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Luck & Logic is a Trading Card Game made by Bushiroad, and it´s alongside Cardfight!! Vanguard and Buddyfight the third TCG propierty who has an Anime.

Chapter 1: Hero or Mob


The Chapter starts with a normal night on any normal city. Suddenly a weird sphere appears inside a Skyscraper.

A Person goes close to it, he goes slowly, he looks damaged and weakened, but he keeps going forward.

A Hand appears in front of the Sphere and behind it an armored monster appears! The Person transforms into a being with 6 arms and quickly destroy his Enemy!


The crisis is averted and with a Huge Light The Sphere disappears and everything goes back to normal!

And… Here comes the Tweets criticizing how he defeated his enemy… Oh Tweeter, whi You have to be a Pool of Poop.

One Guy is looking through his Tablet the reaction. He is in a dark room, Her Sister comes in saying that the Breakfast is ready, and it looks like her “Onii-Chan” didn´t slept in the whole night.


On Another part, a Card appears on the beach, the sea has brought it. And a Girl is looking at it. She grabs the card and is looking at it.

“One day, We found out that there was a concept that transcended even the atoms that form the basis of all matter, and governed emotions, abilities, memories, and all other intangible things, that was called Logic.


Here in this world, where it has become common knowledge, that even Gods exist via otherworldly Logic… A battle with the continued existence of those worlds at stake was about to begin.”

A Magic Circle appears in the Sky and an Energy ball falls through it.

On another place, on a regular house. Our Hero, the dude who didn´t slept all night, is having breakfast with his Sister, Shiori, and his Dad.


Shiori, like any good little sister, told everything to his Dad, and she is sure that her Brother was looking Pr0n all night! He says No!...But we all know he was…No, not really. On any case, Shiori keeps instigating him about what was he watching, but he just doesn´t wanna tell her.

The Father interrupts and says that is the nature of the Man, and he starts saying that when the Woman of his destiny and he sought the chance, he just went and made his Move! And suddenly He… Err… The story is going a little too Adult like so let us just say that He did what the Mommies and Daddies do on their private moments.

Luckily the Big Bro stoped the story to keep going forward. The Father changes the subject and says that Finally Shiori is going to Midle School. She says yeah, and if her Brother were a High School Student, both of them would have go together to School. That´s what Mom would have liked it.


A Light and an warning signal appears saying that a Creature of Paradox Level 3.7 has appeared. The Big Brother gets all alarmed and says that they should look for Shelter! He goes under the table to protect himself, but his family says that it is only a 3.7 alert, nothing biggie. Still he says that he is preparing for the wors- Ouch he hit his Head with the table. That´s gotta hurt!

On Another part, a Girl dressed like a Magical Girl is searching for someone. In front of her another Girl is thrown to a Car, the thrown Girl is Mana, and the Magical Girl is Venus; Venus cures Mana´s Injurie.


Suddenly, behind Venus, a Three Headed abomination appears! Mana uses her Sniper Rifle and shots at the thing, which another chick (Valkyrie) jumps with her Sword and uses her Final Finish Sword Technique!...Yeah Venus said that Final and Finish are basically the same so… That´s not LOGICal :P (Had to).

On any case, the combined attack destroys the monster! And a person and a dog appears in front of them.

Crisis averted!


Going back to our Lovely family. The dad is going to work while Shiori is doing the dishes. The Big Brother gets up and decides to go to bed, but Shiori stops him saying that they need to do something. And that thing is…

Go and search for a Present for their Father´s Birthday! Shiori the asks why her Big Bro (Man, it is time that they say his name already!) is badly disguising himself, like the Idols on the Cartoons do.

Big Bro says that he wants to pass as Incognito; But Shiori tells him that he is Ok, on this city he is just a “Villager A” a Random Nobody. In front of them a luxurious Limosine appears and the people are gathering.


A Girl is being persuaded by a Butler to enter, since she has been selected for something. Still, she doesn´t want to because she has a Soccer game right now, and she is a vital part of the team, and her crew concurs on her! Still the Butler says that he is sorry but she has to enter the Car, since by law the people selected has to go to the ALCA Facilities.

And with that the Car leaves, leaving the friends of the Girl behind.

And the Siblings just go.

Big Bro says that he has an Important Mission now, And that is to protect his Family! Which Shiori says that she is thankful, but… Be careful of tables… some dudes holding a Table hit him by accident… Must be destiny or something.


Meanwhile on the ALCA Facilities. Veronica is greeting the chick they just snatched. Veronica is the Bureau Chief. And the Snatched Girl is Nanaho. Veronica explains to her that she is a one-in-a-million Person. One who has become conscious of her own Logicalist Abilities. Behind her the Girls from a while ago appears, they aren´t using her Goddesses Powers/Suits now.

Veronica keeps explaining that the People with Logicalist abilities starts noticing it when they reach Adolescence and from that point it goes slowly fading until one reaches full adulthood. Nanaho then asks if Veronica´s abilities are almost non existent…Which Veronica answers that she just recently entered adulthood… Ouch! She told her old, Just on the self image!


Then a Laughter comes in. It comes for Nemesis, Veronica´s Goddes Companion. She is laughing for some book.

Nanaho ask who is her and Veronica says that Nemesis is her Covenanter…Or Goddess Companion :P

On any case, Veronica says that those people like Nanho have the obligation to fight for the peace of the land. No questions asked. And for that they are members of the Police force of the ALCA. After that the Emergency call is heard again, an Enemy has appeared in the Central Area, it is one of Paradox Level 7.2… that ´s a high number!


Meanwhile Bigbro and Shiori are choosing a gift…Which are, Boxers. Remember people, if you don´t know what to give to your Mom/Dad/Granny/Grampa, Underwear is your way to go!

The people hears the emergency call and starts evacuating!

A some form of Minotaur appears from the Sky and Big Bro says that everyone should evacuate and not to touch the yellow circle that it´s forming around the Creature! A Kid starts running but he falls, Both Big Bro and Shiori helps him to get up; Big Bro tells Shiori to run with the Kid while he distracts the creature. Shiori is concerned but reluctantly obey his Brother´s Command!


Big Bro starts throwing things at him and doing everything so the Creature won´t chase after them! The Minotaur attacks him but a Girl helps Big Bro to escape!

While they escape, Mana and the other Girls starts attacking the Creature!

The Creature is tough but our Gals here are tougher and Attacks the creature! When Valkyrie was about to hit him the creature disappears, leaving only an unconscious guy behind, and a Chibi Minotaur starts escaping.


The Girls chase after him, but the creature got away. So now the only thing they have to do is to close the Portal.

Now that the crisis is gone, everyone can continue with their lives. Big Bro see his Sister and the Father reaches her. Both of them haven´t seen him.


Big Bro goes to the Girl who saved him, he already knows what is She… She is an Alien and she know Big Bro´s Name…




Tsurugi Yoshichika!! Finally we know his name! Took them half chapter!

The Girl presents herself. She is Athena and she has come for him, he has the Logicalist…Those who understand Logic and can even comprehend the otherworldly one and invoke it.


Athena wants to join Yoshichika and fight against the Evil in this world as his Covenanter. Yoshichika says he doesn´t understand since he is not one of—

Athena interrupts him and shows him a Card… It is his Lost Logic Card, Yoshichika asks why she has his Logic Card, which Athena responds saying that she went looking for it so they could fight together.

Yoshichika was about to touch the card when his family comes in. Shiori asks who is that girl, and the Father asks what is that Card; which Athena responds saying that is a part of Yoshichika that it was lost.


After hearing that, Shiori tries to put away Yoshichika and says that everything will be Ok, the ALCA has other Logicalist... She looks a little desperate, it looks like something happened to Yoshichika in the past.

Yoshichika responds to SHiori that he can´t let the things stay as they are right now. If that Alien comes in and attack again, and looking at the strength of the ALCA officer, then… Causalities will happen.


Shiori still says that Yoshichika must not act like a Main Character anymore! He is supposed to be a Support Character, a Random Nobody!...But The Plot (The Plot plot, not the Plot Bo0bs) wants it other way :P

Shiori keeps going, wth tears on her eyes, saying that she has had enough, that she doesn´t want to see her Brother Suffering anymore. That his mission was to protect his Family!

Yoshichika responds saying that yeah, because that was the only thing he can do right now; but now that the Card was found…The things change.


The Alert signal is heard! The Paradoz Level 7.2 has appeared again!

Yoshichika is ready to fight! Shiori tries to speak, but Yoshichika says that he must protect them!...Even if he can protect one life, it will be enough. So now Athena and Yoshichika go to fight the creature. Dad says to Shiori that she is a good kid… Tears start flowing of Shiori´s eyes.


Yoshichika and Athena goes to a Car and they prepare for the battle. Inside the car, Yoshichika asks Athena, why she choose him, which Athena says that it was because of what happened two years ago in Hong Kong. When Yoshichika fought that creature at the beginning of the episode.

Yoshichika starts remembering of what happened, how he asked the permission to use Over Drive and his Boss was reluctant because that wasn´t Logical…But it was for Yoshichika!

Athena keeps saying that Yoshichika never forgot any single life, even if that life was from an Alien, he was willing to sacrifice himself in order to save others, and that´s Why Athena wants to protect this world with him!


So now both of them will do a Covenant.

Athena gives to Yoshichika a Logigraph…Which is a some sort of future lens, Yoshichika choose Covenant and goes close to Athena… I would say this is romantic, but it isn´t :P


Athena and Yoshichika says things that looks like Marriage vows, just changing Love for Logic… Because it´s the Logical thing to do, Right?

After that both of them become one!


Meanwhile our Girls here are having a hard time fighting the Minotaur Creature! They are almost out of Logic…Who also it looks like it´s another way of saying Magic. Mana says that the Alien wants to make them go out of Juice!

Suddenly Yoshichika appears and with his Shield he protects the Girls! Yoshichika tells them that the Enemy it´s consuming a great quantity of Logic with this Heavy Attack! Which means that he will change of Medium Soon!... And Since Yoshichika starts giving them orders, Venus, the Leader, gets a little angry, but hey, what can one do if we are on an emergency?


On any case, Yoshichika keeps advancing and active the Reflection ability! Which changes the form of his shield and returns all the damage accumulated to it´s enemy in the form of a beam of light!

Now Mana and Valkyrie goes to attack and with Valkyrie´s “Last Final Finish Sword” (The next must be “Last Final Finish Ultimate Sword”!) Technique. They defeat the creature!


Everyone returns to it´s normal form and the girls recognize Athena! And They take the Minotaur to another place.

The Goddesses talk with Athena about his Covenanter, and it looks like Venus´s Goddess (Or Venus herself, don´t know they haven´t said the name of the glasses girl) looks at him with lust on her eyes… Although her Covenanter is angry at him.

Yoshichika just leaves without saying anything.


When Yoshichika gets home, the Limousine and the Butler are in there…Which means one thing…He has been chosen by the ALCA. Shiori tries to persuade them, but that Butler it´s like a British guard he doesn´t move! Yoshichika looks at her sister, which goes running.

Yoshichika holds her and tells her that he will take care of himself now, and that he won´t do anything stupid like the thing he did 2 years ago… Shiori still says no, but Yoshichika continues saying that he will protect Her, Dad and all the City now. Shiori turns around, and with tears on her eyes says:

That he must be the Stereotypical Main character who never loses!! Sounds good to me if you ask me, since he will have the plot armor and everything :P


The Father tells him that he must come home on his day Off, which he says he will do!

Meanwhile Athena is speaking with an Old man, who is glad that she has made a Covenant with him…That his Image of him (Memories of Vanguard comes to me)has changed a little.

Meanwhile the girls are receiving the news that Yoshichika will join them. And that he was the dude who was at the Hong Kong incident 2 years ago.


Tamaki –who was I calling “Venus” all this chapter- starts presenting herself…But it´s interrupted by Yoshichika, who tells them if he can do that tomorrow…Since he haven´t slept and his Logic is telling him to go to Sleep… Well, Tamaki is a little offended with that. Veronica points at him his room. Yoshichika goes there.

In there Athena was waiting for him…And Yoshichika gets out saying that the room is already occupied! Which Veronica says that the ALCA members must live with it´s Covenanter in order to strength the bonds…Oh man, I can already hear the pencils drawing Erotic images with that!


Meanwhile in another part, a person is looking at the city, he knows that Yoshichika is now an ALCA member… He can hear his Logic and is telling him the Chances that Yoshichika will do the Stupid thing he did 2 years ago. And the chances are…


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

The start wasn´t too LOGICal (get it?) and a little confusing, since it looks like Yoshichika was a some form of soldier in the past, but at first he is represented sorely as a loser. On Any case, with a little tough and some LUCK (get it?) it is easy to connect the dots and start enjoying the show.


The Anime started good, and the action was well done, still the basis of the world weren´t truly specified, but I think we will know more on the weeks to come with the chapters.

Also it looks like that the world Logic is used like “Magic” or “Mana” or “Force” or whatever. Still, is a concept that I hope they explain to us soon, since the dictionary says that Logic is: “a ​particular way of ​thinking, ​especially one that is ​reasonable and ​based on good ​judgment. A ​formal ​scientific ​method of ​examining or ​thinking about ​ideas”. And while I could see some LOGIC(get it…Ah whatever it´s not funny anymore) thoughts in there, in here it looks like the word Logic has a bigger meaning.

Another thing that I liked was that Yoshichika is not a Proxy, since he knows a lot about the things that are happening and he is not a newbie that got LUCKy and he knows what is he doing, also he has a back story that most surely will be part of the story and there it is also the mystery of what happened toYoshichika and Shiori´s Mom. So we have a main character who isn´t a white cardboard and it looks like he is already developed. That´s a nice change on this kind of series, and I want to see how the things will develop in the future!


Also I appreciate and I am amazed how different are the three “TCG Animes” of Bushiroad, I mean. Cardfight!! Vanguard is for those who likes the more “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Style; BuddyFight for those that likes the “BeyBlade/Bakugan” Approach and Luck & Logic for those who are in for a more serious style where the card game and it´s rules are putted aside in order to make it a more action oriented series. I like this three series already (although Vanguard is my favorite) and I truly like that Bushiroad goes with this approach.

Finally, I liked that they used the Spanish Word “Matador” xD

Anyway, my two cents. See ya Next Time!