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Chapter 05: Full-Auto Cerberus!!!!!


The Chapter starts with Nozomi who is putting off the UTM and wearing a normal swimsuit, she can feel some difference now in her butt; in any case she is ready to fight!

Suddenly we change to Yuri on Ic—I mean we get to see two young and hot guys being together, one is being a little pushy with the other, the first one embrace him…Oh he is going for the kill! They kiss!

All of this is happening in a Drama Audio that Fujisaki of the Elite-Class is hearing, she is blushed and saying things like “Yes!” and “This is the good stuff!” and other things on the same alley. Suddenly Nozomi notices her that she selected the land and it will be a Fountain one… Nozomi by looking that Fujisaki was very into she got curious and managed to hear what Fujisaki was hearing… And she hears basically 2 guys who are about to bang each other… Fujisaki blushes and says that she doesn´t like nor doesn´t know about BL!?


A little later Nozomi is talking with Miyata and Non, and it seems that Aoba wants to be alone for a while… Thing that is understandable since she lost her race in a very big way… Kawai approaches the 309 girls and tells them that Fujisaki is the daughter of a former Keijo Player, a Prize Queen; also that her big sister is a Pro player… So she is surrounded by Keijo since she was little… This race won´t be easy for Nozomi!

In any case the match is about to start and Fujisaki is looking at the sky, doesn she doesn´t care for her opponents? Nope… She is just imagining Yaoi scenes within the clouds… Nozomi steps in the land, which is a wet one and slips a little! Lucky for her she grabs Fujisaki and stops… All is well…

Now the match starts!


One of the girls goes against Fujisaki; but this one quickly defeats her, she doesn´t just did it quickly; but she also didn´t see her!... This is her especial ability, Cerberus… Her ass, legs and feet are so sensitive that can feel the movement and acts on his own, by making certain predictions in where the enemy will attack; Fujisaki doesn´t have to do anything!

Nozomi goes to attack her only to get repelled and even damaged by the attack of Fujisaki! Nozomi is amazed by that; but her words comes to deaf ears since the Elite-Class member is more concerned by imagining Yaoi stuff in the clouds. For Nozomi that is disrespectful since it is like if she didn´t cared about the race at hand!


… Fujisaki says that is the case, this is just a work for her, something to make money in order to pay for her hobbies and true passions. She says that she will make Fujisaki to look at her!

The other girl interferes and says that if they want to win they must team up! Suddenly Fujisaki interrupts them and attacks them! Defeating the other player, now it´s only a thing between Fujisaki and Nozomi!

Nozomi starts running from Fujisaki´s Butt-Hound! She can only run and receive the attacks of the Elite class member! In one of these attacks Nozomi is able to avoid the attack! This action throws Fujisaki out of her balance who says that she has to be more careful now… Wait, this isn´t like her!


Both butts clash and Cerberus bites Nozomi´s buttocks!

Nozomi starts moving her hips like crazy thing that puts Fujisaki in an uncomfortable position due to the fact that she is very sensible in those areas!


Now she has done it! Fujisaki turns around and hits her with her chest! For the first time Fujisaki ahs the impeding need to defeat someone in this water sport! Nozomi has accomplished her goal… 

Fujisaki starts attacking Nozomi with everything she has! From using Cerberus to stealing one of Ryu´s signature moves (remember it is always forward and then the Hadouken movement, not that weird “Z” figure) Nozomi again doesn´t have any time to breath or attack and is failing against Fujisaki´s attacks!


Miyata has reached to the conclusion that this is the true style of Cerberus; the fighting using both her butt and boobs at the same time, like a hunter and it´s hound!

Nozomi then evades an attack by jumping; she has found the key to how to avoid Fujisaki´s attacks… Her gymnastic super powers! Time and time again Nozomi is able to avoid the attacks of the elite class member and her butt-hound!

Fujisaki gets desperate and is ready to do her super move! The aura of Cerberus engulfs her whole body and attacks Nozomi damaging her in a big way!


… Now Nozomi knows that if she wants to win, if she wants to climb that big wall in front of her, she has to use this move. Nozomi starts spinning and she does her Vacuum Butt Cannon! Fujisaki avoids the attack by the hairs; Nozomi then prepares a second attack! Fujisaki has decided to do her ultimate attack too! 

Cerberus Vs. the Vacuum Butt Cannon!!!!!!!! A clash of wills is happening!, who will win?!


For Ujibe this is obvious… Due to the individual capacities of both techniques, which attack will win is very obvious… The Vacuum Butt Cannon.

Said and done, Nosomi´s technique defeats Fujisaki one.

Nozomi has won!

Nozomi extend her hand to Fujisaki and tells her that this was very fun so she will look forward to run against her. Fujisaki just decides to leave…


Fujisaki is trying to keep hearing her Audio Drama, it seems that her two stallions are about to cross swords; but she can´t hear them… Her heart is beating to fast and to strong, for the first time Fujisaki had a good time in this sport, thanks to Nozomi she has do a step on the right direction to aim to get better at this…

After all of the races ended, Ujibe tells them a motivational speech, about the motto “Only in the land” Which it is that while they do everything in their power to defeat their opponents, all of those emotions, anger, jealous and sadness must stay in the land, out of it their bond must be stronger and must keep getting bigger.


Also… If one of them are disappointed at the results (Aoba looks very sad) then they must use those feelings as a fuel to keep aiming for the better. In any case the list of promotions and demotions will be in a few hours; the next day will be off so they hope they give their best in the day after tomorrow.

After the speech, Ujibe called Nozomi at the infirmary… In there Ujibe is wih a Ruler and Nozomi fears for the integrity of her lower back´s integrity, she starts begging for mercy… Ujibe gets close and!... She was just measuring the thickness of Nozomi´s buns, it seems that her muscles have gotten ticker, thanks to the UTM of course. Ujibe has given her permission to Nozomi to use the Vacuum Butt Cannon! Although Ujibe tells Nozomi to use it only as a last resort, since she must hurt herself, so she needs to find other ways of winning.


Later Aoba is packing and she is using the same clothes with which she came… Nozomi and the girls enter and ask her what is she doing? Aoba gives them her records of the techniques and stuff from the other girls… Since Aoba is sure she is left out, she lost and in an overwhelming way, and a lot of students are thrown out after this event, and she is sure she is one of them.

Nozomi and the others took her to the list… All of the 309 girls are now part of the Elite Class! Ujibe enters the conversation and says that this is because Aoba impressed her with how she acted, that while it is the truth that Mio won in an overwhelming way, still thanks to Aoba they drove her to a corner, where she was forced to use a forbidden technique, the tits hypnosis is a forbidden move that it can be dangerous to unexperienced fighters… One can see that by how Aoba and the others needed help. 


For that, Mio was punished.

At the same time Aoba will stay and is now an elite class member! She is very happy!

Later Ujibe is with the other teachers and they talk to her and give us to understand that the fact that all of the 309 girls passed to the Elite class was only a whim of her… Thing that makes sense because while Nozomi and Miyata won by her own abilities, Non won by mere chance while Aoba lost. Still Ujibe says that there are people that when they are together they become stronger!... Besides…


…She wants to win the event… The East-West War!

On another day, the girls are training and some construction amterial will fall on them! Until a mysterious girl comes in their rescue.


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions


Man this chapter is a perfect 10 in my book! The comedy was excellent and the battle was certainly epic this time! The little bit of drama was well handed and it even opened us the doors for the next big story arc!

Now talking about the character Fujisaki, in the past I talked about my worries by presenting her character, since the thing one recognized her more it´s for her love of Yaoi genre, this was more because the male genre in the manga has a part in this Keijo School (there it is even another possible love interest for Nozomi alongside a childhood friend back at the arcs that the anime dismissed) while in the anime that part has been scraped all together so… It was interesting to see how they tackled this issue with Fujisaki.

Talking a little more about the manga, other concerns where that certain parts of the characters where missed it too like that Kawai is desperate for a Boyfriend or that Aoba was feeling very lonely and homesick at first until Nozomi broke her defenses. In any case let us continue with the chapter at hand.


The way the fight was handled was sublime to say the least, truly exciting and engaging giving a good deal of attention to Fujisaki´s abilities without making it look very ridiculous… thing that I loved, and also I love her character for how she express and how she looks Boys Love in everything she sees while at the same time she is embarrassed by it… Something funny and kinda cute…Err… In any case she also reminds me of Fenrir, a character of Saint Seiya, so that gives her more points too!

Now talking about the drama, it was perfectly good handed by what little it had with Aoba feeling she was a looser and that she had to leave… Still it would have been better with a little more progression; but with what they did they made an excellent work with it anyway.

Finally this has been the perfect first sight for the next big story arc, which is the East-West War… I won´t talk much about it here; but I will say that it is Epic!


See Ya Next Time!