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Chapter 8: Guilt or Innocent


The chapter starts with the character of Ash Paxton being brought over to some ALCA facility in Saporo. Suddenly something wakes up and the area gets covered in Ice.

Back in Naien Veronica and Nemesis finds that Ash is not where he was supposed to be. She also detects that the Foreigner in Saporo is an Ice Belva.


Meanwhile our Logicalist here…They ate Pizza and Chloe´s belly is making her suit tighters…She ate too much it seems, well Pizza has Cheese and the cheese can make you feel constipation…I think, i´m not a doctor.

On any case the Pizza King is Quetzie here…Who grew up a lot! Chloe demands her Pizza back and gives some punches to Quetzie… Who looks like he… Oh he threw up! Yuck!:P

On the office the CPU people are dealing with some things and the boss ask for Yoshichika´s Presence.


Yoshichika goes and he sees a resignation letter from both Veronica and Nemesis. The boss comes in and explain the situation to him: Ash Paxton was Veronica´s Superior when she was a Trainee and someone who Veronica looked up. Well, in Saporo the ALCA´s Facility, Ash was Trance Jacked by an Ice Belva and the damage he got was so big that his personality, memory and everything from him was destroyed. Ash was transferred to a quarantine area on the underground place of the Central Hospital. The boss then decided to bring a soul crushed Veronica to Naien. When for some reason Ash had to be moved to Saporo again, the Ice Belva returned with violent intentions… Weird, no? On any case The Boss has put Yoshichika to the mission to bring back Veronica!

So Yoshichika x Athena and Nanahoshi x Quetzalcoatl teams goes to a helicopter and go to Saporo. Quetzie was reluctant, but well…He likes to eat so with food he is convinced. Specially with Marimo!


Athena is concerned about Yoshichika and Nanahoshi says that is because well…Our Main Character here looks concerned! Yoshichika says that is because of Veronica, to have leave them just like that…

Meanwhile Veronica is on her way to Saporo alongside Nemesis. Both Girls are decided tof ace the Ice Belva! While the Foreigner is slowly climbing the tower where Ash is. Time is running out.


Veronica reaches to the ALCA facilities in Saporo and demands to know where Ash is. The branch boss tells her that he is still on the Heliport. The Branch Boss says that he was relocated because they found his Logic Cards…Just like Yoshichika.

Needless to say, both Veronica and Nemesis goes to the action!

Meanwhile Nanhoshi, already tranced with Quetzie, are going while grabing both Athena and Yoshichika, to the place…Since they can fly and everything. Quetzalcoatl is cold and bored, Nanahoshi tries to make him stay up with games, but to no avail and Quetzalcoatl falls asleep making the group fall! Oh noes!


Meanwhile at Naien. The Girls want to go too to Saporo, but Tamaki tells them that if they leave who will protect Naien? SO they must stay.

Back at Saporo. Our Heroes reached the destination and are unharmed for something that happened out of camera… I think. On any case the branch boss tells them that Veronica went to the Heliport where Ash is. So Yoshichika and Athena goes there! Nanahoshi will stay with the sleeping Quetzie, but when he wakes up they will catch up.


Meanwhile Veronica has finally reached where the Ice Belva is. She is decided to kill the Foreigner and avenger Ash, who gave her on her time of need a support like a brother and treat her like if she was from his own family!

Veronica Attacks but the Belva destroy the bombs!

Meanwhile at Alca Facilities in Saporo. Quetzie has finally awoke and he is hungry! Nanahoshi goes to get him something to eat and Quetzie wants Marimo!


Now with Yoshichika and Athena. They have reached the Heliport tower but they are making a plain in order to reach at the top. Suddenly the Saporo Branch chief has decided to use his drones in order to attack them! What?! It looks like he doesn´t want them to reach Veronica.

They run but they come to a dead end and Yoshichika and Athena defend themselves with what they can find! Athena falls to an open window and Yoshichika goes after her they reach the basement of the building.

Meanwhile Veronica is hitting the Belva with everything she has!

Back with Yoshichika and Athena. The building starts to crumble and they run…In there they reach a place where there are countless of Dead Foreigners…Something happened in there.


Back at Naien the Boss and the CPU people are breaching the security archives of the Saporo Branch.

In there they found a video…One where Ash had a trance with the Ice Belva. The Ice Belva rejects the Trance but the Boss wants to force an Over Trance. Ash makes the over trance! It looks like they where investigating how to control the over trance in order to become the Ultimate protector of Septpia.


Yoshichika sees the video and now he knows the truth…The true victim was the Ice Belva…

Nanahoshi sees the video too, while Quetzie was eating. She gets her commands to go and reunite with Yoshichika…SO she starts hurrying up to Quetzacoatl to finish his meal!

Athena wonders if Veronica knows about all of that. Still the mission of Yoshichika and Athena are simple. To save Veronica of making a huge mistake and protect the Foreigner!


Finally Nanahoshi and Quetzalcoatl catches with Yoshichika and Athena…Needless to say she came inside Quetzie who was super fat and can´t fly.

In there they see also the dead bodies of the Foreigners. So now our heroes have gathered and they Trance in order to reach Veronica and stop her!


Veronica keeps fighting the Ice Belva while protecting Ash!

Yoshichika and Nanhoshi divides. Yoshichika will go and stop Veronica while Nanahoshi goes to search for the Logic Cards!

Veronica attacks the Belva with everything she has but Yoshichika comes and protects the foreigner from the attack. He tries to tell Veronica the situation and that the truly damaged who got it´s mind destroyed was the Belva!


Still Veronica doesn´t believe him and attacks! Yoshichika blocks the attack and tries to show her the Video. The shock is much and the bombs splatter all over the place seriously damaging the tower which starts to be destroyed! Veronica goes to protect where Ash is!

While the tower is being destroyed the Saporo Branch boss is laughing in an evil way since all the evidence has been erased.


The Trance Jack has ended and the Belva is unconscious. Ash is ok too. Veronica, damaged but decided still goes to kill the Belva. Yoshichika, who is trapped and can´t move, tries to stop her with words, but to no avail…Nemesis tells him that is enough.

Veronica starts remembering the time when Ash saved her, when he took care of her and was always in there in order to support her…His words about how both of them will bring an end to this otherworldly war…


Veronica is sad and angry since that Belva…That thing destroyed someone who was precious to her! Veronica prepares her bomb in order to kill the Belva! She looks at the Belva to his eyes…And can´t kill him, now knowing that he is the victim in this whole business.

Nanahoshi goes and has brought a Logic card. She sets free Yoshichika.

Veronica has made her mind…She is going to use that bomb to kill the Belva and Herself… The Bomb activates…


Yoshichika runs and grabs the bomb throwing it at the sky!

Everyone was saved and no one had to die…

Nanahoshi gives the Logic card to the Belva, who regains his consciousness.

The Helicopters come to Saporo´s Facility.

The authorities arrest the Branch Chief boss, whose name is Orlov Tunguska. The Boss (whose name is Jarno…I will try to not to forgive it, but I won´t make promises! :P) says that he is arrested for violating the treats with the otherworldly creatures.


Finally our Heroes are back to Naien and the other Logicalist greets them!

The Boss Jarno speaks to Veronica and breaks the resignation letter. Still Veronica can´t forgive herself and says that she will write other and submit it again.


That was until she sees her team who is very fond of her. Her right hand (a middle age man) tells her that her group has done a lot of bad things and they want to confess. Chloe because she is getting fat for eating too much, Tamaki because she writes very long letters to her Sister in Kyoto and that is a bother for the ALCA post team, Mana because she likes the snuck at night in order to eat Ramen; Nanahoshi is sorry because reasons and basically everyone has behaved badly and they need the guidance and a punishment from Veronica!

Veronica is moved and has decided to stay. The Boss leaves.

Chloe says that she will take the Kitchen duties as punishment and…They will have Pizza!! Veronica laughs and gives the punishment which is:

-Tamaki, Mana and Nanahoshi are going to take the Kitchen duties.

- Chloe will clean the bathrooms, no matter how messy they are!

- Olga and Yoshichika will clean her mess of a office!

Olga and Yoshichika laments their fate since her office is a mess thanks to Nemesis.


Artemis says a weird poem…

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

Powerful and confusing are the two words I would use for this chapter. It had some truly bright moments with Veronica and full of feels, but the very little and lacking exponential to the background of Ash Paxton and the things that he did, both positive and negative, made it truly confusing and hard to make the emotional scenes had the desired impact, still the moments, specially when Veronica was about to commit suicide, where truly powerful and impactful, but still the lack of explanation or a rushed background made of this chapter to be not as good as it could have been.


Still, the chapter was good and the action scenes were nice. Also Quetzalcoatl and Nanahoshi interactions truly took the cake! They where funny and natural! Heck I would easily see a spinoff show based on this pair!

In short it was a Good chapter that could have been better with a little more of time, heck maybe make it a 2 chapter arc would have helped. But still, it was good nonetheless.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya next time!