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Chapter 10: Arrival in Okinawa


The group has finally arrived at Okinawa! Aina is very excited to be on such summery place! Chisa warns her that she might attract a lot of eyes with her excitement, although… Maybe the mess that Iori and the other guys are doing might make them avert their eyes.

In any case everyone has reached the place, a beautiful house where they can sleep, they have to make their meals; but everything is Ok… Of course, that is talking about the place, because they have some other problem at hand.

The rooms are for 2 people… Maybe 3; but 4?! Well the guys have a problem, so either Iori or Kouhei will have to sleep in the coach or the floor, oh well they will deal with that later, now it´s fun time!


Aina is very excited about going to a private beach and have happy summer memories with her friends! 

Sadly for Cakey, her happy memories are filled with censor bubbles; So Cakey made sure that everyone go to a public beach instead of the private one… In order to not be surrounded by naked people.


Iori and Kouhei has decided to do a contest in order to know who will be sleeping outside of the room, while they were arguing, someone gave them an offer, to be on a banana ride alongside the parasol they rent… Sweet deal! And also something to make a competition of between Iori and Kouhei! They will ride that thing and the first one to fell will sleep outside! Chisa is worried that Iori might frown, but Iori is Ok since he will be using a life saver and he can´t be afraid of the water all his life!

Witht hat reasoning Iori, Chisa and Kouhei gets in top of that and, obviously, both Iori and Kouhei cheated and tried to mess with the other! 


In the end (and after some idealization with Aina by looking at them) both Iori and Kouhei where thrown out of the vehicle.

After that, Cakey asks Chisa if it was fun, which Chisa says that yes, she had fun, although the company she was with was… It could have been better. So Aina tried although the company of Kotobuki and Tokita wasn´t so good since their weight made the thing very stable.

Back at home, Kotobuki has revealed that the winner in their competition was Kouhei due to a wave that hit Iori… So Iori will sleep outside! The girls aren´t so keen on the idea since they need to study and be well rested for tomorrow´s test, so Aina, Iori and Kouhei takes the books and start studying them until sleep time Where… 


Iori was sleeping with both Nanaka and Azusa, he was trying his best to not to look or let his lust gets the better of him…

The next day, Iori is somewhat sleep deprived; so the Seniors are worried about how he will tackle the exam, still it seems that Iori actually memorized the content of the book due that he needed to put his attention away from the 2 beautiful girls that surrounded him that night. Iori is able to answer most of the answers right... Especial mention to the “Most” part because some times the eyes drifted to look some of the goods the girls have with them, although Iori was able to sleep by choking himself unconscious (don´t try this)


The test starts and lucky for our Juniors, it’s a multi answer exam! So it´s going to be easy! Everything is going smooth, although Chisa is worried about Iori since he didn´t got enough sleep so she went and watched him only to look at his name…

… Boobs Kitahara.


After some bitch-slaps the test has ended and everyone passed! Now it´s the time for the practical exam!

Everyone gets ready and Nanaka starts giving some information about the diving. 


Nanaka starts giving instruction alongside some tips from Chisa where she will be testing the Juniors about some procedures to do in certain situations.

After the first half of the practical test; Aina, Kouhei and Iori are resting a little and they get to know that Chisa and the others still had a lot of oxygen left, still they are a group and as a group everyone will be in together and leave together; memories comes to Aina and how badly she was treated by Tinker bell.

The group goes back to the water and everything is going smooth; still the check up time has come and AIna has doubts about if she should be lying regarding the pressure, still in the end she said the true and everyone went up. 


Outside the water, Aina is talking with Iori who tough that Cakey was part of the competition; but it seems not, still Iori has got to understood AIna´s problem so he grabs her and tells the Senpais about everything that happened and to Aina´s surprise, they are nice and open with her; Azusa even explains saying that it seems she has a lot of respect for her seniors, so it´s natural that Azusa and the others will treat her kindly too, so no worries, she is with people that wants her and loves her as a dear friend.

In the distance Chisa was looking alone, she decides to leave them be. 


Later Nanaka has some news for Iori… It seems that he is the only one from the juniors who will fail the exam and won´t get the license.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Amazing chapter! One of the best in the whole series I would say! It was funny, got a lot of story and character development in waves! Also it had something unexpected… Diving! Well, there has always been diving in most of the chapters; but this time this activity was front and center, lots and lots of diving!


The character development for Aina was quite well while holding some foreshadowing regarding Chisa´s situation with Iori and while in the manga the things goes more slower (like turtle pace) it would be obvious they would give a bone for the people who ships the “Chiori” couple. Still seeing some sweet moments with Cakey was good.

Now with Iori, the cliffhanger that it ended is quite good, and I have my doubts if it will go an anime only way or in the manga; I guess we will see how the things develop next week.

Finally, one can see they actually put some money on this chapter! Various key scenes where beautifully drawn with some acceptable animation, props to that since in various chapters most frames are drawn not quite good, so seeing that they want to go with a bang is nice


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!