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Chapter 9: Shopping


The chapter starts some moments after the events of the past chapter; Yuu is hanging out with the rest of the trashy men and is blaming them for the fact that he has broken up with his girlfriend! Still the rest of the gang doesn´t care too much about that… Besides, it´s not like he, or any other, could get another chick! They can if they want!...Just be prepared that when that moment comes, the happy person will get murdered… Yeah, such a good friends.

In any case the conversation goes to Iori… The only guy with an official girlfriend, and the dumbass who say some words about “Getting a female friend to help them organize a mixer”; our Hero tries to defend himself saying that he, and Kouhei, already made the Mixer! Still, Hajime convinces him to do another Mixer, but this time the members of the group will be paying them! Wit that a new mission comes for both Iori and Kouhei.


Back in Grand Blue, everyone is enjoying a good time, a sushi dinner is about to be served; Iori gets close with some sashimi and chopsticks to where Aina and Chisa are, the girls where talking, but decides to accept Iori´s treat! The girls take the chopsticks and they see some numbers in them… It´s the king´s game people! Do or Dare! Or whatever you want to call it!

Aina and Chisa has fell from the trap and now will have to pay! Obviously, Azusa and Nanaka were weirdly convinced with some… Lustful desires, so now the whole gang will pay!

The first winner is Asuza! And as the King (or Queen if you want), she demands that everyone except her has to keep playing until the very end! The second winner is… Asuza again?! Now her demands are now geared towards her desire to mess around with Nanaka; her order is simple… Everyone has to strip a piece of cloth!


The guys do so quickly, as for the girls; Nanaka started stripping her dress, which started to attract a lot of looks from part of the boys, until Aina stops her and tells her that a sock or any other thing is acceptable too, so Nanaka just puts away another piece of cloth.

The competition continues and it´s Aina´s turn! She as the queen has an order! Something that Chisa and herself will be happy that it has made a reality! That in the next party no one has to strip! The hearts of Kotobuki and Tokita pains with such request, but she is the King, so they have to obey.


The next winner is Kouhei! Now the plan has come! If he chose Aina or Chisa they can organize a Mixer party again and get filled with money! So Kouhei gives the order to make a Mixer for him! But whom? Kouhei is at a loss for words; meanwhile Iori has made some calculations, he has detected that there is some differences between the par and non-par chopsticks and guiding with the law of probability, there is a chance that a girl has either the number 1 or 4 chopsticks. Kouhei turns around looking for advice and Iori puts in one hand a 3 and in the other a 1, so in Kouhei´s mind that was a 4! So he choose 4!

The plan has failed! Cornered, the duo explains that what they want are 2 simple things: Women and money, or rather they confess that if they can make another mixer for his friends they will get paid! And they need the money to go to Okinawa! A thing very understandable, although it seems the plan has been botched and they will have to get the money on a more common way…Although the order has been made, and the number 4 belongs to Tokita!


Later the group of trash are in a party filled with muscle guys! Organized by the always reliable Tokita!

The next day, the group of juniors are going to Grand Blue, they are chatting about getting the money and it seems that Kouhei and Iori has gotten a job that Azusa fixed for them, is to help organize an event, which means making sure everyone stays in the line and doesn´t make a mess while waiting. Not a cool job, but it was the only thing available.


Now, on the store, Nanaka and Azusa were talking about radish, or so Iori though, thinking they were talking about food; our Hero was saying that he could pay for them one of those veggies… Azusa then ask Chisa about what would she do if Iori bought a radish for her? Chisa answered by saying that she would treat him like a normal human being for 15 minutes… It´s not until the joke is discovered and the radish was more a diving equipment that it was very expensive! In any case, the conversation goes towards buying gear! And what better about that than going to a diving shop!

In there they talked about how the Senpais told them that rentals were ok for a while, but that means that ultimately they will have to get their own personal equipment. The senpais explain that the better is to get a mask since they are cheap, although some people might want another equipment that lets them go along and diving on their own, still the choice is theirs to do.


The group starts checking the equipment, including swimsuits and other diving gear; from the memorable stuff it was that Chisa presented to Iori and Azusa some diving equipment that would let them speak underwater, although the limit of words is limited since the have to use their teeth in order to keep the tentacle that lets them breath. In any case is something cool.

Now with Kouhei, he has found something interesting… Some diving suit with the models of the Eva users! Of course from the famous anime of Evangelion. Kouhei has one wish on his heart, to see someone using them, and Iori, being a good fella decides to help him and…


Seeing Chisa and Aina using them was a sight for sore eyes! The girls says that the suits are comfortable although the zipper is in a weird place so some people might not like it. In any case, Kouhei has gotten super saiyan and can die happily now… Although calling Iori his best friend for the day should be enough pay for now.

In any case everyone is looking at what to buy and almost all the juniors except from Chisa will buy a mask; Chisa was looking at the cameras and it seems she wants to buy one, one that can be used underwater. Azusa then explains to Iori that Chisa is really cute, especially now that she is looking at the cameras. Iori says that maybe Chisa wants to remember and make permanent some memories, thing that Azusa agrees, especially because she now has friends of her age that share her love to diving, so it´s obvious that she is truly happy now. 


After that the group went back to Grand Blue and they are greeted by Nanaka, all of them have bought something and Nanaka tells them that is good, although…Doesn´t that means they have expended the money for the Okinawa trip? Now our Juniors are dead poor.

In the end, Chisa and Aina joined Azusa on her job while Iori and Kouhei where working in the line. After that everything is ready, Nanaka will make the juniors take the license test. The day has come! So Okinawa be ready because PAB will go there!

The credits roll; but it´s not the end!


In the upcoming chapter the group has finally reached Okinawa, until they are faced by some natural disaster that has took Kouhei´s life away! Iori laments the death of his friend, but it´s not the end of the problems! A Shark of the size of a Megalodon has come and our heroes have to kill the beast! Maybe they will use Kouhei´s body to lure him? Know what happens at the next chapter filled with action of Grand Blue Dreaming!

…Those advances are fake, except for one part.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

We have entered in anime only territory on this chapter! The first half of the chapter was most like an exclusive story of the anime, since no such things happens in the manga; still it was full of laughs for me on that interesting viewpoint and seeing how the anime staff played with the characters of the story. At the same time, that first half was mostly made as some form of gift for the chapters that are set after the Okinawa part since most of the jokes where presented in subsequent chapters of the manga, but has been gathered here (with some modifications mind you) in a single fashion, which is all good for me!


The second part was most closer to the base material, and I have to say that something small like adding censor to the Evangelion suits was able to make me laugh a lot! Although I wonder if in the Blu-Ray those parts will get clearer, would be a nice touch! In any case we are quickly approaching to the big finale in Okinawa and I can´t wait!

Oh and those fake previews cracked me up also!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!