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Chapter 5: Yesterday or Tomorrow


The chapter starts on a place in the city. Mana is looking at a locker. She see inside of it, and disappointed there it is a letter in there that it has written:

<<<To Mom>>>

The Logicalist close the locker.

Meanwhile at ALCA´s facility. Our heroes are wondering where is Mana, since she looks to be missing; but Chloe and Tamaki explains to Yoshichika, Nanahoshi and the Covenanters about where both Mana and Artemis are…


Mana is still at that place and looks at a family…She looks sad. Artemis comes for her. It is time to go home.

Tamaki starts telling that Mana…She was abandoned by her parents when she was born. Put inside a locker. When the authorities found her, on the Orphanage, she didn´t make any friends…And just like Chrono on it´s sister series “Cardfight!! Vanguard G” she was a leftover…A kid that only sought how the other children got adopted… Until her Logicalist Powers awoken and she was taken by the ALCA, where Tamaki, Chloe and the others have tried , to no avail, to be a family for her.


What Mana does is going to the same locker where she was left and put a Letter in there for her parents… Since she believes there it is a chance that they might cross that place again and maybe will look at it… It doesn´t matter if someone use the locker or something, she has done that and Veronica ahs decided to put a blind eye to that and let her be…

Later Yoshichika is calling to is family and his Dad has given him a secret recipe that wll melt the cold hearth of Mana!!


So… Yoshichika as a good son decides to do it. A delicious Sweet bean and Pumpkin Soup! Athena is very happy and they serve it to Mana…And then Tamaki and Venus look at the scene, she looks offended and goes to her room for a second. Comes out and brings a Magazine…That recipe is one used to seduce women who are lonely… Ok, Dad is a Ladies man and Yoshichika now looks like a pervert.

Later on the morning exercise Yoshichika says that he wants to Mana to open herself, like Tamaki and Chloe on the past 2 chapters…So he goes and wants to apologize to Mana, which she says it´s ok, she isn´t offended or anything, she said it in a cold way BTW.

Yoshichika continues and says that he is happy to be a Logicalist again, since he didn´t felt like himself after the Over Trance incident back in Hong Kong. Mana stops her run and goes back and ask him, how was it? To do the Over Trance?


Yoshichika explains her that he was very desperate to protect the life of a injured Foreigner, so he did it…He could felt the power…But after that, he lost his Logicalist powers. He says that he was a lucky one, because he could have lost his memories or his personality or everything…

Suddenly an emergency signal has activated!

Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent has appeared! And is flying to a big energy tower!


So obviously our Heroes go to the action!!

Quetzi is sleeping right now inside the basement of the tower. Both Tamaki and Chloe tried to attack him but got caught by his Snakes that when baited them our Girls lost her trance power and very soon reached to Zero! Melee and close range attacks are out of the question, so only Mana can do it!


Mana activates her Sneak Walk ability and becomes invisible, she searches for a nice spot to shoot. She fires her weapon, but Quetzalcoatl here block it with some metal bars ala mental powers and such. Next the Foreigner here detects her with his Snake vision and attacks her! Mana avoids the first attack and tries to attack again, but Quetzalcoatl´s Snakes catches her and bites her a lot of times!

Luckily Yoshichika comes in and saves her, but it is time for a tactical retreat!


Mana is at the hospital and Artemis , alongside the other ALCA members, are looking at her. Meanwhile Quetzi is sleeping inside a barrier with symbols that looks a lot like the Aztec calendar… Just that it has a skull instead of Tonatiuh´s face.

Yoshichika asks her why she did something so reckless, but Mana doesn´t want to answer. Tamaki insist a little, so Mana just say to leave her alone.

Later Yoshichika can´t sleep and Athena comes with a blanket so he doesn´t catch a cold… Still Our Main Character wants to be let alone…Athena agrees with his wishes and leaves. Yoshichika is sad about Mana´s situation.


Athena detects that all the lights on the city are starting to shut off…The energy power is being reduced greatly!

Veronica, Nemesis and Nanahoshi are on another place, since there aren´t any power left. And one person says that another effect of Quetzalcoatl´s Paradox zone is that it has shut down the power of the energy tower! If they left the things like that there will be problems! Since the emergency back up of the hospitals can only stay for so long! And so the Boss has come and he says that he has requested the help of the other divisions on the country. They are on their way, but it might take a while. To make the things worst Olga is hearing his Logic and says that the chances to success if they don´t take Quetzalcoatl down are Zero percent!

Mana is looking at the other sick people…So she has decided to go alongside Artemis. They will take down the Foreigner! Artemis ask her what should they do… And Mana whispers to her ear her plan. Uh-Oh!


The ALCA members receive the report that Mana is going to the Paradox Zone. Veronica says that she doens´t remember to Mana to do something! But the Logicalist just ignore her boss and decides to do the Billy Ocean´s Moon walk…I mean her Moon walk ability.

Mana then ask for permission to do the Over Trance. Tamaki and everyone says that is a stupid idea! Olga just says that she has figured out that if she does that it is a chance to defeat Quetzalcoatl by distance.


Mana also adds that she wants to change, she doesn´t want to be like she is any longer! To feel her loneliness, to know that her fathers didn´t loved her and abandon her, to be a dumb that still it is a ttached to the hope of knowing them one day or that they knew what was about her now! She want´s to leave everything in the past and be a new person!...And the over trance is the solution for her.

Still Yoshichika is dead set in a Negative and decides to go alongside Athena to prevent that!

Mana is still waiting for an answer from Veronica, Veronica´s Boss says that he will take full responsibility. Then Veronica agrees to do the Over Trance!


Mana was about to activate the Over Trance but Yoshichika stops her and tells her that if she wants to get close to the Foreigner, then he will help her!

Veronica says that´s foolish but Yoshichika says that if there is going to be a casualty anyway, then he puts his money on both of them surviving or both of them being casualities!


Yoshichika continues and says that he knows how she feels, her loneliness and sadness when she hears a happy family… But even then, what she tries to put away aren´t only herself…But Her friends also! Everyone of them will be really sad to see her go!

Yoshichika appears and ask her again if she wants to put them away like that… Which Mana answers with a negative. So both of them will work together and take down Quetzalcoatl!!

Tamaki and Chloe are crying of happiness and Tamaki says this is very Cliched…Ice cold…


Now using the Michael Jackson´s Moon walk Both Mana and Yoshichika goes close to the Foreigner! Mana starts destroying Quetzi´s Snakes while Yoshichika protects her! Mana goes close enough and tries to fire her weapon but Quetzalcoatl attacks her and hit her! Yoshichika grabs her and using his shield as a platform they try it again! They avoid the rain of Snakes and are close to Quetzalcoatl´s face! Mana Attacks!

The attack is a success and they defeat the foreigner! The electricity is back!!


Also this is the Chibi form of Quetzalcotal…Isn´t he the cutest?!

Veronica´s Boss tells her that her decision wasn´t wrong, but her workers had a better idea…She has truly good partners.


Later Mana awakes at the hospital. Everyone aks her if she is Ok, which she says that yes, she is. Artemis then starts saying a weird poew about the moon and such… But gets interrupted by Valkyrie, Athena and Venus. Mana laughs a little and Chloe detects it alongside Nanahoshi, Tamaki wants to see it too!

Mana blushes and covers herself.

…A sweet ending indeed!


Meanwhile Quetzalcoatl is where Belial and the Sand Man are, he is laughing saying that they are indeed very interesting…But that doesn´t mean he has lost his bet with Lucy Fernandez! (:P)

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

An amazingly good chapter! We got some truly serious stuff with Mana´s Past! And I liked how they tackled her personality and her motivations on why she wanted to do the Over Drive. Also the Yoshichika´s participation didn´t felt forced or anything…


…Needless to say, props to the Dad and his recommendations xD…But also what kind of Magazine does Tamaki read too?!

On any case, this chapter was truly well balanced in every aspect and the retribution it had was good! It didn´t felt half baked or straight Meh, like with Tamaki and/or Chloe. So yeah, props to that!

Also it looks like Quetzalcoatl made some sort of bet with Lucifer, and there is to know about that…And judging by the opening, it looks like he will be Nanahoshi´s Covenanter. I truly hope so! …Also I have to say that Quetzalcoatl is one of the good guys on the Aztec and Mayan Mythology!! (With the Mayans he was called Kukulcan) and even the Catholics Monks after the Conquest decided to respect his figure (unlike Huitsilopochtli) and even saying that he was either a Saint or a very Wise man… But oh well Quetzi, I think that the fact that you gave us the gift of Pulke and that the bats where born thanks to your fap wasn´t enough for the Bushiroad people…But oh well, no biggie! :P


In short, an amazingly good episode with good pacing, motivations and balance.

Anyway my two cents. See ya next time!