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Chapter 12: Luck and Logic

The Chapter starts where the past one left off…With a combat between Yoshichika and Olga.

Everyone is suffering the effects of Olga´s Paradox Zone so Yoshichika actives his own Paradox Zone! White feathers appears and the people is being healed!


Olga and Luci starts telling them their definition of Paradise… Which is when the needless Logic is thrown away and someone is filled with Logic that is useful to you… Since in that way your possibilities are endless and everything will be in balance and you can reach your full potential. A World where no one misjudge you…

…Athena and Yoshichika disagree… They want a world where you are free to choose your own path, where you can make mistakes, where even if there is suffering, that torn in your hearth may one day become a rose…


The Philosophy talk is ended and we are back to action!

The battle seems on equal terms!


Olga does his Logic Drive and heavily damages Yoshichika!! Still Yoshichika is not defeated and his Over Trance is still active!

Olga declares himself victorious.

The Covenanters and their Logicalist decides to go to where Yoshichika is… Even if they can´t trance right now…Jarno decides to let them go, since if Yoshichika looses now…There will be no future for anybody anyway.


Olga attacks but yoshichika blocks the attack!

The Helicopter comes and the Girls featuring Quetzie come from it!


Everyone comes and defends Yoshichika!

The Goddesses inquire Lucy on why is he doing this?! Does he wants to bring Septpia to ruin?! Lucy Fernandez says that´s not his intention… But his way to paradise.


Olga wants the girls plus Quetzie to move away, since he doesn´t want to hurt them, he only wants to defeat Yoshichika…Lucy then posses Olga´s body and obliges him to attack! Veronica sacrifices herself to block the attack and she is heavily injured!

Olga is pissed off at what Lucifer did!


Lucy then tells him (in a slightly Homo erotic way) that his ass is now propierty of Lucifer… Also that in truth Olga isn´t as Special as he believed… Since the Fallen Angel only needed a Covenanter.

The Goddesses tells Lucy that what he is after is not a Paradise! He just wants to control both men and Gods!


Lucy has enough of them and posses Olga again! But Olga´s decision is stronger and throws away Lucy´s staff! Olga only wants to defeat Yoshichika and nothing else!


Olga and Yoshichika starst trading punches with each other! Both of them says that they respect the other and would have liked to fight on the same side instead of this!

Yoshichika tells him that just like Olga said Humans and Gods can coexist…So more obvious is that both Yoshichika and Olga being Human they can Coexist to!


Olga still wants to keep fighting in order to prove that his Logic is right! His Trance is at 66% so he has the time counted now!

Yoshichika will follow his Logic…Which is to beat the crap out of Olga and by doing that he will protect him!...An Olga´s Arm, or a leg broken is no biggie in order to protect Olga!! (…)


Olga Attacks! Yoshichika Blocks and counter attacks hitting Olga very, very hard! One can hear how his arm gets broken!

Olga still decides to keep attacking!

…But he reaches his Trance limit…

Olga and Lucifer are going to be separated… And their logic cards scattered.

Yoshichika uses his Logic drive and makes a Shield surrounding them! Making sure that Olga´s Logic card won´t scatter.


Now Yoshichika reaches his Trance limit…


Tamaki, Chloe, Mana and Nanahoshi rushes themselves to protect with their bodies the cards that are going to scatter!

But still…Some cards escape their embrace and goes flying…


Athena wakes up and is received by the other Deities… They explain her that she has been unconscious for a week, also that every ALCA branch has released their captured Foreigner and took them back to their world, also the Gate has been closed.

On the same note, they have recovered most of their Logic Cards, sans one… So they are nearly recovered. Olga made a good case on their behalf in order to everyone collaborate.


Also Olga came back to ALCA and has some weird bombs around him… Just some protective measures if he gets out of his way again.

Olga explains what happened to Lucifer…

The Fallen Agel was trapped on an ALCA´S jail, he was obviously with Paradox sickness… Olga went to visit him and showed him his Logic Card, the one who had the ideal of a world where men and Gods can coexist. Olga tells him that even if Lucy´s wish was twisted…The essence of his desire was noble, so he is going to keep that, as a reminder… And his new goal.


Olga also says that he is grateful, since that incident showed him that he was very, very arrogant…But now everything will be different. Also, he will become more and more stronger… Olga ads that Logic Card to himself and Lucy disappears in a rain of black feathers.

Now Athena asks what has been of Yoshichika.

The Covenanters goes to see their Logicalist.

Yoshichika is at Alca´s facilities, with the other Girls, plus his Sister and his Dad are in there. Yoshichika has Civil clothes…


It seems the Logic Card he lost was his memory (I would say his short term one…But oh well)…Also he likes to escape ALCA´S Offices. Needless to say Yoshichika remembers too little…and I would assume he forgets quickly.

Athena sees him…But she doesn´t feel anything, I mean, she is happy that Yoshichika is alive…But she doesn´t feel sadness or Guilty, or anything like that.


They explain that Athena´s Lost Logic Card is the one who controls her grieving feelings… Her sorrow.

The Logicalist promise that they will get both cards, so rests assure!

Athena remembers a promise she made with Yoshichika before the final battle.

That when the battle ends, their Logic Cards are going to scatter… Athena says that she will get Yoshichika´s Logic Cards; but Yoshichika says that no, he will find her Logic Cards! Athena laughs and says that the one who finds the other has to grant the other a wish… Yoshichika accepts…


And while we are not looking, one can guess that they Kiss each other… Oh El amor <3!!

Shiori says this is so cliché…But in a good way! Yoshichika is looking with a face of “Meh! I´m going to forget it anyway!”


Later…The Deities are together and Jarno gives his thanks and basically telling them they are free of their duties and can go back to their world. Athena says that she is going to stay in order to look for Yoshichika´s Card.


Then Venus says that she is staying since this world has lots and lots of wonderful men!

Valkyrie will stay in order to help with Yoshichika´s recovery.

Artemis will stay and will adopt Mana as her daughter.

Nemesis will stay…Because in Septpia there are zombies…And in Tetra Heaven there aren´t any.


Quetzalcoatl was going home, but stayed because Nanahoshi was very sad so Quetzie will stay and will eat a lot of food and will be with Nanahoshi!...The path for a man´s hearth is his stomach, and Nanahoshi has made good in that regard to the Feathered Serpent it´s seems.

So now everyone has a new mission. To look for those two Logic cards. Olga will stay in order to defend Naien…Also he is the new Leader! The things worked for him in the end, huh.


And so…Their new journey begun, with everyone looking in all the world for the missing Logic Cards… Also Tamaki got to know that Yoshichika fan in Hong Kong who appeared that one chapter a while ago!


Yoshichika , meanwhile, was studying and Escaping…Man he can be a Ninja!

Olga is now a leader…But since these are times of peace, his only duty is to babysitting Yoshichika and take him back to ALCA whenever he escapes.


Athena goes to look for Yoshichika too.


Athena founds Yoshicika… On the same place as in the chapter one, on that hill, looking at the City. Yoshichika asks Athena who she is… The Greek Goddess ask him how he reached this place? Yoshichika says he didn´t know, that before he knew he ran to this place. Also…He found a Logic Card…

Athena´s Logic Card… She receives the Logic Card, all the other Logicalist and Covenanters comes and see them…But they decide to witness on the distance.


Athena starts crying and embraces Yoshichika.

She tells him about the promise…So Now Athena can grant him a wish…Anything he wants…ANYTHING!


Yoshichika has one thing in his mind…And that is…

To know who was she again?

Nah! I´m Kidding!

Was that if she can stop being so formal with him, since they are a team…As far as he knows.


Chloe says “Is That all!?” I say the same! I was expecting a romantic relationship or a marriage or even a one night stand!...But that?! Talking about missed opportunities.

On any case Athena promises to him that she will get him back.

Yoshichika and Athena looks at the evening sky.


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Very Good chapter with enough action, reasoning, and feelings! I truly liked how the things ended for everyone. So it was very good!


Man Yoshichika truly jockblocked himself!...But that´s about to be expected and in some way opens the door for a possible Season 2… Which as you know, its coming!!

Talking on the series as a whole…Man, it was a truly big journey. With some ups and others downs… But it was very enjoyable. All the characters where well designed and the world was well constructed. I mean I do think that Luck & Logic is a very flawed Anime in a lot of areas, like some weird pacing issues (The Veronica Arc that definitely needed to be a 2 chapter Arc in order to have an impact) or some weird leaps on Logic or character development (The Chloe Chapter and how she resolved her things with Tamaki) and so on… But still, the journey was worth it.


I liked how everything fell into place in this final chapter, like how Valkyrie, Quetzalcoatl and the other Goddesses told to the Olga x Lucy combo about how even if there are meaningless logic or imperfections…Those things are precious. And for me, just like that resolution, I truly liked my time watching Luck & Logic, knowing their characters and watching the develop, watching the action, laughing for what was happening on screen or doing bad jokes because what was happening was cringe worthy or dumb.

In conclusion. Was Luck & Logic the best Anime I have ever seen? Nope. But do I Enjoyed it and would recommended it to someone who wants to watch a “Serious and Light” Anime? Of course!


Also my top 5 of the girls!

5. Valkyrie

4. Veronica/Nanahoshi

3. Athena

2. Tamaki

1. Chloe!! All the way!

…Also my favorite characters are Quetzalcoatl and Chloe :P

Anyway, my two cents. Se ya Next Time!