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Chapter 03: Vacuum Butt Cannon!!!!


The Chapter starts with Nozomi doing her movement! Which, without knowing it it was the Vacuum Butt Cannon!... Which of course destroys the clothes of the other 3 girls of 309…, although that is not the only thing since… Nozomi´s Hips truly hurts!

After that Nozomi is taken to the infirmary in order to be checked.

After that the girls are bathing and Non wonders how well is Nozomi since she didn´t went to class after that, in any case she and Miyata gets out and finds that Nozomi is getting a massage from Aoba, which it seems she has magic hands. So Nozomi feels a lot better now.


In any case Non explains the three types of fighters that exist: The Infighters who use strength in order to give fatal blows; The Outfighters who uses speed to their advantage; and the Counters who use the strength and the movements of the opponent to their own advantage… There it is to say that is basically like Rock, Scissors, Paper since the Infighters can deal easily with an Outone; but have it difficult against a Counter, at the same time the Outfighters can deal easily with a Counter and so on…

In the same theme it seems that Miyata is an Outfighter, the girls talk a little and the theme about the Swimsuits getting destroyed butts in and Nozomi says that those must have broken because they gained fat! Thing that Miyata disapproves since they have being doing lots of exercise.


Suddenly Kawai and Mio from the elite class steps in, Mio tries to flirt with our Main Character; but Kawai stops her, at the same time they start talking about that movement that Nozomi made… the Vacuum Butt Cannon, which it seems she did it by accident. This movement is made by big rotation movement combined with certain hips movement, making basically a tornado which cuts the air and everything around it! There it is the rumor that says that whoever masters such move will become a Prize Queen.

After hearing that Nozomi wanted to become hulk because she was filled with those greens, man!! Have delicious dinner, luxury cards, an amazing house, everything!!

Suddenly a mysterious girl has come in… 


Rin the self proclaimed “fastest player in the western side of the Atlantic”… I mean the “Fastest in the west Japan”, in any case Rin says that Nozomi is the only one from the regulars who truly is worth something, since the others are meh. In any case Nozomi asks if Rin is truly fast which she decides to make her butt do the talk and gives a lot of fast attacks! Those where so much and so fast that Nozomi couldn´t see them! Also Rin is very fast so much that she can move like lightning and… Grope Non at the same time… In any case she invites Nozomi to train with them instead of those weaklings she has for roommates. That didn´t sound so well for our heroines…Especially with Miyata regarding the speed.

Continuing with that conversation, Rin and the other elite girls bring the theme of a future event that is coming, which is a class change race! After that the Elite girls leave and our 309 ones talks a little about that race, although not by much.

The following day, the results are in and we get to know that Miyata and Aoba are Out Fighters and Non a Counter; but in the case of Nozomi… Well, the teacher has send her to Nagisa (the Mermaid) in order to discuss something with her regarding that.


When Nozomi fnally meets Ujibe, she starts talking about that Vacuum Butt Cannon and that if Nozomi masters it it can be a big technique that can push her to be a Prize Queen, thing that has our Heroine all excited… Although Ujibe says other thing besides that, and is that she has forbidden the use of such technique. Nozomi canpt believe that and asks for an explanation since mastering that technique is basically a free ticket to be a Prize Queen! Ujibe explains that the Prize Queens that have mastered it have a very, very short career, this is due to the big pressure that this technique gives to the hips and joints, making them an easy target for lesions and stuff, so for Ujibe, letting Nozomi go wild with the Vacuum Ass Cannon it´s the same as letting her student to go and kill herself. Finally Ujibe says that if Nozomi is keen on that idea then… She wonpt be welcome anymore in this School.

After such speech Ujibe leaves; but Nozomi stops her and explains her that she wants to be strong! She wants to be a prize queen! S she begs to let her master such technique. Ujibe says that there are other techniques and admitting defeat is other way to show strength… Nozomi is insistent enough to finally convince Ujibe…


To use a rubber swimsuit, called an UTM for Ujibe´s Training Maillot, that thing, as I said before, it´s made of rubber so it truly gets in the way of movement and well it forces the users to take strange positions… In any case, Nozomi has to use it for a month!

As one can expect our Main Character is having a lot of difficulties with it. Meanwhile Miyata is running as fast as she can, she has an objective now!

The day passes and Nozomi is having a rough time eating and sleeping, still she won´t give up!; meanwhile Miyata keeps her training and is truly fast with the “Pegasus Meteor Butts”- I mean the Gatling Butt.


Miyata is giving her all since she doesn´t want to loose to the “fastest person in west Japan”, that Rin chick…

Meanwhile Aoba is trying to… grope butts? Non ask her what she is trying to do and she explains it, then Non says that she will help her. A little later we get to see that both Aoba and Non are offering free massages for the girls since everyone must have their muscles very tired right now… And the lower back is a muscle anyway… In any case the thing works and Non tells Aoba that now she has a lot of info.


Meanwhile Nozomi and Miyata are talking since it seems that Nozomi wants a massage too, Nozomi says something about the space and speed, at that moment Miyata pulls her panties up a little too much and gives herself a little wedgie (I know them as “Calzón Chino” so I don´t know the English name for that)… She has come to an epiphany moment…

A little later Nozomi is having her massage and Aoba tells her to not to be so tense, to try to relax them a little… Since if she doesn´t do that, her muscles won´t work as they should… Which makes Nozomi gets her own epiphany…

That night, Nozomi is breathing slowly, in and out, in and out… after that she starts walking, those steps of hers while slow at first starts becoming faster and faster; before she knew, she was running! Nozomi has finally picked the trick and the intention of this suit! Meanwhile Miyata is training with all she has!


Days Later… 

The Schedule for the class change race has been revealed! This mock race is in order to se who has gotten better and a regular class can be upgraded to an elite one! The groups are revealed and it is shown that in every group there is 1 member of the elite class…


Rin steps in and says that is such a pity that she isn´t in Nozomi´s group since the other regulars are small fries, thing that doesn´t sit well to Miyata, Nozomi tries to say that there are good players in the regular class; but her words gets to deaf ears. In any case the first match is the one where Miyata and Rin are going to participate…

The stage has been selected as is one with the shape of a covered bowl, which means that the thing doesn´t have much balance… A seesaw style.


Miyata is warming up and Nozomi suddenly apologizes to her, since she should have told Rin that Miyata is an extraordinary good player. Miyata says that it is fine, in any case Nozomi wish her good luck!

The match is about to begin and Miyata goes straight against Rin taking everyone by surprise! A duel for the “fastest player in West Japan” title has begun!!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

If the past chapter was funny, this was fun, although in a very different way. Since now we could see a very good preview of the battles that are coming, which as you know they are formed by an Elite Class and 3 Regulars. I am doing that specification due that in the manga the things follows in a slightly different way, since we didn´t sought Miyata or Aoba´s training or preparing themselves. At the same time the UTM was just a chapter and that was it, in here we could see some good progress for 3 of the 4 girls!


Now Since I already touched the manga. There are some differences between the Anime and the source where it is inspired from, since the Anime starts more or less by the volume 2 or 3 of the manga and some Story Arcs, background and characters are omitted, it is somewhat understandable since the anime only has like 12 chapters so they need to cram as much as possible. Continuing, these changes are more or less minor (including the participation of the men in this sport); but one character, I won´t spoil much, that appeared in this chapter and appears in the opening is truly into Boys Love/Yaoi/Gay pairings, so she truly likes to see some men very close and using swimsuit (think like the Kiss Him Not Me main character-Funny anime!)… I am saying this because as of right now the participation of the men has been only used in the first chapter and that´s about it, after that the cast became only Women, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it can be truly interesting if for this character in particular how and if we will get to see that side of her.

Talking about sides this anime it changes also various things from the manga, again understandable due to time constrains, so it make it interesting for someone who has read the manga to check the anime and vice versa. I mean both haves their pros and cons since the anime is , for me, better paced than the manga; while the manga has a better world structure and character´s background. In any case both are truly enjoyable to see and read!

Finally the next chapter will have some truly cool fights and epic/silly moves! Promise!!!!!!!!


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!