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Chapter 2: Genius or Fool

Before starting the chapter I will say the names of the girls who weren´t introduced in the past one: Tamaki the girl with glasses and Venus Covenanter; Chloe the Blonde girl and Valkyrie Covenanter; Mana the Hood/earphones girl and Artemis Covenanter.


The Chapter starts with Yoshichika and Athena, The Greek Goddess asks-No, demands to trance with Yoshichika!...Ok that is a little suggestive. On any case both of them goes close to each other and their lips are getting close and…

Yoshichika wakes up. It was a dream, Athena is in the bed next to him and asks him if he dreamed with her? Which surprises Yoshichika and asks her how he knows? Athena responds saying that it is because she dreamt with him and explains to him that since both share Logic, then they are more or less close in some regards.


Yshichika asks what was her dream and Athena decides to keep that for herself!

After that they are with the ALCA Boss. His name is Jarno Utsutsuno, he greets Yoshichika and tells him that he will have some basic training for a couple of days since… Because he is a new comer on the Japan facilities. Yoshichika says that he is ok with that.


Jarno then says that his Image for Yoshichika is growing!...And he has a weird face, I could say a dirty joke but no…Maybe, who knows?

Err- Anyway! A blonde guy comes in and tells him to not to be so full of himself, Yoshichika presents himself and the blonde guy is Olga Breakchild, and just like Yoshichika he is a Logicalist. Then Olga says that he can hear his logic and it tells him that Yoshichika will meet with Harm…And the chances for that are 100%. After that Olga leaves… Yoshichika asks who was him? And Jarno just tells Yoshichika to pay him no mind.


Now our Heroes are going to face an exam about general knowledge regarding the world of Luck & Logic! Sounds easy…I guess. Chloe doesn´t want to do it but she will and it looks like Nanahoshi (the other new one alongside Yishichika) have been studying. Yoshichika then asks to Veronica, where is Olga? And Veronica only responds saying that he must not say that name here! On any case the exam is going to begin!

1st Question: In addition to your world, Septpia, there are other worlds populated by Gods and Dragons, which world is it the one who is currently attacking Naien?

Cray! I am sure it is Cray!...It has to be Cray…It is Cray.

Tetra-Heaven is the correct answer?! How?!- What?! Not even Cray was on the list?!


Nanahoshi ten interferes and says a quick recap about what happened in Tetra-Heaven, and it is that after a long war on Tetra-Heaven where the Good Gods defeated the Evil ones, the evil deities came and opened a world gate in order to move here. The Good Deities then came in order to assist humanity against the evil ones and to gather the Gate Cards, which are the ones who allow the deities to pass between dimensions.

Anyway. Next question!

2nd Question: What is the name of the area that forms around Foreigners who appear, making it otherworldly?


Rearguard! It is Rearguard!

Paradox Zone?! Man, those questions are impossible! I feel your pain Chloe…who is as ignorant as I on this matters.

To put it shortly everyone got good grades except Chloe :P… Yoshichika and Tamaki got a Perfect 10 and Tamaki just decades to leave, it looks lke someone is not so into our main character.


Now it´s dinner time and Chloe cooks some super burger which tastes amazing! Although Venus warns them that Chloe´s Cooking is a hit or miss… And the burgers are a hit indeed! Now it is time for the fries…That comes with a weird purple colored sauce… Yoshichika deeps a little of a frie on the sauce and eats it…Everything normal…-Nope. Here he goes directly to the bathroom! Remember kids, if something it has a purple color and is not grapes, don´t eat it!...As a matter of fact, don´t eat purple grapes either…Just to be sure!


A Bathroom call later.

Yoshichika remembers the word of Olga…That he will meet harm? Was that what Olga was referring to?! On any case, our Hero receives a phone call.

It his little Sister, Shiori, and it is telling him that Father has brought a chick in to the house and is doing his “Moves” with her…Including the Matador! Yoshichika asks to Shiori if she can pass it to him in order to settle things, but she can´t since he is …Swimming on the coach…Ok, unless you are Shigeru Miyamoto showing how Mario Swim, we all know what he is doing!


Yoshichika apologizes for not being there and help her, but Shiori says that she is the one who is sorry for interrupting him, still Yoshichika tells her that is not a problem and she can call him whenever she wants.

The phone call ends and the girls are eager to know whit whom he was talking to? A Girlfriend maybe?!

Yoshichika says that no, it was only his Sister. Then Venus says that if that´s the case she can do her moves! Tamaki scolds her for such behavior. Tamaki also adds that the it is supposed that the Gods have a law to be bonded with only one person for his lifetime, Venus says that yah , but… Man that sounds like marriage. Ok, to the Doujin/ Fan art fabric we go with this information!


Yoshichika tries to talk with Tamaki, but Tamaki just doesn´t respond and act offended. Nanahoshi then tells Yoshichika that she might act like that for what happened yesterday. Yoshichika remembers of what happened on the past chapter, that he decided to skip introductions and go to sleep. It looks like that offended Tamaki here.

Yoshichika apologizes and ask for their names…You know them already:

Tamaki: Girl with glasses and black hair;

Chloe: Blond Girl

Mana: Girl with short hair

Nanahoshi: Brown haired girl

Athena: Yoshichika´s partner

Valkyrie: Red headed girl

Venus:Pink Haired girl

After that Tamaki asks Yoshichika what is the Trance time for him? Tamaki´s time is 225 Hours Wow! Also Chloe says that Tamaki has been a logicalist since 13. She is a prodigy in truth!


Yoshichika checks his time…. He has… 2066 Hours!? That is way too much! Tamaki asks how old is he for having such hours! Chloe continues saying that he must be an Old man using one of those anti-aging methods!

Yoshichika says that he only has 17!...And Tamaki reveals her years… Which are the same. Athena then sasy that is because Yoshichika has a lot of talent. Athena continues saying that thanks to his mental adversity, his Trance limit recovery is very fast!...5 Minutes. Man that´s fast!

Yoshichika finally inquires on why that Olga Guy didn´t eat with them?...No one answers.


Later, Yoshichika receives a phone call from some friends…I would dare to say they are from Hong Kong, but I don´t know. On any case a guy congratulates him, and a girl tells him that she loves him. The guy ask him if something is bothering him? Yoshichika responds asking him if he knows someone called Olga Breakchild? The guy answer with a negative… That Olga guy is a mystery surrounded in a riddle… Yoshichika feels that the ALCA people is hiding something about him…


On another part, Olga is walking to where the devil deities are captured like if it´s nobodies business. He goes to where the Minotaur monster for the last chapter was. Olga tells him that he is not his enemy, and ask him if he wants to go out?...That monster name is belial BTW.

Meanwhile our Heroes are fighting belial again?! Well they are on a simulation it seems. Nanahoshi ask that, and Nemesis laughs…Yes, it is only a simulation. A practice. Olga appears and says that he is only watching.


Mana locks on the target and shots! Belial blocks the attack! Chloe comes to the action and tries to attack the beast but the enemy counter attack and damage her! Belial goes for the kill, but Yoshichika blocks the attack!

Tamaki comes in and starts healing Chloe, Yoshichika sees her and blushes. Our Hero says that t was not his intention, and it´s her fault for dressing like that! Tamaki responds, also red as a tomato, saying that is the outfit of Venus, that she wouldn´t wear it if she could, but she is forced to!

On any case, Nanahoshi is studying the positions of her Teammates. Nemesis starts telling her “Braidy” and that until she found a Covenanter, all what she does is for nothing. Nanahoshi then says that she will work hard to find one! Anyway, Nanahoshi asks something to Veronica. And it is that “Trance” is when a Logicalist takes the power of a Covenanter; a “Trancejack” is when a foreigner takes the power of a human being; but what is a “Over Trance”?


Veronica responds saying that she doesn´t need to know that. But Olga tells her that is a forbidden move, starts explaining her that every being consist of 1000 Logic Cards, and a trance needs only 500 for each participant in it. An over Trance is when one uses his 1000 cards and fuse completely their Logic. After that, both persons fell in a serious Paradox Sick and the Human looses something of his personality. Veronica says that there is not to worry, since everything is controlled by the Logigraphs, and they can´t do such a move without their boss permission. So there is no danger and it´s useless to try to do it.

Back on the fight. Tamaki gives the order to Chloe to finish the creature! but Yoshichika stops her and tells to Mana to finish it instead. Mana says it is ok and performs Billy Ocean´s Moonwalk…Err I mean Moonwalk.

Mana starts walking, jumping and running without gravity and puts herself above belial, and after her “Poem” which it was: “Poem? Die” (Or in Japanese: “Shi, Shine”) she kills the creature!


The metrics say that the expenditure was only half in comparison of the past battles… And all thanks to Yoshichika´s Strategy!

Our heroes goes back to where Veronica is and suddenly they receive an emergency call. A Foreigner of 1.1 intensity has appeared! Chloe says that is the weakest of the weakest and orders Yoshichika to resolve the situation. Yoshichika, after seeing that Olga was in there, he insist that Olga should be the one to handle the emergency… Since he is bragging that he completed the training and doesn´t need it anymore. Still Veronica´s Word is final and Yoshichika has to go where the Foreigner appeared. Yoshichika then asks why Olga is the only one who has Special treatment in here? Nemesis responds saying that Olga is a Logicalist and yet not a Logicalist. Yoshichika is flabbergasted with that responds and reluctantly goes to do the job.


The Foreigner is bullying some elementary School kids and demands to bring him candy or else!... Yoshichika comes and easily deals with the foreigner, he didn´t had to fight him.

Back at the ALCA´s Facilities Tamaki sees how he dealt with the foreigner.


On another part, Olga is looking at Belial and tells him that the time is at hand, he must go. But Yoshichika comes in and demands an answer from Olga! Athena tries to stop Yoshichika, but our Hero doesn´t listen to her and demands to know what is Olga trying to do with Belial?! Athena then explains him that Olga is a Logicalist, but he doesn´t have yet a Covenanter… And he was trying to make belial his Covenanter. Very obvious now if you ask me…And that explains everything, and the people weren´t talking about him for mere pity.

After that Olga leaves saying that when he has his Covenanter, he will be the Ultimate Logicalist and leaves laughing like a Villain… That Jerk!


After that Yoshichika goes where Jarno is, Tamaki is there too. Jarno says that the fortune telling of Olga is truly accurate…Anyway, he is going to talk about other thing… And is that Yoshichika has been appointed to be the new leader. Tamaki is not happy with that and says that still Yoshichika´s Methods aren´t otrthodox. But Jarno has made his mind, and his decision is absolute. Tamaki leaves disgruntled…I would be too, if I were a Leader of a group and then a Guy who doesn´t even have a week comes here and suddenly he takes my role.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Very Good chapter! It was truly funny some of the scenes and most of the interaction with the characters felt natural! There was some Fan Service here and there, but I don´t mind that kind of stuff :P


Man that Olga dude surely is a royal A-Hole! And is something that i like and hate at the same time! I like that because he is truly Rival material for Yoshichika, and someone who most likely will be key to the story!; and I hate it because I don´t like the guy! Also I am mostly sure that Jarno says “Image” because he is referencing Vanguard! And no one will take me out of that conclusion D:<!!

If you wonder why I say that, it is because in Vanguard one of the most popular words is “Image”, and since both are TCG Animes and from the same company then…:P

The chapter also had a lot of truly good humoristic scenes, specially when involves Chloe or Yoshichika´s Family…Man that Father of his! I don´t have anything against the fact that he goes and pick up girls, since he is a widow and all. But to do the Matador and be “Swimming” in front of his daughter! Man o man, that is no good! But it made me laugh and it´s a cartoon, so i´m not worried about anything!


Also the chapter passed and my Ship sense can already feel 3 possible ones for Yoshichika!! Athena (Obviously), Tamaki (Which also I have to say that I love her design) and that Chick in Hong Kong. Man Yoshichika you can be right now an Harem guy if you wanted to!

Finally. I truly dig the Ending song! It is ruly good and the ending video is good too! Heck everything on this anime is good so far!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya next time!