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Chapter 11: You have the wrong idea


The chapter starts with everyone going back to the house, they will go and buy some ingredients to make a delicious meal! Iori, for his part is very concerned that Kouhei and Aina mocks him for not getting the license like them is scheming some plans in order to avoid such humiliation and train in order to get better! Since his problem is with the mask and that he is not able to pull out all of the water from it.

The group has rented a car and after some problems they have managed to fit in two cars!


Iori and Kouhei where sort of thinking they will die since Aina can drive manual; but for their surprise Aina is actually quite good at driving a manual car, since she helped her dad at the farm, so she is experienced with that! Suddenly when another car came (and since it´s a private road and having people left in the open is forbidden in such roads) Iori, Kouhei and Kotobuki decide to pretend like some… Dead corpses, in any case the group has reached the market!

In the market everyone has started buying their stuff, although Aina ended up hearing some weird things from Azusa who wanted to “eat an old man”… So obviously, distressed for that she went and told both Chisa and Kouhei the news which tells her that she might have misheard, so Aina went to Tokita and heard that he wants to… Have an affair with someone´s wife?! She has heard it clear like the water! So Kouhei now went and heard Kotobuki that he wanted… A chubby high schooler?! He is into that?! Should they call the police or try to talk to him first?! Of course the sense comes when Chisa found out that those are folk names for the fishes… Everything is cool now, until they heard that Iori wanted a poisonous fish that could knock out an adult man form a single bite! 


Back in the house, the pairs are made and Iori is happy that Chisa will cook with him since that means that Aina and Kouhei will be busy and he can use that time to practice! Obviously he can´t contain his happiness, a thing that freaks out Chisa. In any case, while the cousins were cooking, Aina was feeling a little bit off knowing that Chisa and Iori were alone together…Also because Kouhei was crying watching an anime.

Aina went and heard… A confession from Iori?! Does Iori loves Chisa?! And even more Chisa has accepted?! Aina is truly down after hearing that, Kouhei concerned gets to see what was going on with them and he hears… Iori´s sexual awakening to some weird fetishes?! And Chisa will participate on them?!

Obviously, the truth is that Iori has asked Chsia to help him practice with that stuff since he truly wants to keep diving and Chisa is happy that Iori now has a love for diving.


After the meal and the goofing the night comes, Chisa has woken up and got out of the room; Aina heard the door and she went out searching for her… She ehard some talk that could might as well be sexy talk from both Iori and Chisa, she sees and contemplates Chisa drowning Iori!

Aina is frightened that Iori and Chisa have engaged in some advanced perverted stuff! Until Iori explains the situation and that he couldn´t tell her because she might laugh at him, Aina says that she will never do that and that she agrees to help him! So both girls start putting their feet on Iori´s head making him be underwater and practice!


Meanwhile a lonely wanderer was looking the big moon and the beautiful sight, until he turns around and see 2 chicks drowning a guy! So as a responsible citizen he has called the cops!

After some practice and Iori trying to making him feel like he is in a bathtub (plus revealing that he actually loves diving) he is left alone, he wishes good night to Chisa and Aina and keeps practicing until it seems he has mastered it, so he is ready to leave now!


Until a police officer comes by, and he is naked, so he looks too suspicious; the Popo is searching for some suspicious people with some suspicious behavior.

After that day, everyone except Iori are eating and they say that Iori has caught a cold, Nanaka is concerned since she told him that he could fail so that might push him to go to the extra mile and ended up sick, in any case there is not much they can do, Iori needs to rest meanwhile Aina and Kouhei goes and get their license!

Meanwhile Iori is sleeping on Nanaka and Azusa´s room.


Iori has awakened and he feels better; suddenly Azusa has entered, she has stayed and check up on him, she has brought water and other beverages plus some homes remedy since all the pharmacies are closed! The onion remedy is at hand, although Iori is concerned since there are two types: One around the neck and the other in the butt! Luckily for him Azusa put him on the neck… Ioris time to breath is short since Azusa has a second one to go in the butt! So obviously our hero denies such thing!

Anyway, both start chatting and Iori confess that he has had some problem sleeping since he is surrounded by 2 beautiful girls: Nanaka and Azusa herself… Suddenly Azusa comes with a bold question… 


If he wants to have sex with her? She explains that she is no Hoe or anything, but Iori is a good guy and a friend, so she is Ok if they have sex, but just once! Iori doesn´t know what to do and can´t explain correctly what is happening, suddenly Azusa says that oh well, it´s better if they don´t do it since their relationship might get weird… Although if he wants then she is all for it!

Iori´s heart is beating hard on his chest, he knows he is being tested, tested! So he, with pain and regret, denies such offering.

After that weird moment, they keep talking and Iori ask her why she is not trying to going out with Tokita? Since she loves him as much as she loves Nanaka. Azusa explains and reveals a big truth… That a pair between her and Tokita will never be because Tokita is already taken, he might not speak much about his personal life, but… He already has a girlfriend… No, not a crossdresser, and yes, a human female.


Suddenly Iori starts drinking in order to ease the pain that Tokita has a girl and he doesn´t! 

Meanwhile Kouhe and Azusa has gotten their licenses! Everyone congratulates them and they go to the house to celebrate and find… Azusa and a naked Iori, both of the passed out drunk…


Although Kouhei has found something else…

Iori has an onion on his butt… Yes, his sexual awakening.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

You know, I have truly liked the pacing on these last 2 chapters, truly one can see that the staff is trying to go with a bang! Although there have been some majors slip ups down the road; especially very early on the chapter where Chisa´s clothes changed color from one shot to the other without any kind of explanation. Still, the comedy make up for it and it did it on big quantities!


There where a lot of amazing scenes that truly made me laugh, from the fish names, Iori´s practice and the sex offering from Azusa, which yeah, Iori needed some true strong will in order to deny himself a piece of that! But yeah, in the end if they had done it, their relationship would have gotten weird, so in the end it was for the better.

Another point I am checking, and unless they change a lot on the next (and probably last) chapter is that they will left an open end, since It´s obvious that Iori won´t get his license in Okinawa (Manga spoiler: He gets it in the next arc!) which it might be good depending in how they try to give a some form of closure even if it’s a “Life goes on” kind of ending in order to either bring a new season or the fans to start reading the manga!… Still I´m all for it!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!