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Chapter 06: Alluring Kyoto Trip!!!!!


The Chapter starts with Nozomi and the other girls eating the breakfast, they can´t believe that they are now part of the Elite class! Nozomi is having a feast and Miyata wonders why are they having this conversation again?

In another day the Elite girls are going to Kyoto!! They are going to a special training in such city filled with folklore and other stuff that makes it a must for every Japanese student! Suddenly the bust stop; but the girls can´t go to the hotel, their teacher tells them that right now they come very early so the hotel can´t let them check in… Man I always hate when that happens, especially after an 8+ hours bus traveling.

In any case the girls have 3 free hours to roam around the city and do some tourism! Especially because the training will be hell it seems.


Continuing the girls are deciding what they want to do… Miyata wants to do some touri… Kawai enters the conversation and since she is fron Kyoto she knows some coffees where some handsome guys are, and then they can get to know a man and then escape and see him by the river and…As we say in México, the Gentlemen have no memory…

Nozomi says no to the idea due that Aoba is just too shy to enter a conversation with a man she doesn´t know. Mio the steps in –interrupting Miyata, and she wants to do something that all the girls just plainly say no. In any case most of the girls have their own idea in how to spend this time. 


Later Miyata is doing some tourism alone and she is remembering at time of her past, this wasn´t the first time she has been in this situation… She remembers when she was a child and she get invited by other kids to go to festivals or other stuff; but she always got a turnoff, not because of her or her aren´t denied it; but because since everyone knew that she was practicing Judo, so everyone knew for a fact that she couldn´t go… Isolating her even though she had the time to go and have fun with them…

Suddenly a voice is heard that snaps out Miyata, it is Nozomi. She alongside Non and Aoba have come with her and do some tourism like she wanted! Miayata´s heart has melted basically for what her friends are doing for her… To what is to have friends now…

Some tourism later and the girls went back with lots of souvenirs including a giant plushy monkey! Sadly most of those stuff are going to be confiscated during the trip!


At the final part of the Bus, the teacher, Kobayakawa, notifies Nozomi that she will be an Infighter, ergo the power type! She also speaks that the training camp the girls will be divided in groups; one for every type of player they are… Easy enough, this is because the girls will be trained by an specialized instructor.

Now at the Hotel, Nozomi is talking with her siblings, who appear in the manga BTW, they are a boy and a girl. She is telling them everything she has done so she is very happy. Also she speaks that the Elite Class members at the moment of graduating they reach the “Rank B” in Keijo, so which means that they can start fighting for real money instead of peanuts (The ranks are C,B,A and Prize Queen).


Later Miyata goes to talk to the phone, she says to her Mom that she is fine and she asks for her Dad… It seems he can´t take the call right now. Miyata says that it is fine and says her good byes.

I will make a little parenthesis in here. Miyata Sayaka´s Father is a very famous Judoka and until recently she was following the steps of her Father in being a Judoka, and a good one at that! She even was one of the possibilities to represent Japan in the Olympics… But due to personal reasons in the end, she decided to make herself loose at the last match that would make her go to such high prestige event… After that she decided to try Keijo (also I omitted some things since I donpt know if we will get to see them later or if you want to see the Manga)


Later the Fighters are divided according to what type they are… Still in Nozomi´s room there is someone who doesn´t belong there… Usagi, an Out fighter and also one of Mio´s groupies/ Fan girls and she started peeiking.

In any case it seems that in her eyes Nozomi is stealing Mio´s Affection and attention from her! So now she has a feud with out Main Character!... Although Nozomi clearly doesn´t want those kind of things.

At the next day all the girls are doing a morning stroll; Nozomi is using a weight on her legs in order to train them, the stroll goes quite normal until another lady who was jogging surpass them… Most of the girls can´t believe that a weird random old lady is faster than them! It´s game one!


Nozomi, Rin and Mio starts running faster and surpass the rest of the group, still the random old lady is faster than them! The girls start getting serious! The not expected race continues until the stroll ends!

All the girls are exhausted and they only could eat that Kyoto lady´s dust. The teacher ask them why are all of them so exhausted? Nozomi explains that it was for an Old Lady that… Oh she´s there… And she didn´t liked to be called “Old”.


Thanks to Non the lumbers gets out of their position and theya re going to fall on our girls humanity! Until this Kyoto lady comes into the action and saves their butts… With her butt.

In any case this lady tells them that these girls are untactful, and have no respect for their Senpai. The teacher then presents her. She is Shirayuki “Kyoto´s Missile lady”, a Pro Player and the girl who won that time when Nozomi and Miyata went to see a Keijo Race.

The rabbit is out of the hat. Their instructors will be Pro Players from Kyoto!

Later every girl is presented to their instructor and Shirayuki is an Infighter, so she will train Nozomi and the other Infighters!


The training is going to start and Shirayuki tells the Infighters one thing firs: She hates dishonesty and cheating, so if I see that any of the girls do that, they will get her wrath! Urgh it seems Nozomi and the other girls will have it rough!

Suddenly Shirayuki points out that Nozomi has long nails… That is no good since she can either damage herself or another player… A disrespect it seems… Oh no! Nozomi will meet her wrath!


Or not. Shirayuki just took care of the nails, she is an Angel it seems. Anyway, after noticing some faults and fixing them, our girls are shinning and ready to train! Nozomi will go first… Although she shouldn´t have thrown her shirt to the water…

Anyway the match starts and Nozomi goes with all she has, still the Pro Player Shirayuki is able to avoid all the attacks of the recently Elite Class member! Heck she can even use Nozomi´s attacks against her! Nozomi gives her all; but Shirayuki is avoiding like if it was nothing! Heck one can even says that she is just toying with Nozomi!


The Race continues with this dance until 1 minute is left! Nozomi, feeling the pressure decides to give her all and is preparing the Vacuum Butt Cannon; but gets interrupted by Shirayuki by just standing in her way!

Shirayuki then tells her that she is brave, strong, flexible and has a soft body; but she has a glaring flaw, one that can dethrone all the good things Nozomi has… Which males all of this a shame. Shirayuki makes her move and with a single hit she has defeated Nozomi by throwing her like if she was a rock or something.


Shirayuki tells her that her flaw is in her body, and if she doesn´t know it then… Nozomi will never be able to hit her, or any other Pro player, even once… The training for other girl continues… Nozomi is speechless.

Meanwhile Miyata is testing the UTM in her since according to her this suit can make the breast bigger… So she tries and she even says that her boobs bounced a little; until Rin and the other Out fighters told her that no, it didn´t bounced… Miyata is embarrassed.


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

An entertaining chapter; although not much more this week´s. That shouldn´t surprise me much since it is hard to beat the past chapter who was an arc´s Climax while this chapter is just the set up for the Kyoto mini-arc. Still the chapter was nice in some regards although not so much in others.


Let me explain a little bit starting with the good things: The fight setup Nozomi has with the Pro-Keijo player was very nice, at the same time most of the comedy parts where very good too! They made entertained me and some of them made me laugh, so that wasn´t bad at all! Especially the part with Miyata using the UTM, that was very funny!

Now on the negatives: While the character development parts existed and made the message clear, they didn´t gave the impact that it should have done, it was interesting to see; but it was just “meh” in various regards at the moment of showing us that, I think that the best part in that regard is Miyata´s phone call; but it didn´t made much of an impact either…

Now continuing with this chapter in general, man I can´t get enough of Shirayuki! She is truly funny with the fact that she is very stoic and it can looks like that she is truly severe with everyone, when in truth she is more like an Angel who cares for everyone is truly amazing! Also I truly like her design, it is pretty and mature at the same time, and that´s good for me!


Finally, I liked that we get to see some stuff of the girls, like Nozomi´s Family and Miyata´s one, also that it shown a little the fact that Kawai is desperate for a boyfriend, that made me laugh. So it was nice, although as I said before this chapter had some flaws that made it stopped it from being “entertaining; but normal” to something good or memorable.

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!