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Keijo!!!!!!!!, or “Hip Whip Girl”, is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name. It follows Nozomi, a girl who enters in the world of a very famous water sport - and it also bears mentioning that the title has eight exclamation points in it...

Chapter 01: Setouchi Keijo Training School!!!!


The Chapter starts in a big Stadium, the people are going crazy. Lots of girls in different swimsuits are in a little platform… This is Keijo, a new and popular Girl- Water sport. The objective of the game is for the girls to throw their opponents to the water and or to the ground, the thing is that they can´t use their hands nor feets, so they must relay in their butts and breast in order to push their opponents.

The match starts and the first losers starts appearing! Suddenly there are only 2 girls in the platform, the black haired girl aims and is able to defeat her opponent with a butt slap!

The crowd goes crazy! And so the winner girl raises a very fat check!

On the distance 2 girls where seeing the match, one of them, Nozomi Kaminashi, is excited to enter this world!!


Some time later Nozomi has graduated from High School and is entering the Keijo Training School, where all the athletes who wants to enter this sport will learn the ins and out of this water sport. Nozomi is grabbing all her belongings instead of paying a delivery company to bring them here…Since it seems she is a cheapskate, in any case, her friend Sayaka Miyata, is waiting for her… Also everyone looks as a flight attendant.

I there people from the press, photographers, and everything where awaiting for the girls, they start doing enterviews, specially to Sayaka, who was famous in the Judo field; but for some reason entered in the Keijo world, Nozomi meanwhile is trying to grab the attention from everyone, she even tells her past sport in gymnastics… Also her interest in here is for the almighty dolla- I mean Yen!! All for the greens!


Between the promising players, and Nozomi isn´t one of them, are: Rokudou Rin, Fujisake Kotone and others… In any case it seems that Nozomi did well in the entrance examn.

Nozomi si greeted by a pink haired girl, Kawai Hanabi, both starts talking. In there we learnt about the 2 divisions in this school: the Elite and the novice. The elite are the ones who most likely will make it big, meanwhile the novice are as of right now just amateurs… But who knows? They can make it big too!

Suddenly a blonde chick appears… And she starts complimenting –and groping- Nozomi´s body, thing that didn´t sit so well with our main character here. In any case, this chick is Kusakai Mio, the girl who was 1st in the entrance exam!


Nozomi wonders why someone like Mio wanted to talk to her! Sayaka just says that she is somewhat jealous. In any case everyone enters the place.

Our 2 girls here start seeing the pool and starts remembering about the exam who happened 6 months ago…


...Yes, we are going to look at that scene. Various girls in a swimsuit between them Nozomi and Sayaka are going to face one of the tests to enter this training center!

Sayaka explains that the ones who enter the top 10 are from the “Elite Class” and they get some nice stuff like 50% tuition… Sweet! In any case, their instructor, an old woman, tells the girls about what they are going to do right now.

The final test is a match with a road between the platforms, Nozomi asks that if someone did good in this test it can affect their overall score in some way? And she gets an affirmative, so everyone of the girls is fired up! Between the ranks that Kawai girl is in there…


The match starts! Everyone is waiting for the first person to do a movement, this moment is crucial in this kind of more strategic plays…

Nozomi enters the action and starts running towards one of the opponents, she makes a small jump and rises a little column of water prohibiting the vision of her opponent, who is greeted with Nozomi´s low back!!


The random girl returns the attack with various hip movements! Still Nozomi si confident that she can wins; before she knew it her opponent is going to some of the roads between the platforms!

Meanwhile Sayaka is fighting! Another girl and they start crossing butts like if they where swords!! (Ok… I laughed a little with that) Suddenly our Judo girl is surrounded by other competitors!

Back with Nozomi, our gymnastic girl is having some problems against her opponent; suddenly Nozomi is surrounded and she is able to get free by making a big jump! Those 2 other girls starts fighting each other and Nozomi decides to deal with them in one single move!


Here comes her killing move the Butt Canon! Nozomi easily defeats her 2 opponents! Sayaka for her part is able to defeat various girls with her Judo experience! I don´t know how that can help but no matter! It´s working!

Back with Nozomi she is surrounded again by various girls in the connectors between the platforms! Suddenly Kawai enters the fight and… I don´t know what she did but she is knocking her opponents with a single move! She hasn´t defeated Nozomi right now! I believe this Kawai girl is like a Beast playing with its prey! Run forest- I mean run Nozomi run!


Kawai attacks Nozomi!!

It´s a direct hit! Nozomi´s face is in Kawai´s butt!... I know that this must be sexy; but is a little icky… In any case Nozomi survives! She detected Kawai strategy which is moving her opponent jaw and making her move her brain so they get knocked out! That should be like a forbidden move; but it´s legal!! In any case Nozomi has survived by moving her face straight to her opponent buttocks and has survived!


Meanwhile Sayaka is crossing butts against her opponent! The duel seems very equal! Sayaka´s opponent decides to make her final movement and aim for Sayaka´s boobs; but Sayaka has something for her! She moves so fast that she is able to replace her lack of “breastsonality” for her butt and counters the attack defeating her opponent!

Meanwhile Kawai makes her move the Butt Guillotine and Nozomi is able to barely survive such attack! Nozomi knows she has the lower guard in this position so she decides to change her strategy!


Breast attacks! By getting close it makes a form of chain making her opponent unable to move freely and by such she can´t use her mortal butt! At the same time Nozomi is using her strength to push Kawai out of the platform; but Kawai starts using the same thing! Kawai then adapts herself and warns her that boobs doesn´t only serve to push; Kawai by using her arms is able to use her boobs as a some form of trampoline taking Nozomi out of balance, still our Gymnastic girl catches with her rack Kawai´s swimsuit and is able to do a similar move!

Again our girls are in an impasse with only 30 seconds left! Nozomi and Kawai starts attacking again! Nozomi avoids Kawai´s attacks and starts using her butt in order to push her! Suddenly Kawai avoids the final attack of Nozomi and at the same time aims at her head, knocking her out…


…Nozomi has lost against Kawai… Nozomi is thinking that in this sport there are many strong players… and that makes this sport, Keijo, amazing…

Back at the present.

Nozomi is telling that after that her mentality changed since she wanted to be a Keijo player in order to make big money and fast, she didn´t cared for being famous, the ebst or even good… Still after that her desire for being stronger grew, and she even tough she wouldn´t be selected; but in the end she was, and she felt somewhat pathetic so… Sayaka stops her and tells her that both of them will get stronger together.


Nozomi asks her why she decided to left Judo and enter Keijo? And Sayaka says , while blushed, that she wants a swimsuit made by a professional designer, since the famous Keijo players get to use a swimsuit made exclusivity for them, and she wants one that makes her look really, really cute… Although that´s not all… Both girls remember the match they sought and smile.

After that both girls are in the dorms checking where they are, Ooshima, a girl with big muscles, tells them that both Nozomi and Sayaka are in the same dorms… But also they are in the 309, also known as the “empty room” since every girl who enters there leaves the institution, either by pressure or any other thing, they always leave and the room gets empty…


Our girls enters and 2 other chicks are in there: Toguchi non, the read head, and Aoba Kazane, the brown haired girl, are their names… Toguchi gives the girls some present from her hometown, Aoba for her part is just reading a Keijo Magazine. Togumi shows herself as a very Clumsy girl also…

Togumi also tells that her objective is to become famous so her hometown, who is becoming a ghost town, will get back to life if she becomes a famous player!.. Also she has a accent.

Nozomi detects that the Magazine that Aoba is reading is a Keijo one and she wants to read it too! Aoba doesn´t want to share and suddenly…


Nozomi has broke the page!! She tries to find a solution; but it won´t work!! Aoba starts yelling at Nozomi and Togumi wants to peace them; but she almost falls again, still in accident she threws the tea in the bed!! No good!

Sayaka decides to leave such trainwreck behind and leaves… She just makes a big facepalm…


At the next day, the classes starts and her instructor is none other than the “Mermaid” Ujibe Nagisa!!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Man what a fun chapter this was! I was truly impressed by this chapter and how fun the whole thing was, I mean, most of the things are silly; but this anime as of right now has enabled some wonderful sweet spot, like a perfect balance between the silliness and some seriousness of this water sport.


I liked the animation too regarding the butt fights and such since it is very fluid and how the actions was constant in this chapter, with a nice balance between the dialogs and the actions we sought.

Now talking about the characters, I truly like our protagonists here, I believe that if they play it well, it can be a truly entertaining cast who will bring us lots of fun stuff… And no, I am not talking about the Fan-Service part.

Talking about the Fan-Service, I like that while yes, there it is and lots of it, it doesn´t feel like the front important center of this anime, similar to how Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai (I think that was the name) handled it, that while yes, there was lots of ecchii, at it´s heart it wasn´t and ecchii story. And that´s the same vibe I am getting right now. Which it´s something cool and good for me!


Finally, yes, I willingly decided to make bigger my work with this… But I believe it deserve it! So yeah, Every Saturday you will see a new entry about Keijo!!!!!!!! So enjoy this in Saturday and Monster Hunter in Sunday!

Also remember this words in your heart… Boobs are life; Ass is Hometown…

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!