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Chapter 12:The Heated Battle´s Rear-End!!!!! 


The Chapter starts where the other left. With Kaya… The true number 1 of Suruga. Tae enters and explains that Maya has a dual personality disorder and when she feels she is in a corner Kaya´s personality comes into action as a protective measure. In any case, Kaya tells Tae that she speaks too much and quickly gets rid of her own teammate!

Now the Setouchi Girls goes straight to the action and Saya goes against Kaya! She attacks with her Swormantit technique and the attack is absorbed by Kaya´s Boob who receive and even counter attacks the technique of Saya.

At the same time Rin attacks her with her Butt Gatling and Kaya grabs her ass with her boobs and starts pressing it, making the Out Fighter suffer a great pain! Kawai enters and hits the heart of Kaya, still the Suruga´s Number 1 didn´t flinch in the slightest and attacks the triad of Setouchi Girls getting rid of Saya in the process!


Kaya goes against Nozomi and she starts moving a boob at unexpected speeds creating basically a… Well if Kaya where a Pokémon she has done a Supersonic attack, ergo a some form of sound wave that has confused Nozomi and now she has lost her center of gravity.

Kaya starts hitting Nozomi with al she has, Our main character is receiving a parade of hits! Kaya tells her that her suffering can end if she falls on her knees or just jump to the water; still Nozomi won´t give up, especially when her true opponent is still waiting for her!


Kawai and Rin comes to help Nozomi and the three Setouchi students joins her butts in order to attack Kaya who still has enough power to send flying the three girls and even keep attacking them!

Kawai comes to Nozomi and it seems she knows that they are mostly done for, so she is preparing something for Nozomi. Kawai shows her breast and starts massaging them in order to erect her nipples this in order to make a “rackpressure” technique.

Kaya goes and tries to interrupt them; but Rin steps in and defends them! Kawai puts her nipples in the back of Nozomi… That activated something. A pressure point.


This exact point has awaken a new energy inside Nozomi, like she was fresh. With no pain, this is because the Keijo players, as any other athlete are in a constant state of exhaustion due to the continuous training, so this pressure point makes Nozomi feel her body like if it would have a fully reinvigorated and can use her full potential!

Rin and Kawai are defeated by Kaya´s power and the land is ridiculously tiny now! Still Nozomo shows a new strength and she starts hitting Kaya with all she has, the Suruga´s Number 1 makes her moves; but none of those techniques makes a dent to the Setouchi girl!


Nozomi starts telling Kaya that it is time for Maya to come out, her true opponent and the one she wants to defeat! Kaya responds saying that Maya´s heart will break if she continues, because she is frail!

Still Nozomi continues and tells that Maya loves Keijo, no? and she will regret if she doesn´t come out and face her now!

Suddenly Kaya´s tit starts moving on it´s own, it is Maya who wants to come, she has decided to come out and face Nozomi and anything that might happen in this encounter! Either good or bad! 


Both girls make their technique the last one in this match! Ujibe-Sensei says that Nozomi has figured out the true extension of her Vacuum Butt Cannon! The clash of techniques happens and Maya´s intentions are to deflect the power of the Vacuum Butt Cannon and then attacks; it seems that her strategy is working and she deflects the attack, still Nozomi hasn´t given up and she moves the power of her technique to her breasts who clashes with each other making even that Nozomi´s bikini top breaks and the nipple reaches maya throwing her away!

Nozomi won!


NOZOMI WON!!!!!!!!

Everyone of the Setouchi students celebrates and the audience has gone crazy with the excitement of these quality races we where witnesses, a new page in the story of this event has been written and was written thanks to Nozom´s tits!


Everyone of the elite members raises Nozomi up in the air and she is later thrown in to the water… A tradition it seems, in any case Nozomi is again under the water and she again has discovered that Keijo is in fact awesome.

Meanwhile Maya tries to explain and apologize to her Instructor and adopted Mother; the Instructor embraces her and tells her that everything will be alright, no matter if she loses, she is still her daughter and her family; and that will never, ever, change. Maya starts crying since for te first time she feels she is loved, not because her techniques; but because it is her, and that loves comes from none other than her own Mother, the one who took her in.


Later a celebration has been made for both schools to enjoy a time together. Maya is absent since after the race she felt truly tired and went to sleep, it seems a big weight has fallen from her shoulders, in any case Kawai enters and ask the Suruga girls if they would introduce to her some hot Engineers, Morimoto (the light-green haired girl) says that is forbidden love since while Keijo doesn´t say no to the players to have boyfriends and form a family, having a relationship with a Keijo Engineer is bad seen. Mio enters and well… Everyone is being friendly with each other.

The Suruga´s instructor comes and congratulates Ujibe, telling her that her “Only in Land” Motto has in truth become real since even if they truly tear each other apart in the land, now they are friends outside of it.

Soon enough Maya comes and she is using a beautiful dress, the party continues and Maya´s Mom tells Ujibe to keep taking care of the girls since now and thanks to their big races the pro girls has set the eyes on them.


…And so the time comes and the girls have graduated and are official Keijo Players. Nozomi, Miyata, Ooshima and Rin are at the same Branch in Hyogo, so now it is time to say goodbye to the other girls who will show their powers in other branch around the country. Still Mio says that they will see each other again. On the land!

Ujibe tells Nozomi to be careful; but also go wild!

Some photos are taken with every girl of the Setouchi School! Indeed this is a generation that the Teachers will remember.


After that every girl will go to a month-long introductory course in order to know the ins and outs of the arenas, what rules they have and everything surrounding the pro world that an amateur doesn´t know. Their debut race will be in the Golden Week.

Maya and Sayaka presents themselves at the people in the arena and the person attending them gives the notice to the other pro fighters that the famous people who appeared in the East-West war have arrived!


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

An Amazing end for an amazing series!!!!!!!! The fight was very well handled and the action was intense in any second, at the same time most if not all story arcs ended in a satisfactory way and even it hinted us about what would come when/if a second season happens to be. This mostly about the appearance of the Pro players who will substitute Non, Aoba and the other players we have get to know.


This point is interesting since one thing that the anime didn´t ´presented (Like Nozomi´s family and her childhood friend who is in love with her) is that, with the exception of Nozomi and Miyata, on the pass of the series the “main team” tends to change with the pass of the arcs, and now that the school arc has ended a new team of friends will join her, Including one who will become a mentor of Nozomi and Miyata.

Continuing with the matter at hand is that if I would have to say anything negative of this chapter it might be that the Maya relationship with her Mentor/adoptive Mother, wasn´t so very clearly made; so one might be a little confused about it if it hasn´t read the source material. Still it is a very little thing to matter much in the grand scheme of things.

Now that this series has ended, I have to say that I truly enjoyed it more than I thought I would have. I mean I enjoyed the first chapter and just decided to cover it as an impulse since the only Anime I have decided to cover was Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON (It´s very good! And new entries every Sunday!), so yeah I regret nothing for having covered this anime who while I would say it is far from perfect; it is still a very fun and enjoyable ride to have, from the likeable characters, the fun action and an story that doesn´t require much understanding in order to understanding. Keijo´s anime will be in my memory as one of the most fun animes I have seen in this year.


Now talking a little over the future, most likely an Anime will come that will replace this one. I am leaning towards Fuuka, although I might catch Masamune Kun´s Revenge instead, what do you prefer? In any case I will keep you informed!

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!