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Chapter 5: Freedom or Restrain


The Chapter starts with what it looks like a memory of the past. A Young Tamaki is fighting a monster and a young Chloe is looking the whole thing.

In the end Tamaki could defeat the Foreigner but was injured in the process. Chloe goes close to her and basically starts saying her curriculum. The paramedic tells her to get away. Still Chloe has a resolution…She will be a Logicalist!


Back at the present Chloe is doing her morning stroll and she detects that the ALCA investigators are doing something, so obviously she will be going there…Even though that is not her field. On any case, Veronica tells her basically the same and that the research department isn´t happy with that.

Chloe just shrug it off and asks Veronica is they have any clue on who might be that Foreigner of 9.8. Veronica says that they don´t have any clue about that. After a quick chat where it looks like Chloe is happy about that, Valkyrie´s Logicalist leaves while the research team activates the drones.


Now it´s lunch time! And… it is Athena´s turn and she just doesn´t know how to cook. Since it was a cooked fish sandwich or something. Anyway, the people had to eat, so they eat.

Chloe is a little grumpy with that intent of breakfast and Tamaki scolds her a little. Specially because Chloe says that she can only eat fish if they are filleted... Heh, she is describing my Friday´s lunch… filleted fish :P

On any case, Tamaki keeps Scolding her for doing what she wants and interfering with other teams.


After that Tamaki asks Venus if she has any idea of who is the 9.8 Foreigner, and the Goddess of love responds saying that it must be a like a very famous being…Like a famous Idol or something :P Maybe Astarte, Belzebub or Rusalki (although that last one is not a major demon nor an evil deity of any mythology) Any way for some reason Athena shutted Venus. Nanahoshi asked who was that Ru? And well it´s Rusalki a being similar to mermaids and it seduce men, taking them to their demise.

Anyway, Chloe decided to go to where the Pc´s of the research team are. She sits on an empty one and starts doing her own investigation, looking at the cameras on what happened that night and where that girl, the one who was with the 9.8 Foreigner, could be…And in a matter of minutes she has found the person and decides to go for her!


Meanwhile the rest of the team are looking at the tapes and can see how the already mentioned girl was embraced by a mysterious Foreigner who is shrouded in darkness.

And then they see the live action Camera and sought You-know-who talking with the girl.

The Girl is talking like a maid in love who has found her charming prince. On any case it looks like Chloe made a new friend, but…Duty calls and a/some foreigner(s) started to appear so the team has to go and deal with them!


The Orders are that the group will meet in Area 07, where it looks like the Foreigners are gathering. Chloe was on her way, but she sees how some of the Foreigner are attacking a nearby school, so she decides to deal with them and commands Valkyrie to reunite with her there. Valyrie does so and just randomly decides to jump off the car… Ok…

On any case the two girls meet and they Trance!

Meanwhile Mana and Yoshichika will deal with the ones at Area 07…Like it was planned. There is to say that the connection between Yoshichika and Athena is 70% rather than the usual 100%, but no biggie.


Chloe deals with the Foreigners!...Who were some kind of bubbles…But the curious thing is that there wasn´t any person, the trance jacked on…Just Graves markers… Hmmm… That´s strange.

Meanwhile Mana and Yoshichika are doing what they can and…Ups a flying truck just fell above Yoshichika. Ouch!


Back at the ALCA facilities. Tamaki was waiting for Chloe, when she gets there Tamaki starts Scolding her for doing what she pleases. Chloe tried to tell her what she found, but Tamaki just didn´t listened and continued scolding…Since Yoshichika is now hurt and according to Tamaki is because of her. Still Chloe says that while she is not happy that Yoshichika got hurt, still she can´t avoid seeing an enemy and not deal with it right away.

Meanwhile Veronica is talking with her boss and it looks like he has some idea on who that 9.8 Foreigner might be…Also that Yoshichika is ok, it wasn´t very serious… He just needs some rest.

Meanwhile Chloe is rambling on her room and Valkyrie is listening, but Valkyrire says that Chloe looked pleased. Still Chloe defends herself and says that she always says what is on her mind.


Later Tamaki goes to see how is Yoshichika, and he is already awake, Tamaki starts telling him that it was all Chloe´s fault. That she always acts like that. Yoshichika tells her that she doesn´t need to apologize in the name of her…Since it wasn´t Tamaki´s fault.

…Uh-Oh… The alarm started again! The same Foreigner ahs appeared in the cemetery!! Spoopy!!

Olga is basically begging to a captured Foreigner to be his Covenanter so he can join the action…But the Sand man (I think?) just said No while it was poking his noose. Also Mana and Artemis won´t go because they need to rest…And Nanahoshi can´t do much either :P


So Chloe/ Valkyrie; Tamaki/Venus and Yoshichika/Athena will go to the action!

Tamaki and Chloe wants to go immediately because Yoshichika is injured, but they need like 20 minutes of rst before going to the action.

Meanwhile Yoshichika and Athena are again at 75% of Logic Grade…And going down as we speak.


Tamaki and Chloe still doesn´t talk to each other…So Valkyrie and Venus decided to tell the car driver to start mobilizing already…Then in that way both Tamaki and Chloe could talk while they reach there.

Tamaki starts telling her that she must not interfere with the other departments…She even has already a Nickname! The “Fighting Snoop” and not because of Detective, but of Busybody!


Chloe responds saying that she doesn´t trust on others info 100% and Tamaki shouldn´t either! Still Tamaki continues saying that if Chloe wouldn´t have gone off course Yoshichika would been ok! Also that Chloe is a Logicalist because of ALCA and her friends! So she must feel bad if something happens to her friends!

Chloe responds saying that she indeed feels bad! But still she is not going to let everything to others! She works hard with her legs, eyes and brains in order to reach her own conclusion! She is not a Fighting machine that only follows orders…Huh, that pleases Veronica, who is hearing everything.

Meanwhile Yoshchika is getting his ass handed by the enemy…His Logic rate is falling quickly soon he will be unable to fight.


…And our girls here keep arguing. Tamaki says that they are a team so they must trust each other. Chloe responds that Teamwork is only a word that the weaklings use in order to feel god about their own weaknesses… That´s harsh…And jerkish.

Yoshichika has reached his Trance limit and the Chloe x Tamaki team has come to the rescue! Yoshichika tells Tamaki, who has just rescued him, that she must take Athena and leave the place. But Tamaki is decided on protect Yoshichika!


Veronica tells the team that these Foreigners are weird, the more they defeat the stronger they get. Nemesis says that the Foreigner must use some sort of puppetry…

So now Chloe and Tamaki has to work together in order to dispatch the true enemy! Chloe uses her Logic Drive and her technique Blade Sword!! (…) which defeats a lot of the fake ones! The true Puppet master has revealed and Tamaki caught him with her lasso! So now Chloe goes to finish this guy!

While Chloe goes to attack she starts remembering when she meet Tamaki and how both of them became friends, they fought together, the experiences they had… Everything… All of that is more important than some silly discussion about stuff!


And thanks to their effort as a team they defeated the Foreigner!

Now back on ALCA both girls are friends again and Olga says that they got lucky since his stimations to victory where…


Oh…No one cares :P On any case, is eating time! Heh, this Anime is half fighting half eating :P

Later Athena apologizes with Yoshichika, since it was her fault that they weren´t 100%...And she has something to tell to everyone… She knows the 9.8 Foreigner.

He is…You already know it, Lucifer, the fallen angel.

End of the chapter.

My Impressions

An Ok chapter, all around. I liked how they showed us the thinking of Chloe and her interactions with Tamaki, although I have to say that they way both of them make up was… Confusing at best, I mean they are arguing in a moment, but on the next are the best friends. I understand that in a mission everyone is a friend, your best one… But after that… Well…It was poorly solved.


Also I think that Athena still haven´t told everything…But very probably she will tell us that on the next chapter. So there is no problem for me!

Besides that, It looks like the ALCA members change of Covenanter from time to time, if we see the memories of Chloe and Tamaki…And talking about Covenanters. It is already time to see Nanahoshi and Olga became full part of the team!! I want to see them fighting too!, I mean Olga started strong on his introduction chapter; but now he is little more than a comedy relief for me, the man it´s truly desperate to find a partner!! With Nanahoshi… Well, she is more or less like a proxy who will make the questions about the basis of ALCA and world´s story, but that function is dying already, since we know enough of that and what comes next are the villains and such, so it is time that the writers found another function for her, or she will be only a Cheerleader and nothing else.

Anyway, it was an all around an Ok Chapter, not very good, but also not very bad…


Anyway my two cents. See ya next time!