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Chapter 11: Despair or Destruction.

The chapter starts on the control room, where it looks like all of Japan has been invaded by foreigners and every branch is fighting in order to repel them. Jarno comes in and he takes over. Veronica will go to the field!

Now every Logicalist making a trance with it´s Covenanter. They will save the citizens and fight the Trance Jacked Foreigners!


Yoshichika will fight Olga; Veronica Vs. Enlil; Nanahoshi Vs. Sand Man; Chloe Vs. the Puppet Master; Mana Vs. Cerberus and finally Tamaki Vs. Belial!

Our Heroes are having some complications at the time of fighting their opponents; but they won´t give up!


At the same time, Jarno´s people are telling him that the things doesn´t look good since everyone of the foreigners, with the exception of the Sand Man, was brought dows thanks to a team effort, but now they are fighting mano on mano…

Veronica´s Right hand tells them that their Logicalist are special, and have trained a lot, so they can get over the enemies, even if they are alone!


Our Heroes have some difficulty, but they know how to do business and take down their enemies!!


…Except one.

Yoshichika´s arse is being kicked by Olga! Veronica comes to help him, the other Logicalist have reached their Trance Limit and are unable to fight!


Still, Yoshichika does his Logic Drive and activates a new kind of shield! The shield can absorb all the damage, but consumes a great quantity of Logic. Veronica attacks him, but he absorbs the attack!

Yoshichika have detected a weakness… Olga can do only one thing at a time, he can only attack or defend himself…So when Olga attacks he is open for getting damage!


Yoshichika attacks and Olga counter attacks!

Olga attacks so it is time! Veronica performs her attack!


Olga does his logic drive and takes out 2 staffs! He can attack and defend at the same time now! Uh-Oh!

Olga attacks and Yoshichika reaches his Trance Limit! Veronica blocks that tack with her own body! Now she is unconscious… Olga tells them that this wasn´t even a fight for him, so he has two choices now… Despair or Destruction.


Olga leaves waiting for his answer.

Meanwhile, all of the other ALCA Branches have been destroyed… They need to shut down that gate! If not…The Foreigners will only get stronger.


Later, Veronica and Nemesis are at the hospital. Yoshichika feels remorse since he is not strong enough.

Suddenly he gets called. He needs to go where the refugees are.


Yoshichika goes and finds his Sister and his Dad, a lot of Kids comes and cheer for him. Now he feels refreshed!

Yoshichika makes the bow that he will defeat the last boss and be the most plot armor protected Main character has ever been!...Well, not really, but you get the point!


The Father makes the bow that when he wins, he will concede his long lasting wish…Take him to a Bar and pick up Girls…Yoshichika says he doesn´t wish for that.

Yoshichika and Athena leaves and he has something to ask her…

Meanwhile, Veronica has awaken, both Veronica and Nemesis are relieved that Yoshichika and Athena are Ok.


Veronica wants tog et back to fight but she is still too damaged!

Back with Yoshichika, he makes a proporsal to Jarno.

Yoshichika goes where Olga is…He has decided not to both possibilities.

Yoshichika and Athena Over Trance!


Ugh he is ugly that way!

On any case, he is now damaging Olga! Everyone is terrified and amazed by his prowers.


Still, Olga has a last card on his sleeve.

He does the Over Trance!!


Black feathers fall from everywhere. All of the people, excluding Yoshichika, are getting paradoz sickness!

The final fight has begun.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Amazing chapter! A little predictable. But amazing nonetheless! The action was very good, and basically everything was good with the right proportions!


Also Fan service for all! You want normal straight fan service? You have it! Some Yuri fanservice? You have it! Maybe girl x creature? We have something for you! Or just pure Yaoi? It´s your lucky day! Also some of them got increased at their duration time (dat Chloe scene!). On any case it wasn´t so bad :P

Also Olga´s prediction on the first chapter become a reality! Ad an amazing final battle is going to come!


Finally My logic tells me that the final chapter will be called: Luck and Logic or Luck or Logic.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!