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Chapter 11:The Castle of the Final Match!!!!! 


The chapter starts with Aoba who is crying in frustration since her team has lost and she feels like crap. Non and Miyata are trying to cheer her up; One of the teachers tries to cheer her up by saying that in any case they basically made Suruga to run for their money, so now everything depends in Nozomi´s team.

Now the Setouchi team is in the land; the Suruga one is entering and is conformed by:

Yokosugi Tae “the Butwall fighter” (the giant fat chick); Morimoto Midori (light Green haired girl); Muromachi Hikari (masked girl) and finally the number 2 of Suruga´s Sakashiro Maya, the Babe with the beautiful ribbon, they take their positions and the match is about to start!


Maya remembers the words of Sanae, where the Black beast told the ribbon one that she understand how she feels. This Setouchi players are like their polar opposites, so in truth she hopes that in this race Maya can feel something that will fill the hole in her heart. Maya basically says that those words where wrong, her own objective is to make the instructor to feel proud.

The actions start and Nozomi goes straight against Maya who receives the attack and is able to counter it with great power sending the Setouchi Ribbon girl flying! What it´s more is that Maya doesn´t need to make a wind up or anything; just with the sole movement she is able to put great strength!


Meanwhile Kawai and Rin gets to fight against Hikari and Midori! They won´t let anyone to interfere in the battle of ribbond that is going between Nozomi and Maya!

Back at the fight between the ribbon girls, Maya tells Nozomi that she will do nothing to her, since she doesn´t understand the nature of her butt! Nozomi then charges to attack and Maya prepares!


Suddenly Maya blushes… Since Nozomi has put her face in Maya´s butt and is sniffing it, the butt is soft and it smells like soap deodorant so it doesn´t stinks… Obviously Maya blushes screams and sends Nozomi flying! Maya acusses the Setouchi Ribbon girl to be a pervert! The worst of the worst! But Nozomi tells the Suruga Ribbon girl that first, that thing hurts, a lot! Second since she can´t use her hands then this was the only way where she can understand the secret of Maya´s butt!

Maya basically says that is bull, she couldn´t figure anything by doing something so perverted! Nozomi explains that what she sought was that Maya´s butt is very relaxed, until the last moment where she tenses up and brings a force that seems to come from inside her! That must be one of the so called Qigong techniques!

A quick Wikipedia attack says that Qigong is... “Qigong, qi gong, chi kung, or chi gung (simplified Chinese: 气功; traditional Chinese: 氣功; pinyin: qìgōng; Wade–Giles: chi gong; literally: “Life Energy Cultivation”) is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for health, spirituality, and martial arts training. With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi), translated as “life energy”.


According to Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian philosophy, qigong allows access to higher realms of awareness, awakens one’s “true nature”, and helps develop human potential.”

… Only if you where curious.

Continuing with the actions Maya tries to bluff; but fails epically in that. Saya, the girl with the band in her head, comes and says that is the thing that ne see in Chinese Martial arts movies all the time, right? In any case the big girl Tae comes to help Maya!


Tae attacks with the Buttack on Titan technique! Nozomi doesn´t know what to do against such force! Luckily for Maya gets in the way and sends Tae flying. Saya will take care of her. Maya has just the desire to fight and defeat Nozomi by herself, without any help!

The actions continue and Nozomi prepares to attack! Maya then decides to do what she always do and counter it with her Qigong, still Nozomi bluffs, she has detected the weakness in her rival´s technique! When Maya attacks and she doesn´t hit anything she is threw out of balance! Nozomi now attacks; but Maya reflects it using her chest alongside the Qigong!


Meanwhile Rin and Kawai are fighting the light green haired girl and the masked one; Kawai tells Rin that they have to win so when they appear in Keijo´s Monthly Magazine Kawai will appear and she will reveal that she is looking for a boyfriend, that way a hot stud will come for her. The perfect plan!

Hikari, the Masked Girl, basically laughs as such plans since it is obvious that Kawai doesn´t even have tasted what it is to have a man in her arms and do stuff with him, like watching Tv of course… Kawai blushes and says that maybe she doesn´t have such experience; but she know things…


Hikari uses her magic trick and a bright light has come which has the Setouchi girls blind! Both Hikari and Midori attacks Rin and Kawai, still the Steouchi Girls aren´t defeated and counter attack!

The Masked Girl keeps making her light trick, Kawai has already detected how she do it! And it is that Hikari just use her boobs, who has been bath in a special oil, to reflect the sunlight to her opponent´s eyes. Hikari is amazed that Kawai had figured that out; but that doesn´t change the fact that she can still doing the trick!

Hikari makes the trick and Rin goes to where the light is and prepare and attack; when the light dissipates Midori is the one waiting for her, Kawai interferes and puts herself in the way of Midori´s Cabooses!


The team works from part of the Suruga girls is formidable, still the Setouchi ones haven´t given up and Rin has a little plan, she will take care of the masked girl if Kawai can take at the very least 20 seconds of the Light green haired one!

Rin starts running in circles towards Hikari, then the Masked girl uses her flash technique only to look that Rin has no top on her Bikini! While that is weird Hikari tries to do her technique again; but then she realizes what Rin has done and is that her top is flying in the air! It is blocking the Sun! Rin then goes at full speed and makes various attacks towards Hikari´s boobs removing all the oil in them! The top goes down and Rin grabs it and put it back!

Now Midori and Hikari have decided to make their definitive technique!


To fuse in a [Non] Sexual way!! Basically Hikari is inside Midori´s swimsuit! The Keijo centipede goes against the Setouchi girls and it´s making a dent at them!

The Keijo centipede attacks Rin and damages heavily!Kawai comes in and helps her, it seems that both girls are done for! Kawai tells Rin, who wanted to Kawai to run and regroup, that she wants to race for her friends, for the people important to her! That is her reason to race!!

It seems that Kawai and Rin are done for! Until Tae, the buttack on Titan, gets thrown at them by none other than Mikas—I mean Saya! 


She is Kogatana Saya, she likes Iai, her Hobby is Iai and she has even studied a little of Kendo. In any case she will be their opponent now!

The Keijo Centipede decides to separate ad Hikari makes her technique! Tae tells her to not to get close to her; but it´s too late! And the Saya uses her Swordmantit technique!! One peek- One death!!


At the same time Rin and Kawai combine efforts and threw away Midori out of the land! Hikari has lost too and a whole deck is going out of her butt… No I don´t want to imagine why and how she was able to do that, especially when cards are to no use in Keijo.

In any case Suruga has only 2 players on their team now! Now that has happened it is time that the Castle´s gimmick appears, every time a player is throw out the castle submerges in to the water a little more, reducing the available land!


Back with Nozomi and Maya´s confrontation, Nozomi has decided to do her especial attack! The Vacuum Butt Cannon!! Maya takes the hit head on, even though her teacher has told her to not to do it!

In any case Maya barely is able to endure it! Nozomi goes and prepares the Vacuum Butt Cannon again and Maya takes it head on!!

Nozomi says that Maya in the race ahs never avoided any attack, this must be her Suruga´s pride! Maya says that´s not it. In any case the clash of butts continues!! Maya can´t afford to lose, her ass can´t be beat by anyone!


Maya starts remembering when she was in an orphanage or school, since she was a small child she had more strength than any other person, her ability to use the Qigong was basically natural. Everyone was afraid of her…Including her Parents. One day the Instructor went to visit the children since Suruga do some charity to such place (or something like that, I don´t remember well ). There she looked the power of Maya and invited her to be a Keijo player, to go to a place where she will be a star!!

That was the first time where Maya felt that she was being needed, that she was being loved… Not afraid of; but accepted.


That´s why she must not lose!!

Suruga´s teacher is very concerned about Maya´s well being… In any case the actions continue and the clash of butts keeps going at full speed!

Maya is starting to losing it and is falling to desperation! If she avoids, if she lose, she won´t be needed anymore, she won´t be accepted anymore, she won´t be loved anymore! Suddenly…


A new force comes inside of Maya and she attacks and greatly damages Nozomi, her hair color has changed… You want to know why Maya was the number 2 of Suruga?... Because the “Other one” is the number 1.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Man this chapter was awesome!! There was no let down and the fight will continue to next chapter.


It was very entertaining to see how Rin and the other girls who aren´t called Nozomi fought against the powers of the Magic girl and the other chick. Also yeah, the Buttack on Titan made me laugh and Saya (the samurai chick) looks a little to Mikasa of Attack on Titan, still every resemblance is mere coincidence…

Continuing the fight between Nozomi and Maya It is developing quite well with the twist that the battle has. At the same time the motivation for the Suruga´s Ribbon girl where explained in a short and good way, so it is good to see that.

Also it seems that the next chapter will be the last, and I have big expectations on what will happen next!


Finally yeah, it was sad that Aoba lost in the previous chapter, and the fact that what the Siren told her was basically that they put Suruga on the edge and well, it gave me the impression that she was making understand that they weren´t expecting Aoba´s team to win anyway… Just like how the Suruga girls had said, making Aoba indeed one of the losers in the whole series since each time we sought her in a race she loses…But oh well, such is life.

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!