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Chapter 10:The Second East-West War Race!!!!!


The Chapter starts with a quick recap of the past one.

After that we see the Suruga teacher telling her students that while Setouchi won the first race, it was because Mio and Miyata where there; this time the story will be different! Especially because this team it seems it´s made by a bunch of second-class players.

They see Aoba, Non, the Vajra chick and the bunny one: The first is nervous, the other put her uniform backwards, the third one is reciting a mantra and the 4th is fantasizing with Mio. 


The Match is about to begin, the land is the plane… Well 2 planes tied by a chain or something, and the announcer says the name of the participants, who on the side of the Suruga are: Kurogiri Ayase (AKA the fairy girl); Higuchi Kei (Burning chick); Itoeda Mai (Dancing girl); and finally Hououin Sanae (“The Black Beast from Suruga”).

And as always, the entrance of the Setouchi girls are just simple.

Now the actions are about to begin! Tsukishita takes the first step and goes straight to the action against Higuchi Kei, who welcomes her with her ability, which is the way she moves, it looks like a dance…Also someone put some piano music or something. In any case Kei starts attacking the bunny girl! The Vajra goes in her help; but is found to her opponent, none other than Kurogiri Ayase. The Vajra girl activates her Ass of Vajra; while the other asks the fairies in the place to give her ass enough strength to endure and defeat her opponent! Both asses clashes like clash of trains with the Vajra being completely and utterly defeated!


Miyata explains Nozomi that what might have happened is that maybe that Fairy chick over there just hypnotized herself, ergo she did something similar to what she does when she wedgies herself up; giving her some sort of stimulant in order to give more than the 100%; of course that kind of things have some toll on the body after a while.

Back at the land the actions continue and our Setouchi girls aren´t having a walk in the park since Non now is fighting against Higuchi Kei whose movements makes her opponent to feel the heat!, the absorption ability of Non is useless against such tactics! For her part, Aoba is fighting Sanae “The Black Beast of Suruga” and the number 3 in the whole School!


The Suruga teacher says that while they are able to avoid the Setouchi team to get together, then… They will win!

The fight continues and it seems that Suruga ahs this round already in the pocket. Then… The signal is given. And the girls jump!

The jump takes the balance off the plan making that both Kei and Mai out of the land! The Setouchi strategy has always been this one! They were able to take 2 of the Suruga students! Setouchi is back in action!


Sanae claps at them, especially to Aoba whose strategy showed her genius; still… This only has convinced her to give her all.

The Vajra girl steps in the way of the Black Beast!


And she is thrown out of the water with a single hit!! None of the Setouchi girls can believe it! The Beast goes against Tsukishita, who tries to use her speed! Little did she knew that Sanae is also very, very fast!! Sanae hits with her hip to the rabbit girl, luckily for her Non has come to the rescue and with her boobs she stops the impulse of the attack!

Sanae has the power of an Infighter and the speed of an Outfighter! The Setouchi girls tries to back and regroup; but the Fairy girl is behind their tail and won´t let them do that!

Aoba has come with a new plan… Non and Tsukishita will handle the Fairy girl, she doesn´t have any fairies, just has hypnotized herself; so it is just a matter of time before such thing takes a toll on her body; as for Aoba herself… She will take care of Sanae!


Non and the rabbit girl goes to face the Fairy girl! Sanae compliments Aoba´s strategy…Although the only flaw is that leaves her with that alone.

Aoba moves her hand and prepares to attack! 


She has done the Hip Meteor!! Nozomi´s movement! That is not possible! Someone like Aoba shouldn´t be able to do that movement!

Aoba starts remembering that her teacher told her that she can do other things with her scanning hand ability; Every girl in the school shows her butt to her, Aoba´s hand not only lets her know the movements of the other players; but it can let them do the girl´s abilities also!

Aoba starts using the techniques of Mari, Rin and Kawai! The different kind of movements takes Sanae out of her comfort zone!


Aoba explains her ability! The Gate of Bootylon! She has all the techniques of the Setouchi students!

The match continues and Aoba is putting Sanae into a corner, she already know her trick! The strength of the Black Beast comes from how she twist her lower back, making her attacks really strong; but at the same time it is easy to detect and one can take the window of opportunity counter such attack!


Sanae is impressed with that… Still the Black Beast can twist other things, the Black Breast… I mean Beast twist her nipples really hard… yeah her boyfriend will have an interesting time with those…err anyway, she release her twisted nipples and basically acts like a drill against Aoba´s chest! Aoba manages to not get take down just by the hairs!

Sanae prepares the next attack; but Non has come to the action! Meanwhile the Rabbit girl decides to do a Kamikaze attack against the Fairy one since her butt is flabby due to the big use of the fairies power!


Now it´s a 2 Vs. 1 situation! Sanae attacks and both Non and Aoba uses their butts to contain her powerful drill attack! Sanae gets repelled and prepares another attack! Non and Aoba prepares their defense! But Sanae made a feint and attacked with her butt sending Non flying!

Still Non has a last parting gift for Aoba! She touches the plane and is able to move the land! Such movement makes Sanae to lose the grip of one of her boobs making it go wild! Aoba uses her ability and she makes the technique of the teacher!


Both girls are sent flying and fell to the water! It seems it is a draw! Still the judges looks at the video and it seems that the drill movement of Sanae´s tits made some whirlwind in the water making that technically Aoba fell on the water.

Suruga is victorious. Aoba can´t believe it!

Now it all depends on the third and last race of the day!


Rin and Kawai are fighting the Masked girl, who it seems she has some… Magic powers?!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Oh man! What an awesome fight! Truly Aoba lost for a mere technicality, which is somewhat sad since she basically has lost all of her matches where she is in, man in truth she is unlucky in that regard!... Although the same can be said about the Vajra girl whose ability in truth has been proved t be time after time an useless one.


In any case still, the fight was just as good as the manga, showing us why this is one of the best arcs in the whole series, although it didn´t hyped me so much as in the printed material maybe because I already knew the result, still it was a very good race filled with twists… Figuratively and literally.

It was very nice to see a little more of Mari´s abilities since she did basically nothing, also a little of the technique of one of the teachers, which is interesting since they were pros in the past.

Finally the next match will be one heck of a ride for the Setouchi students in general and Nozomi in particular! Where lots of things will happen both in the land and in the personal growth of more than one character, so let us be ready!


Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!