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Chapter 04:The Battle For The Fastest Butt!!!!


The Chapter starts with a quick recap of the event that is coming… The class change race! After that we are at the start of the race between Miyata, Rin and other 2 girls!

The race starts and Miyata is the first one to attack the elite girl who is able to evade the attack at the very last second, still that wasn´t because she was surprised; but because she wanted to do that! In any case the thing start and it is obvious that this race will be a fight between Rin and Miyata almost exclusively!

In any case Rin is entertained by her and Miyata tells her that Rin is wrong with that thing of being the fastest Outfighter in west Japan… Since Miyata is…


The fight continues and the other 2 girls go for the kill against Rin, which the elite player is able to avoid and even counter attack with her powerful butt-gatling sending both girls flying to the other side… The fight is not over yet for these athletes… Or so it seems when the land they are starts balancing violently taking both girls out of the water! This is the gimmick of this stage… Since it´s shape is like a half circle it{s gavity center if moved can make big balancing issues, making it easy to fall off from it.

Now the true fight between Rin and Miyata starts!


The fight between these 2 Outfighter athletes’ starts and the butts start clashing like 2 swordswomen fighting with their swords! Rin then decides to get serious and her hair gets a little messy in the process! Rin gives her all and her movements are so fast that she might as well be teleporting leaving Miyata only as a punching bag for the elite class member! Quickly Rin has Miyata against the ropes and with little balance, the elite class member goes for the kill!!; But Miyata evaded it, it was all a bluff in order to put her rival in a precarious situation!

Miyata starts attacking like there is no tomorrow and makes her move, the 3-amigo—… I mean the Triple Thrust Hurricane Attack! The last hit of those is able to hit Rin in her hip! Rin is amazed by the move made by Miyata and ashamed by herself for falling to her trap!

Nozomi and the other 309 girls start saying that Miyata made a good move and that she has this race in her bag now! Miu and Kawai steps in and tells that they wouldn´t count on that since while Miyata caught Rin out of her guard, now she will start fighting seriously so… Now those cheap tricks won´t work on her.


The fight continues and these two opponents start fighting with their lower backs using their butt Gatling to the max! Their butt slaps and velocity are similar, if not equal! Suddenly Miyata gets hit! Rin takes a deep breath and both girls restart their attacks! The results are the same! While at the first they are on equal grounds, in a moment Miyata´s pace slows down and Rin hits her!

Nozomi is able to detect that Miyata looks like she doesn´t have breath, then the thing is revealed by Kawai, Rin not only is fast, agile and with fast movements… But her lungs have high capacity. This is important since for an athlete, or any person who is making any kind of effort, wastes breath, so Rn having the ability to catch big quantities of the vital Oxygen makes it a deal breaker in this kind of resistance situations!


The thing looks grim for our former Judoka and Rin is ready for the kill! Aoba tells the girls that even if Miyata is in a dire situation, she has been training in order to secure that she is the fastest one! Miyata stops and starts receiving the damage in front until there are 30 seconds left in the clock.

Miyata evades the last attack from Rin and with the same impulses she makes a wedgie to herself! Rin confused about such things goes back to attack the former Judoka which moves like the light and is able to hit her back!


Rin tries to attack; but Miyata avoids the attack and counter attacks her opponent! Aoba explains that what Miyata did was to avoid the strain made by the swimsuits, making her winning an extra speed! Rin is under a shower of butt slaps brought by none other than Miyata! Rin and Miyata gives the all for all; but the Elite member one can´t keep her pace!

Rin falls… And so she loses.

Miyata has won!!

After the match, the butt muscles of Miyata gets too strained and she falls, Rin gets closer to her and says that she understands now, Miyata can only use her technique during a limited time, that’s why she waited for the last moment to use it. Rin has accepted her defeat. 


In any case both girls gives the hand to each other, because as the luchadors say… “they might damage between them; but they will never hurt each other”.

After that… Nozomi is having serious difficulties in order to wedge out her swimsuit, Aoba helps her and after a little moaning the thing goes out… In any case now it´s the time for Non to fight and she will fight 4 muscle girls! Obviously enough she is very afraid for her safety around a lot of muscles.


In any case two of the muscle girls (one is called Ooshima if I remember right, she was a main character in one of the early story arcs of the manga) goes against the elite one in order to attacks her!

The attack reaches to a wall, the Ass of Vajra is able to repel every attack; but also to give a strong butt slap! With easiness the Elite member is able to defeat the other 2 muscle girls. Now Non is the only left. The elite members attacks her and Non protects herself with her butt!


Non´s butt is able to receive the attack fully, her ass is so soft that is able to receive the impact and even counter it. With the same impulse the attack is reflected and Vajra´s butt is defeated alongside the person whose butt belongs to.

Non has won!... That was quick.

In any case Non has won, and even if it was by luck, she is the winner of this match. Now it´s the turn for Aoba to represent the 309 girls! 


The big opponent for the low rank girls is none other than Kusakai Mio, the number 1 girl! She hasn´t lost ever…Neither on practice or in a match, she has always come victorious.

The Match starts and Aoba starts attacking, thing that Mio successfully evades! Still Aoba keeps putting pressure on her opponent who is not very amused by the movements of her rival! Mio takes advantage and is able to give a butt slap to Aoba´s belly! Mio feels that she has this encounter on her bag now!


Suddenly Aoba stats giving instructions to the other girls who quickly approaches her and puts Mio in to a corner, no matter what she do, she is always a step before them! Aoba starts explaining then that this is her ability… She has read every thing that Mio does, her movements and how she is used to escape or confront…

The Scanning Hand! Aoba has a special sensibility in her right hand which makes her feel how tense are the muscles, talking about her lower back area and the legs, she can feel how those muscles moves and by that making prediction on the habitual movements that the user does; Aoba hasn´t only felt Mio´s lower back; but of everyone!! Then everyone remembers that day that Aoba did a massage to every girl.


Aoba continues and says that she explained her ability and plan to the other girls in order to get rid of Miu!!

Miu is amazed about that and starts laughing in a weird way while moving her breast… The girls are flabbergasted by such behavior.

Before the girls now, they are unable to move, her breast where used as an hypnosis tool… Okay, that is dumb; but all in good fun! In any case, Mio just simply pushes the other girls, since the effects of the hypnosis are too great, the medic team goes to help Aoba and the others… Needless to say, Mio has Won. Ujibe looks at the scene with displeasure eyes.

Now… Miyata and the others are concerned for Aoba; but Nozomi sadly has to ignore her friend in order to focus on her match, against the mysterious Fujisake Kotone…


Later we see Nozomi running from Kotone´s butt who it seems it has a life of it´s own!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

A very good chapter, the time flew while I was watching it! Now we sought three of the 4 fights, and every fight was different from the other; the first one between Miyata and Rin was truly the main event of the chapter; which is a little sad since in the Manga the Aoba´s fight was truly good too! In any case, and I don´t want to spoil anything; but these fights will cement a character as the big loser of the 309 team, which is a little sad.


One of the strong points in Keijo is definitively the action, when the girls gets on the land starts fighting each other, the anime truly shines and becomes something amazing that makes it exciting to watch! This is reinforced by the first chapter and this one, which shows a truly good direction of the action scenes.

Continuing, the action was truly nice and fluid in various aspects, even though it was funny seeing how both Miyata and Rin interchanged butt slaps as if it where punches, something weird and funny at the same time!

Now, I liked how the fight with Non wasn´t as comedy and more about the action and longer in here…Still in both the fight was truly short. Still the comedy was in there and that is a very good thing! Especially when it comes about Non, since she is more like the comic relief of this group of girls. Also the “vajra” chick… I liked how subtle they put her religious part in her personality since her family works on a Budhist temple.


Now getting back with Aoba´s fight… What a pity for her, although the technique that Mio used it was… Dumb, I mean even though the hypnosis works, one of the girls must have gone to attack in order to stop her, in any case she won and that move it is very bad since they needed the help of the medic team in order to get out the girls. Also I have to say that Mio is not my favorite character since the trope of the “girl who behaves like a pervy old man” is a little overused and is not truly very fun (it can be in little doses though) So… Yeah, also that yeah Aoba lost and she is one of my favorites! ; but in any case the fights where more or less different and unique.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!