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Chapter 08:The Dramatic East-West War!!!!!


The Chapter starts with a race between Non and the Muscle lady, she is ready to amend her defeat against Non that occurred last time! She goes to attack and…!

Oh, she lost…

While the next match is coming. Usagi explains the motivations of her hatred for Nozomi, and it is basically because… She is a Mio´s Fangirl and she wants her to be “friendly” with Mio, basically, and she believes that Nozomi is in her way!


Now it is time for the last match and it will be between Nozomi and Usagi! Both girls are on the land… Ad here comes the ring bell! The actions start and Usagi has shown to be a truly fast fighter! Nozomi tries to hit her; but all her attacks are avoided by the agility of the “bunny girl”! Usagi takes the initiative then and she makes her attack which consist in giving a lot of spins with her butt, like the Tatsumakisenpukiaku; but with butts instead of kicks! It seems that Nozomi is between the sword and a hard place until she does her new move! The Butt Flash!

The Butt flash impacts in Usagi´s face taking her out of control, still the Bunny Girl hasn´t given up yet and she is determined to show to Mio that Nozomi is nothing especial, and she is just friendly. At the same time Nozomi is determined to win and show the fruits of her hard work with the turnips!


Usagi prepares her next attack and she does a… Umm… Alley up? I mean a weird move where with her boobs she moved her opponent and hit her in the face with her butt, or something… In any case the battle continues and the quick attacks that comes from the Butt flash are being avoided by Usagi. Little did she knew that she was going to a trap, Now Usagi is between the water and an arse! Usagi tries desperately to try to change the situation; but Nozomi does´t let her go!

In the end Nozomi defeats her opponent with a variant of the Butt flash! The Victory comes to Nozomi! Everyone is cheering for the amazing show of skills of these 2 athletes! Nozomi gives her hand to Usagi. That´s professionalism right there!


Later, Usagi is remembering her match, it seems that for the first time she had fun in this sport. Nozomi goes to see her since the party is about to begin. Usagi says in her Tsundere way that she had fun in the match that they held today.

In the party, Ujibe tells them to be ready for the East-West War!


A Month later, the time for such event has come! The Shimizu stadium is one that is quite big to tell the truth, the biggest in all Japan for this sport.

A little later it seems that the training grounds between Suruga and Setouchi are truly different, the first have the best training grounds, personal coaches and even beverages; while the seconds have Healthy bodies?

In any case The Setouchi girls are able to hear an interview from one of the Suruga teachers who is truly trash talking the rival school by saying that they are nothing and they have lost all the matches before, so this event in truth is meaningless, at the same time she wants that both schools get merged… In Suruga. Also that the teachers they have are trash, trash…Everything in Setouchi is trash!


Nozomi can´t handle it anymore of this rude talks and steps in enemy territory! The other Elite Girls accompany her too! They demand an apology!

Suddenly a blonde chick comes in front of Nozomi, her faithful rival…


The mysterious girl ask them to set back and stop interrupting. Nozomi doesn´t listen to her and keeps going forward; with a swift attack from the Suruga student Nozomi is thrown away back with her group! Still the Suruga student didn´t get out clean, since Nozomi was able to break some of her clothes with a swift attack! Both girls are ready to fight until Mio interferes with some sand movement which is cleared thanks to two twins who are in Suruga!

A royal battle is about to start until the Setouchi teachers step in, apologize and retrieve their students.

Maya, the blonde girl, says that there is something about Nozomi that just makes her mad…


A little later, the teachers are scolding the Setouchi Students due to their behavior… having said that, they are pleased and grateful that their students went out of their way in order to defend them.

Now the rules are explained and it will be a 2-3 fights, where the one who wind 2 will be the winner. At the same time, the races will be in teams of 4 Which will be formed by the following people:

Team 1:

Mio, Mari, Miyata and Kotone (Team MmmKay)

Team 2:

Usagi ,Atsuko, Aoba and Non (Us And…)

Team 3:

Rin, Kawai, Nozomi and Saya (iS RKnO … Hey I can´t make miracles!)


The day has come for the big event! Miyata´s parents are in there, even though her Dad is somewhat reluctant, still he goes dragged by the wife… In any case the first race is about to begin and in the journalist table, one of them notes that Suruga´s number 1 student isn´t on the list… That´s weird, maybe they don´t feel like Setouchi deserves someone like their “number 1”.

Now with the Setouchi girls, the 1st team is ready to enter the fray! Nozomi congratulates them, Miyata doubts that her parents might have come or even see them… Nozomi is confident that at the very least they are watching her, especially her Dad, It´s his daughter after all.

Ujibe gives the girls a motivational speech and now the first team is ready to go! At the same time Suruga´s teacher makes the same for her girls!... Which also made me remember the speech of the evil sensei in Karate Kid; but whatever.


The Announcer gives a lot of promotion to Suruga´s team which is formed by:

Saki (muscle lady), Fuyuzora Kaho and Akari (the twins) finalizing with Nami (Orange hair and the Ass- Eater… It´s okay to laugh)

Both girls chats a little and it seems that Nami has something against Miyata since Nami, who also wants to be a Keijo Idol, ergo racing and singing or something; Nami has since forever being a Keijo player, unlike Miyata who was a Judoka at first… Mio interferes and well… Let us say that both teams are bumped and ready to go! The arena will be a pipe one, a hard to manipulate one.


Clothes out and it´s time to see the swimsuits!! Miyata´s Dad doesn´t approve… In any case the match is about to begin!

The advance show us how Miyata plays with her breast a little and then she shows a boob!!... What?!!


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Amazing chapter! It was truly good! From the first half and the motivations in the second part.


I think it truly helped the fact that the motivations where quick and swift, making them to not to feel too dull; in this way they basically making us all pumped up for what is going to come. Since in this kind of stuff less is more and it made a more than good job settling this rivalry between the 2 schools

As I said in the past week the fight against the bunny girls wasn´t a big deal; but it wasn´t bad either, and as a matter of fact I am thankful that it appeared since it helped to put up the mood for the chapter in general, making it everything to be even more enjoyable!

There it is to say that this will be the last story arc that the anime will touch; but the fights are so good that it will go with a bang! And I am not joking, this Arc is easily one of the best in the Manga! So my hopes are truly up there!


There it is to add that the Mikasa´s arc will come to an end regarding her family situation. I have to say that the manga handled things a little more different, although I have the feeling that still the conclusion to such thing will be just as satisfactory.

Finally I have a doubt in how the anime will handle the partial nudity of this arc since some technique, as you might saw it at the end of the chapter; there are some “peek-a-boob” moments, so it will be interesting how the anime will deal with that since while Keijo it is an ecchi series the anime isnpt truly as heavy in that aspect as the manga.

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!