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Chapter 09:Ruler of the Jungle Gym!!!!!


The chapter starts with Miyata, she is in her house and has some Keijo papers, it seems she wants to convince her father to let her go and practice Keijo… She is in for a rough time since he doesn´t wanna know anything about that.

Back at the present, the ring bells and the match starts!


The emotions begins and Miyata goes against her opponent the butt eater! Still her race is obstructed by the whole humanity of the Ogre who also gave us a nice kiss! In any case Miyata is about to fall due to the own nature of the land, if it´s not because Kotone saves her butt with the butt!

At the same time Mio and Mari are trying to do a strategy, sadly for the Setouchi brown haired girl, her time on the land is short since she is thrown away thanks to the combined efforts of Kaho and Akari! The buttwins!! Now Mio will have to handle such fighters all by herself!


Nami keeps pestering Miyata since she only see a quitter who left the world of Judo, not like her who always has been 100% into Keijo! Miyata has enough of her!

Now Mio decides to let the twins be for a moment and join the combining efforts of Kotone and Miyata and throw away the Ogre Saki! Which theya re able to do so! The things are even now!

Mio goes back with the twins meanwhile Kotone and Miyata will have to deal with Nami, the Ass-Eater and future idol!


Kotone goes directly to the action and attacks Nami with her Cerberus, she didn´t realized it that her enemy had already expected such actions from the Setouchi student! Cerberus bited her; but the damaged one was none other than her owner Kotone! Nami takes then the opportunity and gives quick butt jabs to the humanity of her opponent! Miyata enters the fray and saves her teammate with the power of her Wedgie accelerator!

While such action was noble, the former Judoka didn´t took into account that such technique would be bad for her legs, which now are unable to move. Nami tries to capitalize; but Kotone enters and defends her team mate!


Kotone tries to attack again; but her attacks has no power against the Ass eater, who has already tasted her butt… Yeah, Gross… In any case. It seems that Nami is able to detect the weak points in her opponents body and attacks them with precision! Nami can even feel like if she where groped!

The Suruga Teacher says that indeed Nami has the ability to see the places where there are more strength in her opponents body and then attacks the places where it is weaker!

Nami attacks and it seems that Kotone is done for! If it is not by Miu who comes and helps her!


Miu gives some hint to Kotone and goes to face the twins! Quick and fast Mio is able to subjugate them! Not with pain; but with pleasure by attacking their arousal points!

The moans and everything are so much that even the audience blushes, including; but not limited by Miyata´s Mom… The Father is still very stoic.


Back with Miyata and Kotone´s struggle, Nami tries to attack the former Judoka; but Kotone gets in her way and attacks her! Still Nami is able to counterattack and it seems that Kotone can´t do much anymore! Kotone gves her all and uses her Cerberus at the maximum! Still she was defeated by Nami with somewhat easiness!

Kotone, before letting herself fall to the water, tells Miyata that everything is in her hands now…


Nami trash mouths about Kotone… Miyata has enough of this Idol wannabe! Miyata uses her W-Accelerator to the maximum, so much that she even breaks her own swimsuit! Miyata is so fast that Nami isn´t able to see her, and so she receives Miyata´s Lightning Butt!... I mean Butt Gatling! Miyata´s dad is looking with full attention to what his daughter is doing…

In one of the attacks Nami is able to block it! Still Miyata is able to keep walking while pressuring the butts! Her plan is to get Nami to the water in this way! It seems that Miyata has this in the pocket!... Until her legs starts giving up again.

All the audience is going crazy with this actions and they ae giving their support to Miyata!


Meanwhile Mio keeps giving pleasure to the twins…

Back with Nami and Miyata´s confrontation, Nami takes the opportunity to attack Miyata! She receives the full attack of her opponent! Miyata´s Dad is all in the action, he wants to tell her daughter something! Anything in order to help her!

Nami keeps saying about how she is different than Miyata, because Miyata is a Judo quiter, not like her since Keijo has been her life since she was just a small child!


Miyata starts remembering the last time she spoke with her Dad, that he didn´t wanted to see her daughter throwing away Judo, the world where she has grown up and she is able to make a name and a living of it.

Miyata snaps out and tells Nami that such things as “resolve” and stuff are just worthless, no matter how much time or years or whatever you put into a sport, that won´t determinate how strong you are! Since more than anyone here Miyata has dreamed of being a Keijo player! She remembers when she was a little girl and watched a match alongside her Mom.

Miyata never run off from Judo, she is here because she loves Keijo!


Miyata starts groping her breast like a maniac! Nami uses her powers and she sees that Miyata´s nipples are the only hard thing in her body! Miyata show us a boob and…! No, I won´t say something dirty about the public reaction…

Miyata caught with the nipple Nami´s swimsuit and she makes basically a Judo Move!!

Miyata´s Dad remembers when he taught her such move, about how Judo works…

Miyata tells Nami basically that since she studied Judo and not only Keijo, that makes her even better than someone who only dominates one art and it´s limited to a single mentality!!


Miyata ahs defeated Nami!!

… Also Mio defeated the twins…


Setouchi has won!!

Miyata´s parents gives the thumbs up to her daughter, they are proud of her! In the locker room everyone congratulates them for what they did, Nozomi congratulates her friend, and Miyata tells her that she is very happy that her Father came, even though she never told them nor she brought them the tickets or anything… Nozomi say that well, it´s obvious that he will come, he is a Dad after all, and a Parent will always treasure their Children and will be watching them.

Now Miyata has a new resolve… Maybe she didn´t brought the gold in Judo; but she will be the number 1 in Keijo, she will be a prize queen and will give them a gold massage chair or something like that! Nozomi says that she will be the proze queen and will give her parents Cars, stuff and… A golden massage chair!


Meanwhile Miyata´s Dad tells his Wife that this is the first time that he sought his daughter smiling that way, that was an smile that never came while she was practicing Judo…

Later Aoba is fighting a Soruga girl who resembles that demon chick from Overlord; in any case that chick twist her nipples (ouch…) and makes a… Tornado attack?!


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Oh Man! As expected the first race started very strong! From how the fight developed and the ending of Miyata´s Arc regarding her family situation, it was all well done!


This article it is coming sooner due that I will be away from the weekend, at the same time the Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON article will be delayed; but I will try my best to publish it in Tuesday at the latest, promise!

Now continuing, the power movements parade was strong in this episode, heck a little bit more and I would think that I´m watching Saint Seiya! In any case I truly liked the fight between Miyata and that Idol chick, which is funny since in the manga I liked it more the Fujisaki Vs. Idol one… Still both parts of such fight where extremely good and made me al pumped for what it is going to come.

Continuing, it is very good to see that Mio has more than one card under her sleeve… And what card it is! Heck even Miyata´s Mom blushed to such technique… and the moans of the twins! Still it is somewhat of a smart technique since the Suruga students train very hard to fight the pain; but no to the pleasure so the twins are very defenseless to such technique.


Still it was such a pity that the fourth Setouchi girl basically did nothing other than show how dangerous those twins can be since it would have been interesting to see what kind of gimmick moves she has… But oh well so it is life.

Finally, I will say it again. Miyata´s fight was excellent and well paced I basically loved everything about it, from the agility and how she dealt with her enemy´s technique! That alongside the short; but sweet reminding scenes was just about right to make me appreciate her character even more. Also the last conversation with Nozomi was funny and sweet at the same time, so there are no complaints from on that side!

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!