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Chapter 6: Battle or Surrender

The Chapter starts with Nanahoshi…Managing a Soccer team. Suddenly Nanahoshi is in the middle of the field and her soccer team is made of her Logicalist mates. Chloe tells her to do the pass. But Nanahoshi doens´t know what to do; Tamaki insist on the same and Nanahoshi decides to give it a shot…And she ended up falling to the ground…Someone doesn´t have coordination ok.

Oh it was a dream…So no biggie… I think.

Nanahoshi looks at her soccer team where she was the manager and decides to go out. In there she sees Chloe who is going to her morning stroll Nanahoshi greets her and apologize for the pass…Chloe is confused and Nanahoshi says it´s nothing and Chloe goes to run. Nanahoshi says that Chloe and the others are giving their all…And she would like to do the pass and not slip up…


Later Nanahoshi is brooming the place and Chloe comes back from her stroll, and the ex-Manager gives her a hot cola… Yuck. But she liked it…Ok, whatever floats your boat.

After that Nanahoshi goes where the guard who is protecting the captured Foreigners are. She gives the guy some nice hot soup! Yumi!...That floats my boat.


On any case, Quetzalcoatl detects the Steam and starts screaming that he is freezing and demands to burn some wood or something in order to heat things up! Kitaoka (the guard) tells him that he is freezing too, but the calefaction doesn´t work so they have to bear with it. On any case, he puts mute to his camera and starts talking with Nanahoshi about…Idols and that he would like to be a Logicalist, but oh well…

Later Nanahoshi enters the room where the other Logicalist are and she has brought lots and lots of Chocolates that Kitaoka gave her, they came with some cards of some Idol. She brought some nice beverages for Artemis, Venus and Valkyrie, whose Logicalist are visiting Mana…Except for Mana she can´t visit her herself :P

Nanahoshi starts talking with Artemis, who is in good spirits since Mana has started to open her hearth and while she hate to say it, she is glad that Yoshichika broke her barriers. Artemis says that Nanahoshi is very perceptive and she responds saying about her finger, which she always move when she is in a good mood. Artemis finalizes saying that her perception to recognize what is in others hearth is her talent.


Veronica then summons Olga and Nanahoshi since it´s their time to train!

The train is to make to both Nanahoshi and Olga to trance with Athena so they could get the knack of it. Nanahoshi gets to the touching hands part, but it crash…And Olga didn´t got that well either. Still Olga takes it with confidence. Nanahoshi asks to Athena if there is a trick to Trance with a Covenanter. Athena responds saying that it´s the ability to both parties to reach to each other.


As an example with Athena, she is always thinking on what Yoshichika would do…And with Chloe x Valkyrie they complement each other and so on. Veronica then says that Nanahoshi must look for something that works for her.

…And Olga enters the conversation saying basically that he is the next big thing…And everyone just ignores him…Sans for Nanahoshi, who talks nice to him and tells him that he is amazing for always being so positive and optimist about his future self, that the same was about the Ace players when they started, with big dreams and lots of determination…And with that she has won Olga´s respect!


After that Nanahoshi is making dinner and she is wondering in what she could excel, since she doesn´t have what Yoshichika, Chloe , Tamaki an Mana have… Either thinks, tenacity, Insticts, or whatever… In the end Nanahoshi wonders if she is too much Manager-centred.

Meanwhile on the part where the Foreigners are, Quetzalcoatl keeps complaining about the cold, and Kitaoka tells him to shut up, since he is cold too! But the calefaction will come on the evening, so it´s a matter of time. Still the guard remembers what Nanahoshi did for him and decides to bring a blanket to Quetzie but it looks like he fainted…It was a Trap!

Meanwhile Nanahoshi was going to serve a little stew to Kitaoka, but…


…Yup. She got caught by Quetzalcoatl on his Trance Jack form. Nanahoshi asks to the Aztec Deity to liberate Kitaoka, since a prolonged Trance Jack can be dangerous for the health of the person . but Quetzie here sasy he doesn´t care about an Human life, and then detects the Uniform of Nanahoshi and says that she must be a Logicalist. After a short conversation Quetzalcoatl tried to bite her, but she puts the stew in front of the Feathered Serpent and avoids the bite. Still Nanahoshi says her name and invites to Quetzalcoatl to eat…She is negotiating with him…And the Aztec God accepts and eat.

Meanwhile Veronica and the pair of Yoshichika x Athena have notices what is happening. Veronica decides to evacuate the place and deal with the Foreigner themselves since Chloe andTamaki are visiting Mana while she is in the Hospital.

Olga then decides to join the party so the Logicalist and Covenanters featuring Olga will save the situation!


Back with Quetzalcoatl and Nanahoshi, she starts talking about how she was before she became a Logicalist, she was a Manager of a Soccer team and starts explaining what a Manager does… Which with that Quetzalcoatl responds saying that she is like a Priestess who serves her God.

Veronica and the others are making a plan, Yoshichika wanted a more peaceful solution but Veronica says that in the moment that the Foreigner decides to open a Paradox Zone, it will be game over for this branch so she has make a plan to destroy the ground and send both Quetzalcoatl and Nanahoshi to an inferior level and Yoshichika will save Nanahoshi while Veronica deals with the Foreigner.

Olga for his part is to give instructions to Nanahoshi…Olga felt that he was going to sit on the big chair, but no…He will hide himself and make annotations.


Back with Nanahoshi, she asks the question on why the Foreigners enter this world and make a rampage. Quetzalcoatl responds saying that the Humans on Septpia (The Earth) have stopped venerating the Deities, and that´s why they are angry . At the same time Olga is giving her the notice of what they will do via notes.

The plan is about to start and Nanahoshi keeps talking with Quetzalcoatl…who was saying that if the humans reverence a Deity they will give them favors, but if they heed against them they will suffer it´s anger! Nanahoshi sasy that it would be sad, since death is always sad.


Quetzalcoatl then decides to cut the crap out and reveals that he has felt the presence of Olga from some time ago and decides to attack! Olga is injured and he is about to attack Nanahoshi, she apologizes because there is no more time and the floor collapses!

Yoshichika grabs Nanahoshi and saves her while Veronica attacks with her bombs to Quetzie here!

Nanahoshi see how Quetzalcoatl is getting injured and says that she will grieve no matter who dies.


Veronica launches her finishing attack but Nanahoshi decides to enter and protect the Aztec Deity! She then remembers her dream of Soccer and decides to make a perfect pass! With a Rock which hits the bomb! Yoshichika activates his shield which protects both Nanahoshi and Quetzalcoatl from the explosion!

Quetzalcoatl ask her why did she protected him? And Nanahoshi sasy that it was because he complimented her saying that she was a Good Manager and good with communicating. The Foreigner is flabbergasted about that answer since it was just a minimal thing!


Still Nanahoshi says that Die is a very sad thing…And she is a Manager. So she looks after her team...Still, Quetzalcoatl decides to end the Trance Jack and set free Kitaoka.

Quetzalcoatl then says that it was just as “He” (Lucifer) said…Logicalist are truly fascinating.


After that Nanahoshi is on the hospital and is visited by Quetzalcoatl (on a portable prison or something) and Kitaoka. There Quetzalcoatl ask her to become his Priestess…Or as Alca says…his Logicalist and he will be her Covenanter.

So they decide to give it a try and… start running and jump from the highest floor!


Both of them made the Tranceand Nanahoshi is flying!...And it looks like she is wearing a funny Chibi Quetzalcoatl PJ. Yoshichika and Veronica wonders if they can trusth on Quetzalcoatl at a 100%...But one thing is sure, both of them sure do get along quite well. Also Nanahoshi started calling Quetzalcoatl as “Quetzie” how cute! <3

Everyone looks at them flying in the sky happily.

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

A very nice chapter with lots of development! On past entries I said that the character of Nanahoshi was in crisis since her role, of being the no0b who will ask the basic questions, was dying since we already knew about the basics… So she needed something more! And finally she has got it! Also the fact that super ultra awesome Quetzalcoatl is her Covenanter is awesome!!


On another aspect. Besides the amazing development of Nanahoshi, we get some good development of Olga, who now is the only Logicalist who doesn´t have any Covenanter and I am eager to know how the things will develop for him! Since we don´t know if Olga would become an ALCA Logicalist, or if he is going to be so frustrated and desperate that maybe will join an enemy (Lucifer) and becoming an enemy Logicalist/Covenanter.

Talking back about Nanahoshi, it was truly a good comparison the Priestess with Manager, but it looks like she sucks at soccer…At the very least with her team :P

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next Time!