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Chapter 3: Dream or Reality


The chapter starts with Tamaki´s Response from the previous chapter when she sought that Yoshichika will be the new Leader.

After that, Yoshichika feels truly bad about that and can´t sleep. Athena knows it and says that she knows because she knows everything there is to know about Yoshichika…Ok, that´s slightly creepy, but oh well.

Meanwhile Tamaki is writing a letter to her little sister, her sister is doing the best she can in order to make her big sis, the leader, proud. Tamaki tries to tell her that she is not the leader anymore. Venus tries to cheer her up, but is useless…Besides that Tamaki knows what she is doing. Tamaki founds herself unable to write the phrase “Sorry. I am not longer a leader”.


At the next morning. It´s Nanahoshi´s turn to make the food!...And she made a lot. Everyone is eating. Suddenly Tamaki gets up, she says that she is already filled…Even tough her plate still has food. Nanahoshi starts making her some questions about the food, and what she might likes. But Tamaki always responded with:

<<<Mm-mm, I wouldn´t say that>>>

Ok… That´s a no answer if you ask me! Venus apologizes with everyone and says that it is a one time only thing and leaves too!


Suddenly Olga butts in the conversation and says that he can hear his Logic… It tells him that the chances that Tamaki can´t let go her dream are… 70%. After that Olga eats the…Umm… I don´t know it´s english name or Chinese/Japanese one. So I will call it an Empanada and that´s it!

…Errr Anyway. Olga eats the empanada and gives the rating of…3.

Nanahoshi is happy for that qualification!, but Chloe says that it is surely a 3 of 100.


Yoshichika asks what did Olga means…Which he responds saying that the Empanada could use more garlick… Yoshichika then says that he is talking about Tamaki!, which Olga responds saying that if he wants to know, he would have to ask to Veronica.

Yoshichika is now on Veronica´s Room, which has magazines scattered all over the place. Veronica explains to Yoshichika that she left her parents when she was in Midle School and moved to Naien as a part of a program for gifted and smart students.


Tamaki´s dream was to be a Doctor that could cure the Paradox Sickness, Veronica continued, but one day, her logicalist powers awoken and she was brought to the ALCA facilities…On that time, she ever complained about anything and focused all her efforts for saving the city. Veronica adds that the motivations, either as a Doctor or as a Logicalist where the same…Saving others. And because of that she was chosen as the youngest Leader in ALCA.

Veronica continues saying that Tamaki want to be the best of herself, the most perfect, never compromise anything and… That is how Yurine Tamaki is.

Veronica finalizes saying that both Yoshichika and Tamaki look a like on the motivation of saving lives.


An Emergency call is heard. 2 Foreigners of level 4.0 and 4.2 appeared! It is time to work!

On an amusement park. Both creatures have appeared!: Succubus and Incubus! The first goes for the men and the second for the women!


Our Heroes has been divided in 2 teams. Chloe and Mana will be one ; meanwhile Tamaki and Yoshichika will be the other. Tamaki complains on why she was paired with him.

On the ALCA´S facilities Nemesis and Olga talk about veronica´s decision to pair them like that.

Back at the action! Incubus is sucking the life of the women until Chloe and Mana comes in! The Foreigner says that he is not interested in youngsters tough.


Meanwhile Succubus is sucking the life of the man, but Yoshichika and Tamaki comes in to save the day…Or night. Veronica says that both of them have appeared in the past, but on that time they escaped. Now they will be done for!

Also, these two foreigners increase their strength when they sucks the energy from humans. So now they are stronger!

Our heroes go and fight their opponents. The Chlo and Mana´s team is more attacked oriented while the Yoshichika and Tamaki is more support/defensive oriented!


The fight against Incubus is hard and Chloe is quickly getting to her Trance Limit! But luckily Mana comes in and defeats the Incubus! Chloe says that the Strategy of “Chloe-The-Decoy-Shenanigans” was a success! Now the Succubus is the only left!

Veronica guves the order to Tamaki to kill the Succubus! Tamaki is reluctant and Yoshichika supports her, but Veronica´s Orders are absolute!

Succubus´s Powers keeps getting stronger! The Foreigner attacks and Yoshichika blocks it! He barely could, since the attacks are getting stronger and stronger! Tamaki can´t do anything, even tough Venus can attack too!


Yoshichika goes to attack! He gets a little cut here and there, since Succubu´s Blades are very sharp and all, Yoshichka hits but the Foreigner blocks! The attack wasn´t hard enough and the enemy escapes.

Back at ALCA´S facilities. Veronica asks Tamaki on why she disobeyed her orders. Tamaki apologizes. Yoshichika comes in and defends Tamaki, saying that it was cruel to gave her that order, since she threats every life as precious. Still Veronica is absolute and says that thinking like that, lives can´t be saved and Veronica scolds Tamaki.


Later, Yoshichika is talking with Athena and tells her that forcing her to kill a Foreigner was just Cruel and basically what he told to Veronica.

…And Athena just suddenly said that she loves him—Ok, that was sudden.

Yoshichika is all blushed and asks from where that came from! Athena says that it is because the deep compassion that Yoshichika has! Also that she is worried about Tamaki.


Later. Succubus reappears and starts doing her Shenanigans! Chloe and Mana still aren´t recovered from the trance, and Tamaki…Well… So now Veronica and Yoshichika will go and fight against the Evil Foreigner!... Ok, that sounded a little racist :P

Succubus was sucking the energy, until a thing came and exploded her on the face! It was a bomb made by Veronica!


Veronica takes out more of those weird bombs and throw it at Succubus! Yoshichika goes to help the civilians! Those bombs get attached to Succubus Body! Yoshichika actives his shield in order to protect the people!

The Bombs explode! That attack was very powerful! Yoshichika wonders if that was the Logic-Drive; which Athena says that no, that was just a normal attack. Man, Veronica seriously can Kick ass!

Meanwhile Venus tries to cheer Tamaki, but she just wants to be left alone. Then the emergency call comes in! They need support for the rescue team! Venus tells her that they need to go, Tamaki was reluctant…But is their duty.


Succubus is very damaged, but still in her two feet! Nemesis says that she must be a Zombie. Yoshichika tells Veronica to stop that the fight is over already! Veronica responds saying that she is the boss, so he must not give her orders.

There are a lot of injured persons, Tamaki goes to heal one; but Venus reminds her what is her duty. The Venus Covenanter goes where the Foreigner is…

Suddenly a women goes to help an injured man and the Succubus takes the opportunity and brings the darkness to the place! Succubus tries to take over that women, but Tamaki is on her way! Veronica gives her the order to kill the foreigner!


Venus tells Tamaki that she would like to keep on living loving someone and not hurting anyone; but… sadly there are times where that thing is not possible. That if that love hurt someone…Is not love to begin with! Yoshichika tells her to not to do it; but Veronica says that her orders are to kill the Succubus!

Tamaki then decides that since she wants to help the people of her world then… She will fight and rapidly kills the Succubus!


Veronica asks to Yoshichika if he thinks what she ordered was Cruel? Which our Hero responds with a yes. Veronica says that she won´t mess with his own logic, but they, as ALCA members have a mission to do. He must not forget it.

At the next morning… Nanahoshi made a lot of food again, since she didn´t knew what was the favorite food of Tamaki, she just made everything! Tamaki apologizes for acting so weird the other day, and obviously everyone says that it´s ok. Now that the things are settled and at peace. Tamaki goes to make some tea, she also gave her thanks to Yoshichika for defending her… That from now on she will believe in him.


Yoshichika stans up and says that he believes on everyone. That he knows that their powers united. They will save the city!

...And Chloe´s response is spot on!

Later an emergency has come…A foreigner of Level…9.8?! has appeared! That is a big number!


Olga says that they must have make the demons angry. A big shadow is above the city…But just as it came it went, and the emergency disappeared. Athena leaves while no one is looking. Although Yoshichika notices her.

On a corner of the city. Athena sees a person holding a girl. The girl wants more of you-know-what… Trance-Logic something of course! The mysterious person says that no, since he doesn´t want to injure her.


Athena knows this person…That person is…


The Evil one, says that she must be the Athena that is helping the Humans, he continues saying that she must not give any weird idea, he just wanted to have a little taste of you-know-what.


Athena asks him what is he doing here? Which he responds telling her that there wasn´t more space for him over there. And that this planet it looks like is a comfortable place to live… His Paradise.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Excellent chapter. The transitions was good, the fights where entertaining and basically everything was on point and good! The only defect would be on how Tamaki get with terms with Yoshichika, since I felt that it was a little weak. Still the chapter was very solid in every other aspect!


Also we have seen the main enemy of either this story arc or the whole series. And is none other than the fallen angel, Lucifer! And well…For what little we have seen, he is charming and likes to “Trance” (You know why I put the << “”>> :P) with Girls. Also there is the mistery about Athena´s since why would she be with people like Luci?! I believe that maybe Athena is not 100% with ALCA and our Heroes…Heck, I would dare to say that maybe she knows something about ALCA and she is trying to either destroy them from inside or protecting them from their own people!

We had a little of fan service. But knowing that the big majority of the cast are chicks, and the age this series is aimed…Then it is to no surprise.

Finally. It was very fun the Luck & Logic Short of this week!... And yeah, using a skirt to hide your lunch is weird…


Anyway. My two cents. See ya next time!