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Chapter 10: Heaven or Hell


The Chapter starts where the Logicalist Team get the news that Olga has disappeared, and they don´t know where he might be, also that he took his Logic Device or Logigraph with him.

Meanwhile Veronica and the others are trying to detect him since he is now missing and everything is so strange and all.

Back with our Heroes. They are eating and are wondering where Olga might be, Quetzalcoatl starts laughing and says that he might have some knowledge on the matter.


Meanwhile…On another part of the city.

Lucifer and Olga goes to what looks like and abandoned church, there are no more religious symbols, other than the building. In there Men, women, Children, old people are praying, the turn back and everyone is happy with the presence of the Fallen Angel, all of them want to Trance Jack with him…

Lucy sees Olga tells him…

<<<Welcome to Paradise>>>


Later Lucy Fernandez and Olga are on the upper level and the Covenanter ask him why does he choosed him? Lucy responds saying that it was because he remembered him in the past, and how the Gods on Tetra Heaven dispatched him after the war… Also how he has been tainted with the word “Evil” and how he got denigrated and denied…

Also Yaoi Lovers rejoice with some teasing!

On any case Olga demands to know what does he want from him!

Lucy shows him his followers…I might as well call them Satanist…Or as some Creppy Pasta tried to hide it “The Church of Stan” (Get it? SaTAN!...Hoho, i´m so smart!)… Err… on any case, his worshippers are people with lots of problems and who have suffered lots and lots of injustices, and because of that they have lost their own Logic… And for that he wants to help them. Give them the logic they are whishing to have again.


Meanwhile Nanahoshi is flying the skies following the indications given to Quetzalcoatl. They reach the abandoned building/ church and using some heat vision, they see both Lucy and Olga.

Back at ALCA Veronica receive the news of where Olga is.

At the same time, they get to know who was the culprit on the opening cell…It wasn´t Olga, but Miki Shinobu who opened on the receptionist office. So now that they know that Olga is innocent, Chloe wants to go head on and take him back! But Veronica thinks otherwise, since Lucy is a 9.8 Foreigner, so going like that it would be reckless while the Logicalist are making an action plan, the Covenanters decide to kidnap for a while Quetzie and take him to the Kitchen.


The Goddesses start making an interrogatory to the Feathered Serpent, and thanks to the menace of becoming food (given by Valkyrie) he starts telling his story:

He didn´t come by his own free will, but Lucifer brought him there. Then, when he came he made a bet with the Fallen Angel, where if Quetzie was able to defeat the Logicalist, Lucy would have to give to him his Gate Card. Lucy was reluctant at first, but in the end he accepted… Of course Quetzie lost the bet.


They want to know why Lucy is bringing Foreigners to the world. Quetzie tries to act cool, and Valkyrie alongside Artemis start putting fire under him. Quetzie says that it was the truth, he doesn´t know!...Poor Quetzie, now you know what Cuauhtémoc (The Last Aztec Tlatoani/ Emperor) had to suffer.

The Goddess are trying to figure why Lucy is doing that, since first he just wanted to enjoy his freedom on Spetpia, and then he wanted to join as an ALCA´s Covenanter. Taking into account that Miki Shinobu might be a follower of him, then… Maybe he is trying to brainwash our good friend Olga.


Meanwhile Lucifer reveals to Olga that he is using his Gate Card in order to bring Archdemons (Although Quetzie is not an Archdemon :P) in here… That is because he wants to end their suffering on Tetra Heaven and to enjoy a new life on Earth, still he knows that some of them have behaved badly and for that he apologizes.

On any case, Lucy presents to all of his congregation his new Friend, Olga, a former ALCA Logicalist…And his Covenanter. Everyone accepts him with open arms.

Lucy then ask him if he wants to make a Paradise with him?

Olga was dubious at first…Until Lucy says that if he accepts, he will become the new leader on this paradise… Everyone cheers for him and Olga accepts…Uh-Oh!


Meanwhile the goddess are wondering about Olga´s actions… On how desperate he was of getting a Covenanter. Still they don´t understand why he would choose to leave ALCA and go with Lucy. Both Nemesis and Quetzie says that is because for some people there are more important things than protecting the city.

Nemesis continues saying that things like self-esteem and acceptance of others are one of the most weak Logics and one that the humans most crave for.


Back at Lucy and Olga… They starts making their vows as Logicalist and Covenanter…

Both make the alliance…

Meanwhile at ALCA, the emergency that something has appeared…But it´s not a Foreigner… It´s a Logicalist.


Olga, now tranced with Lucy, appears in front of a bunch of people and starts saying the bad things that ALCA has made to the foreigners, like using them as puppets for experiments and such.

Yoshichika decides to go, Alone. Although Athena will be near. Yoshichika wants to speak with Olga in order to change his mind; also Veronica has some special mission for Mana and Artemis.


Meanwhile Olga keeps saying that thanks to ALCA´s actions, Septpia has been invaded by the foreigners and thanks to that the casualities increase. But he will save them! He will make the war with Tetra Heaven and join both worlds together! An everlasting peace under his command! Paradise!

Yoshichika and the others enters to the action.

Yoshichika starts talking with Olga and tells him that he is free of charges, he can come back now! But Olga doesn´t wanna. Also, he wants to fight with him… Olga takes out his weapon.


Olga starts attacking him and Yoshichika trance with Athena!

Now the fight between Logicalist will begin!

Olga attacks and Yoshichika tries to defend and block his attacks but Olga is too strong!...So he is whipping the floor with Yoshichika.


Meanwhile Mana goes to where Lucy worshipers are… She sees that a lot of people with Paradox sickness goes to a little room. In there they are given a Logic Card.

…These people wants to be Trance Jacked, so they get rid of a Logic Card they don´t want and exchange it for one they do.

Everyone wonders why Lucy is doing such a thing.

Olga explains it is to become Man and God into one. That way, the Gods can live freely in Septpia, and the Humans can become their ideals selves.


Olga starts saying that he can hear his Logic. His mission is not protecting Septpia or anything…But a new world, one where the Gods on Tetra Heaven and the Humans in Septpia can be together… Sept Heaven!

Pure craziness!

Diplomacy has failed! It´s time to attack!

Yoshichika and the other´s ALCA Covenanters starts attacking Olga, but he is too strong!!


Needless to say, he defeated all of them. Heck Olga is too OP! Nerf him!...Oh yeah, this isn´t a vieo game :P

Now Olga is going to ALCA, he is reaching to where the trapped Foreigners are…He will set them free. Jarno comes and tries to stop him, but it´s useless. Still Jarno holds his ground and it´s attacked by Olga!

Now Olga has set free the Foreigners, to run wild in the city!

Later Olga is with the worshipers and talks to Shinobu, he thanks her for awakening him…Now Lucy comes and he presents the Foreigners…Everyone wants to Trance Jack with them.


On the city…Enemy Foreigners appears in all the city. The sky got purple. A complete invasion has begun!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

While not as good as the past chapter, it was still very solid and good. Now we have the knowledge of what Lucy was trying here. And it is not pretty!


Still, I liked how he is doing it. I mean the people look at him as the savior, when in truth he is ripping the people of their own free will and making them addict to the Trance Jack…Which is not cool!

Also, from what Olga said, it is obvious that he wants to begin a war with Tetra Heaven, since that way, “Both worlds will be one” Which in truth it is nothing good.

There is too mention, that I feel that for this story Arc, they based a little in what is on the written on the Apocalypse Book, with all of the Anti-Christ and how he would make the world look at him as the good guy, when in truth he is the bad one. Still, it is not a 1:1 transition, but it is somewhat similar.


Now…I have a theory that Jarno might not be dead, heck I even believe that he might not be Human! Since, while we know that the Logicalist ability goes down while one is growing up…I believe they would need someone special to be the boss…So I have a feeling that either he is a Logicalist…Or a Covenanter.

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!