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Chapter 7: Human or God

The chapter starts with Yoshichika giving to her sister the news that the Logicalist and Covenanters are going to have a free day. So he is going home that day. Pretty cool huh!?

So the day comes, and Yoshichika plus Athena go to his house. Her sister, Shiori, greets them and tells them that everyone is waiting…



Yoshichika is greeted by all of the gang who says that it is his birthday!...Huh? Yoshichika says that it´s not his birthday. So it seems that this was a plot made by Shiori so all of the other Logicalist come and everyone could have a party together…That Sneaky sis!


On any case (and the fact that Chloe suspected it because it was awfully clichéd) Tamaki says that it´s no biggie since she wanted to have a good time with everyone. Also Chloe is surprised that Olga came…Who said that he did it because he heard his Logic.

Yoshichika ask for his Dad, which Shiori responds saying that he said that he will come back by 6… Both of them know that he is picking girls… Suddenly his voice is heard and it´s saying to some people to come over. Yoshichika hurries up to stop him and fell. What he found was…


That Daddy brought Veronica and Nemesis, both Girls greets Yoshichika for his birthday, and it looks like that Daddy here picked them up for some bar and told the that it was Yoshichika´s birthday, so they could come… Like father like Daughter, huh?

So now having past that it´s time for celebration and Tamaki, alongside the others (except Veronica and Nemesis) offer themselves to help!


Everyone helps and…Chloe truly knows how to draw, although Valkyrie isn´t as good as her…

So now is time to eat some delicious looking Anime food! Tamaki asks where is their Mom? Which then they explain that seven years ago, their mom got sick and sadly she died because of it…


…And Father out of the blue decides to fire shoots and ask if they have someone (or a lot of people) on their hearth. Venus says that she likes everyone here…Good for her! But now Daddy wants to know if he has a Romantic interest in anyone… Since he is in that age and is surrounded by pretty ladies (and a dude plus a Chibi Snake) soonish Yoshichika and Shiori ends the conversation.

Later it´s time for some Hot Cakes! (Mmm….I Could eat some right now!) and Quetzie wants to eat them, but Tamaki tells him that he should wait to eat with everyone else!


After eating. Everyone is doing what they please. Tamaki and venus are saying their respects for Yoshichika´s Mom, Chloe (alongside a reluctant Valkyrie) are vandalizing Yoshichika´s Room …And Mana is giving us a little fan service with the food…Or something like that. Yoshichika goes and asks where is Athena, which Veronica responds saying that she went to buy something to the shop.

And inf act she is at a Seven-Eleven kind off store and she is thinking about what Yoshichika´s Dad said…Could it be that she is having some romantic feelings for our Main Character…On any case she encounters certain someone on her way home…


None other than Lucy Fernandez! (Get it?) Who just had some fun with some random chicks Both Athena and Lucifer starts talking. Meanwhile Yoshichika goes and starts searching for his Covenanter.

Athena accuses the Fallen Agel about what he did in the past, that he incited the Hundred-Year War and now he is trying to get out free of guilt; But the 9.8 Foreigner says that he has made up more than enough for that, Athena ask him what is he trying to achieve here? Which he responds saying that he only wants to enjoy this world…As he said… And as she is doing. He continues saying that it is very obvious that Athena has feelings for Yoshichika. Athena says that´t none of his business, but the Fallen Angel responds saying that he is shipping them now, alright… Athena tries to respond but Lucifer says that if she is going to say that when her work is done she is going back…Well, she doesn´t have to do that…She could live in Septpia (Earth) Just like he is doing…

Yoshichika finally founds them and Athena reveals that he is Lucifer, which puts very tense to Yoshichika, on any case, the Fallen Angel leaves and Yoshichika is angry that she was speaking with him and because she didn´t called him, Athena says that she was going to but… Still Yoshichika is angry and tells her very rude things to her, since she tried to explain Lucy Fernandez motivations but he just doesn´t believe in them and Yoshichika basically says that they are, at the end of the day, a Human and a Goddess…Everyone with their own Logic.


After the party. Veronica and Venus decides to leave on a drinking journey, Chloe and Valkyrie are going to their house and look at their families; Nanahoshi and Quetzie will do the same, Nemesis will stay for a little longer; Tamaki will also saty and Mana x Artemis are going home but are going to put a stop at the locker, because Mana is going to retrieve her letter since she has a family now.

Tamaki was going to leave but Shiori convinced her otherwise. Nemesis ask for a PC since there is something she wants to see. Tamaki is embarrassed but she is going to stay. Yoshichika says that don´t mind him, since he is going to hit the bed and sleep right now.


On his room he founds Olga…Who vandalized a little more his room and put a Yoshichika´s T-shirt… It looks like that he is going to sleepover too.


Fan service time people!... After a little long undressing animation with Tamaki and Athena… and a Shiori all scared for the zombie Movie that Nemesis put. It´s time for sum character development!

Tamaki and Athena starts talking about what happened a little while ago and the arguing both Yoshichika and Athena had…For their own part, Yoshichika and Olga starts talking about the same thing. Olga Scolds Yoshichika about his attitude and tells him that maybe he has no Covenanter, but he knows that Athena puts all of her trusth in him. Tamaki tells Athena that if she want to she must not leave since the Covenanters become important people for them. Yoshichika defends himself saying that he was just worried about her, since Lucifer is a 9.8 Foreigner, one that could destroy the country easily. Olga continues saying that it´s not enough in order to brand Lucy Fernandez as a dangerous Foreigner, since those things of levels are only things that they made up, and not every Foreigner is dangerous…Or does he think that way?

Tamaki tells Athena about her former Covenanter Xiaolin the Dragon…And someone that even though she has Venus right now, leaved after her mission was complete… And she is someone that Tamaki would like to meet again and hear about her again. Since she was special for her… So Athena shouldn´t think in the way that when her mission is completed she will leave.


Olga continues saying that Men and Gods could live together in peace. And that is his Logic! Yoshichika realizes that he was very rude to her…And he needs to apologize and leaves…Olga leaves him be until he realizes that maybe right now is not the best moment and tries (and fails) to stop our main character.

Athena, with only a towel, is going out saying that she is going to grab some clothes from Shiori…And Yoshichika appears, he grabs her by the hand apologizing to her… And the towel comes off, finally Yoshichika realizes the situation and… Tamaki hits him.


Yoshichika apologizes to an already dressed Tamaki, and he tells her that he is apologizing to the wrong person since Athena has been very upset since the talk they had. Yoshichika goes where Athena is and gives her thanks to Tamaki, who blushes…

Yoshichika finds Athena and tells her that he was wrong and he is sorry…That from now on, he will trust her 200%


Athena drops a tear and says that she is happy that Yoshichika have said that… aww…What a good image.

On another place, Veronica and Nemesis are visiting someone and Ashe Paxton dude, he doesn´t remember them and Nemesis is angry at him, but Veronica calms her down…She says that Ashe was her former boss…


On a snowy area…A weird Foreigner appears…

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

A truly good chapter! We got in truth lots of development even on truly small things. Specially on how the characters interacted with each other!


Talking about Interaction, you can´t fool me Bushiroad! I see 2 fan service scenes in there! (Mana and food and the Tamaki x Athena bath) and part of me thank you for it…But the other founded one a little too long for it´s own good, I am talking about the Mana one of course :P which talking about her, I am glad on how her character has evolved.

Also I liked how they added a little more of world building, since we knew now what happens with the Covenanters, and it seems that when they complete their duty, they go back to their own world, since that happened to Tamaki´s Covenanter before Venus. It was little, but it was a truly good hindsight.

Continuing with the Covenanter stuff. It seems that Lucy Fernandez isn´t so bad…But I have a hunch that at some point he is going to be the big baddie of the season.


The only bad thing that I found on this chapter it is about the fact that the problem between Athena and Yoshichika was a little rushed, but still it was satisfying. So no biggie for me in that regard!

Anyway, my two cents. So See ya next time!