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Chapter 02: The Hip Toss Bring Us Together!!!!


The Chapter start with a quick reminder of what it is Keijo. Now the training of our girls, which will be extensively for the regulars, focused on the core training of the body parts; the elites for their part will have a more focused one on the actual sport rather than shaping the muscles areas used in such sport. Her instructor Hokuto Hitomi makes the girls made some exercise that makes stronger the lower back area

The Exercises are: Butt movements (in the form of 8); Butt walking (Ok… That is funny); normal running; running with a tire, etc.

After the morning training, and the advice that this is going to be every day for a year, our girls go to eat breakfast!. We also get to know the drop rate which is one in five students, mostly because they can´t keep up with the training.


In the breakfast, Nozomi is delighted by the breakfast since you can put as many rice you can eat and as many eggs you want! Nozomi is basically in heaven right now… Until she gets to know how the Elite class eats…

Yeah, they have a 5 stars hotel experience… Kawai even is having a gelato as breakfast! Man Nozomi now is jealous in how different are the regulars and the elite class in here!


After eating, Our Heroines goes back to training with the best of their abilities, there it is to say that Aoba and Non have been called out more than one time for not doing well the exercises. After all those exercises, the institution doesn´t wants to have just a bunch of muscle heads; but also teach them the ins and out of Keijo, and for that the instructor: Kobayakawa Miku will teach them strategies and… how to use your butts and breast in a proper way… And that sounded worse in here than in my mind…

In any case, the first class is “Asstronomy”, huh… I would think it would be “Asstology” or “Buttology”; but oh well… Nothing is perfect. In any case, Nozomi is not putting attention and Miku-Sensei with the accuracy of a sniper and with a butt slap she throws something to Nozomi´s, waking her up!

After that more training comes, until we reach the night where our girls here are going to have a well served rest. Everyone is talking except Aoba who is reading a magazine, Nozomi and Non are speaking about a famous Keijo player, the one who won the match that Nozomi was watching… the something,something of Kyoto… Aoba´s ponytail starts moving like a tail… Still, she doesn´t talk.


The next day comes and more training with it! Including one that is very similar to what Patrick Star used in order to get his “Buns of Steel”, so you gotta respect that since our beloved pink star defeated 2 wrestlers with that move! In any case everything goes normal since this will be the life of these girls…

Several days later, Nozomi is tired of the core training and wants to get on the pool; but hey! What can you do? It is how it is… In any case the training continues…


Now a new training comes. Every group room will form a circle and will have to pass the ball with their butts, feeling their Prehispanic heritage reinventing that Mayan Sport… I mean… whatever… In any case, the team who gets last place will get a punishment!

So the exercise starts! And our Girls are having problems coordinating between them, it doesn´t help either that the wind makes the ball go stray from its path. In one of those Nozomi falls over Aoba and… She now knows that Aoba has a big chest.


In any case the exercise continues and our girls here tries to give advice to the others, and each and every time they bounce each other failing to catch the ball, although there was a constant… Aoba was always involved in the clashing part. It seems that Aoba wants to say something; but she can´t…

In any case, by the end of the exercise the girls of the 309 room are last, so Nozomi and the others are going to get the penalty, which is… More work! In any case after that Miyata tells Aoba to communicate a little more since that is the key to this training.

The explanation for the team work it is because the Keijo Pro players talk about new strategies and stuff, especially if they are from the same agency, so yeah… Team work… Or rather temporally alliances in order to defeat the biggest menace, in any case Aoba keeps without talking.


The next day the same training starts! Now there is a prize! The team with the biggest score gets a delicious gelato! Nozomi asks what is that until they tell her that it is those expensive Ice creams that the Elite class eats. With that Nozomi is all fired up!

So the exercise starts again! Miyata is chosen as a leader who will give in a clear way to where the ball is going! Miyata is doing her best, but always our girls gets interrupted by Aoba… It doesn´t help that Miyata´s orders are terrible too…

It is then when Nozomi detects something… Aoba knows where the ball will hit, she asks her to be the leader; but Aoba refuses. In any case, Nozomi decides to give the orders.


The test starts, the highest mark as of right now is of 39. The ball is throw and Nozomi looks at Aoba and starts giving instructions! Nozomi is reading how Aoba moves and detects the wind, so our girls are able to start being good this time! Also… Some strange weird aura is coming from Aoba´s hand… Our girls reaches the mark of 35, the highest of the day it seems… Nozomi gives the instruction and it seems is flawed… Aoba tries tot ell her that is wrong! But Nozomi is looking her with defiant eyes… there is no other way!

Aoba yells the instructions and Nozomi listen to them on time! She was waiting for Aoba to take her true role on this team! Nozomi runs and do some gymnastic movements hitting the ball with her Steel Buns!


Our girls have won the precious Gelato!!

In the dorms, while our girls where enjoying their well earned reward, Aoba confess that she didn´t wanted to talk since she was embarrassed of her Hiroshima accent, especially after Nozomi said that everyone had a funny accent, thing that inhibited Aoba. In any case Nozomi apologizes and everything is fine with our 309 girls…


After that it is pool time! The regular class will finally train Keijo! Nozomi is excited about it! After some groping and talk about firm butts and chest size the training will start! This train is that basically every dorm team will have to face a teacher in a 4 vs. 1 match!

The first girls will face against Hitomi-Sensei and man the instructor truly can move like lightning, she evades everyone of the attacks of the students like if they were moving in slow motion and with a single hit she throws them all out of the water!… Truly that is the power of professionals!

Now it is the time for our Girls and they will face… Ujibe “The Mermaid” Nagisa!!!!!!!!... Ergo to where the past chapter ended…


Nozomi can´t believe that Nagisa-Sensei is a Mermaid, still Miyata and the others explains her that Nagisa, on her prime years, was a very famous Keijo player known for her Beauty, grace and ability, winning by that the nickname of “Mermaid”.

In any case, Nagisa looks at them with a face of “As you see me, you will be sought” in any case the training will start and the 309 girls will have to face her! Nozomi starts attacking with her wuick moves; but Nagisa is able to block them all and she doesn´t even move acent from her posisition! Now the team attack starts! Aoba tries to attack from the side; but she is blocked by the Mermaid!


For her part Miyata attacks with a “Pegasus Meteor Butts”… I mean Gatling Butt attack; but the instructor is able to speed to high velocity and evades each and everyone of Miyata´s attacks! The Mermaid Attacks and Non blocks it with her steel buns, showing a some form of aura wall around that body part! Nozomi decides to enter the action again and starts taking impulse by jumping around the land, she grabs a big air pressure around her lower back!... No, it is not a fart joke… In any case Nozomi attacks and Nagisa is able to avoid it! The air pressure unleashes it´s might and destroys the swimsuits of Miyata, Non and Aoba!

Nagisa is amazed, Nozomi is scared and impressed; and the other girls embarrassed and covering themselves… Nozomi has the hability of a a Vacuum butt cannon!


After the training… Nozomi has a special wear that Nagisa has made her use… It seems very uncomfortable… And she looks stupid.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

This chapter was 100% dumb fun! I laughed more times than I thought I would! Those trainings looked funny; but well the butt is a muscle so it has to be trained… Also man her asses must truly hurt after all that training! So yeah… this was entertaining.


Still… I don´t understand quite well why they tried to make it a team sport this chapter specially since it is a solo sport and the explanation was more or less weak and/or forgettable since the most similar that I could think of is in Nascar with the racing teams, and still it is an exaggeration; but oh well, as long as that is not the focus, I think it would be alright.

Now talking about the character of Aoba, I think that she can be truly interesting and I am really glad that it seems that she will stop being the “non speaking” girl of the group. And what it seems it can be her super power… Which if you have read the manga, you know already what it is…

About the super powers… The Nozomi one is dumb; but hey that would mean that her ability in Keijo can be stronger if she is able to focus all that power of hers in a single point instead of running wild and destroying the clothes of everybody!


Finally, now it is obvious that the bread and butter of Keijo it´s in the water fights, I mean the parts about the training and such where interesting; but nothing out of the ordinary, now…When we look at Nozomi and the others get into the pool and start fighting… hat´s when the thing gets real and the anime shines! I mean it is truly exciting to see how the characters fight between them!... And no, I am not saying it because fan-service or whatever; but it actually the water fight is the best part, seeing their strategies and how they will deal with the opponent, that is indeed something that I look forward… So for me if Keijo manages it´s time similar to the most of the Cardfights Anime (like my beloved Vanguard) where we get in a chapter an “out of the pool part” where the characters can get developed and other “In the pool” part more focused on the action (although the development can be in there too) this thing can be truly great!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!