with Nanahoshi in there, something horrible could have happened.

Olga tries to act cool and Yoshichika says that hes hoping that Olga finds a Covenanter soon too. Olga responds basically saying that when that happens he will be the next big thing since the sliced bread. Yoshichika extends his hand in form of friendship and says that is what he is expecting from him. Olga closes the door annoyed.


Later Olga goes to some part of the ALCA offices and is greeted by the new girl working there, Miki Shinobu…My Ship sense is tingling.

On any case Olga continues his path.

Olga is with the captured Foreigners: Belial, Sand Man and that Dog from the first chapter. He is trying to convince them to join him and become his Covenanter, but all of them just decide to ignore him. Olga is truly desperate and angry, since he wants to be useful and become a full Logicalist.


…The Enlil speaks to him. Olga presents himself and Enlil have a proposal with him… If he set him free for a Day, he will be his Covenanter… Enlil says that he has something he wants to do, and after that he will return here.

Olga decides to not do his request. Enlil says that´s too bad since his magic power rivals even the likes of Lucifer…

Meanwhile a person goes to ALCA offices… The Fallen Agel Lucifer comes and he puts to sleep any resistance that pass through it, he sees Miki Shinobu with weird eyes… Don´t mess with my head canon Olga´s future girlfriend!


…Errr… On any case Jarno, the Boss, is talking with Veronica, he says that he is glad that he finally reconstructed and cleaned the that it was the Saporo´s ALCA Division. Also he brought a souvenir and Nemesis gladly accepts it…It’s a snack or something.

Suddenly the emergency alarm is set. Veronica´s Right hand (that middle age guy) says that they have a Foreigner visitor…Not an Intruder… Lucifer, and he wants to see the person at command.

Jarno and Veronica goes to see him while the other people takes out all of the other ALCA Workers whit the exception of the Logicalist and other key members.


Yoshichika is suspicious but as of right now they won´t do anything reckless. Jarno greets him and Lucifer presents himself.

Lucy here has a proposal… He wants to become an ALCA´s Covenanter. That rings a bell on Olga´s ear. Jarno is suspicious about Lucy´s intentions. But the Fallen Angel responds saying that he only wants to enjoy this world as much as he wants, so he doesn´t want to fight with anyone… But he understand Jarno´s distrust.


Jarno says that yes, having a Foreigner like him in the City is a matter of concern. Lucy says that he wants to clean his name and help them to protect this beautiful city from the barbarous.

..Then Lucy make the question. Is there any Logicalist available? And Olga presents himself saying that if Lucy wants to offer his strength to him then—

Jarno interrupts and says that he declines the offer. Lucy asks why? Jarno responds saying that they still don´t know much of Lucy´s intentions…So they will investigate him first and then…They will see what happens.


The Fallen Agel understands and both of them shakes their hands. Before he leaves, he talks to Olga and tells him that he likes him.

Needless to say Olga is all blue because his opportunity to become a full Logicalist was taken from his hands.

Later Olga is asking angrily about Jarno´s decisition. Jarno responds him saying that while he wants him to find a Covenanter…He doesn´t trust Lucifer right now, since he is supposedly the embodiment of evil and all of that. Olga leaves.


While Olga is leaving. Miki passes by and greets him saying that he is doing a great work. Olga ignores her…Already shipping them <3.

Olga enters the training room and is fighting with the Sand Man. He is yelling that Why he can´t have a Covenanter?! Nanahoshi made one with an enemy Foreigner!! Yoshichika got one right off the bat!! Nobody made a big fuss! Why it has to be with him?! Just when the opportunity comes and they denied it!!! A Logicalist without Covenanter is worthless!!


Also the Sand Man is kicking his ass.

Miki tries to stop the simulation…But she is not an Computer expert you see.

The Sand Man keeps kicking Olga´s arse until Miki can make the simulation stops.

Miki enters running and Olga yell at her for stopping it, since nobody asked her to do it! Miki slaps him! Ouch! She says that while she doesn´t understand much about Logicalist, she knows that every life is precious…Including him! Man, pure love <3!! Olga she is a keeper!


Later Miki is healing his wounds and ask him what is the matter?

Olga explains him the situation. Miki says that then when he has collected all the Data and the investigation is over, he can go and make Lucy his Covenanter! No Biggie!

Olga says that the Investigation department is already on the case…But Lucy being so hard to trace… The Investigation might take a while or be dropped at all.


Miki says that´s too bad. If only they knew someone who might know him…

That puts an idea on Olga´s Head.


Olga gives her his thanks and goes to where Enlil is…

Olga ask him about all he knows about Lucy. Enlil says that if he wants to know about his weaknesses, he has come to the wrong place. Olga says that he doesn´t want that, just his information, any data is useful! Enlil says that he can help him with that…Only with a condition…

…To get him out for a Day.

Olga can hear his Logic… The chances that Enlil wants to hurt the city are 50%. Still Enlil tries to convince him. Olga looks at the freedom button.


Suddenly the emergency call is heard. Enlil has broken free and has Tance Jacked someone.

That person it looks like is Olga. Yoshichika and the oters wonders what might have happened.


Could it be that Olga set him free because he was so desperate as of late? Yoshichika doesn´t want to believe that…But needless the case, they have a mission to do. To defeat the Foreigner!!

They found Enlil who wants to fight with Veronica, since she defeated him the other time. Still our Covenanters are able to defeat Enlil with some easiness! Just like with the training.


Later Olga awakens at the Hospital, he quickly remembers what happened. He the check his abdomen and found that he has Paradox Sickness. He grabs his Logic Device…He can´t log in.

Meanwhile Lucifer has found a Logic Card…

On another part. The Logicalist are notified by Veronica, that the Logic Card of Olga has gone missing… He isn´t a Logcalist anymore. The teams are already searching for it but they have no luck so far… Tamaki ask how did this happened. Veronica says that they still don´t know, but one thing is sure. Enlil´s liberation was an inside job.


Could have been Olga´s Doing? Tamaki says that if that´s the case. Please go easy on Olga. Yoshichika still believes that Olga is innocent. Jarno, who is talking via Skype or something. Says that the timing and everything points at Olga…And the fact that Lucifer came just in the day when Jarno was in here …So… That means there is a Mole inside ALCA.

Veronica says that they should not do any assumptions until the investigations finalize, also that they should not worry for Olga, she promises to not do any harsh punishment to him.

The meeting ends and they are sent to help in the search of the Logic Card.

Chloe says that what Olga did was crazy. But Yoshichika believes in his innocence. Chloe adds saying that if she was in a similar situation as Olga, she might have acted all the same. Maybe Olga´s Wish was so strong that it became a bind…A curse for him.


Still Nanahoshi and Yoshichika doesn´t believe he would have done that. So the team will do the extra mile for him!

Meanwhile Miki is talking with Olga. She believes in Olga and Olga explains her that when he was looking at the button. Something happened and the cell de activated itself… He didn´t do it.

Miki is happy and grabs him by the hand saying that if he says his version, he will go free! Olga make her your Girlfriend already!! <3


Miki adds that the higher ps want to bury this incident and fire Olga, also to stop the searching of his Logic Card.

Olga is still sad and angry…And just want to drown in his misery. Miki Leaves.

Olga throws his Logic Device.


The Guards suddenly pass out… Lucifer has come. He gets close to Miki, Miki reverence him and Lucy enters to Olga´s Room. No! Miki!! Why!!? You were supposed to be Olga´s Ship! Not a Traitor and someone who had an Intercour…I mean Trance Jacked with Lucy!!!

Anyway. Continuing. Lucy enters and grabs the Logic Device. Olga yells at him saying that it´s to late now! He has… Olga tries to not to cry.

Lucy shows his Logic Card… He has it.

Miki leaves and the words “Logicalist Login” are heard…

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! This chapter was amazing! The timing was well, the motivations were good settled and everything was perfect!!


Man, I had a feeling that Olga maybe will be desperate enough since no one wants to be his Covenanter…And it looks like Lucy here took that to his advantage. Still, his real motivations are a mystery since I don´t believe he wants to work for ALCA taking the fact that he likes to wander around and trance jack with ladies who after that are full of pleasure…Or something. Still I feel he is curious about the other Trance form, and he is going to take Olga as his objective.

Talking a little more about Lucy. I liked how deceitful he can be, he is charming and can lie or say things looking at your eyes, but still…There is something wrong with this guy, and I have a feeling that since he started the war at Tetra Heaven then…He can do it again, just because.

Now talking about Olga, I truly liked how they showed his desperation to be useful. He can hear his Logic all he wants, but… As how he is right now, a Janitor is more important to ALCA than him, since he is just a waste until he can find a Covenanter. And again, they took a brilliant way on how to show his desperation.


Also…They destroyed my Ship with Olga and Miki ;w;

On the final note, we might be seen a long battle that might take the chapter 10 and even 11 against the Olga x Lucifer duo! Let us see how the things pans out, but I am excited!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!