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Chapter 8: Men’s Cocktails


The chapter starts with Iori and Kouhei who are eager to go to Okinawa! Suddenly Tokita comes and he has a job offer for them! Why? Because they will need money to use! The prize money has covered the travelling expenses and the staid, but everything else will be on their account though, so getting a temporary job is primordial.

The next day, the male juniors are very tired and poor, the work that Tokita has is a moving company and they are beat, plus the money they earned got used on alcohol that same night; Where is Tokita? He is working again at that! Although that is impossible for both Iori and Kouhei. In any case Azusa has invited everyone to go to Kotobuki´s job! 


The job of the blonde muscle guy is being a bartender at a bar aimed to students, so the prices are pretty cheap. For the surprise of Iori and Kouhei, Kotobuki is actually quite good at his work, he can make good drinks and since he is a natural smooth talker, he has gathered some female fans for himself; of course the male juniors believes that it is because of the work, since being a bartender can be something fancy. Suddenly the bar owner invites them to work for the night; although not before having some serious doubts about Kotobuki and how he works, plus some desire to make hi suffer.

In any case, Iori and Kouhei gets dressed and they look surprisingly good! So much that Aina even blushed after seeing them. Now is the time to make some drinks! Azusa and Chisa order Gin Lime and they see how Kotobuki makes such beverage by mixing Gin and some lime juice; Aina then ask them a screwdriver! So following the logic that Gin Lime is gin plus Lime juice then… A screwdriver must be alcohol plus a screwdriver; after failing another time with the screwdriver and with a Moscow mule, the boss gives them the recipes to know what they would be working on.

After goofing around with the beverages, the boss can see that both Iori and Kouhei are pretty close, so he asks both Kotobuki and Azusa how is their relationship which both responded by saying that it was a naked one!... And in the mind of the bar owner it meant homosexual one. 


Curious about that, the bar owner ask Iori if he is in a relationship right now... Which Iori, remembering that he is technically Chisa´s boyfriend, says that yes, he is in one; then the bar owner start describing Kouhei, by thing like hair and so on, which curiously also match Chisa so the boss is somewhat uncomfortable, but tries to brush it off with things like <<<Good for you!>>> <<<Loves triumphs all>>> and so forth.

Meanwhile Kouhei has decided to make the PAB Oolong tea, which obviously Aina doesn´t want, still, nervous, the boss decides to drink and fell drunk after it! (BTW I have been noticed that the “Oolong Tea” actually tastes very, very bad). In order to wake him up, Iori tells him some… Very weirds words, which gives the intended effect!


In the end, the group leaves the place, it was a nice experience. 

Another day has come, Iori and Kouhei have decided to go and hang out with his college friends: Hajime and the rest of the gang! They start chatting about various topics, including Yamamoto´s desire to find a girlfriend. In any case the conversation soon goes towards Yuu Mitarai, the last member of the group and how he has been absent from their last reunions; maybe he got a girlfriend? Since by looks alone, he is not half-bad; still they believe in him and in a way, Yuu is the original founder of the group since it was his carefree and trashy attitude that glued the whole team together.


Missing his friend, Iori decides to call him so he can come and hang with them! Soon enough, he realizes the reason why Yuu has been absent, he is having sex with a chick… So, following their friendship and union; these best friends have decided to go and ruin his chance to be happy with a girl! 

They go to Yuu´s apartment, where he is having a good time with his girl. They were about to begin the mating acts when the door stars knocking, they decide to ignore it, but the knocks keep getting stronger and stronger. The voice of the mail man starts hearing, he has a huge delivery for Yuu Mitarai!


The couple tries to keep ignoring him until they hear that the package was made of various “AV” which commonly means “Adult Videos” AKA Porn; Yuu tries to brush it off by saying that AV means “Animal videos” He is in to zoology and all!

Suddenly various porn dvds starts getting in the mail door, there is not much Yuu can do to avoid such thing, except by saying that it was a joke made by hi trashy friends! 


Outside, the group is trying to ruin the mood for him, the Dvd´s technique is not working, so Iori decides to buy them more time by standing at the window, reflected by the moon, he made the Venus pose, while asking <<<What figure is this?>>> which in the end the answer was “The Tinker” …obviously an incorrect answer.

After that, Iori decides to change his Line name to a girl one and started sending sexual messages to Yuu! Yuu´s girlfriend grabs him and menace him if he has been cheating on her¡? Yuu begs for his innocence and says that is another joke! He even can show him the chat log!

The ideas are running out alongside the time before Yuu´s drop his V card for good! While everyone was getting desperate; Kouhei was ready to leave, that chick is only a 3D one after all, not like his superior 2D waifus… Until he hears how she called him “Yuu-Oniichan” or “Big brother Yuu”, the way she called him when they were little as childhood friends… The childhood friend trend plus the newest incest one… It´s too much for Kouhei to tolerate! That infidel can´t have the happiness with a dream girl like that!


Kouhei comes filled with sorrow and resolution; he starts his technique! Which is to dominate his throat, making different girl voice, all of them showing an image of Yuu being a cheater! 

The mission is a success and the girl has left him for good! Yuu runs towards her trying to make the things clear! The group watches how the happy couple is breaking, they get ready to leave; Yuu is a branded traitor, plus one that in order to get laid decided to cut contact with them!


Still… Iori was watching the scene, there was certain aura regarding Yuu, his eyes…His eyes were still corrupt. The group tries to put sense on our Hero, but he still wants to believe that inside that person it still exist the piece of trash they call friend!

Meanwhile Yuu has decided that he will give up on her and won´t get near her… So if they aren´t a thing now… Can he starts going out with her friends instead?

After such thing, Yuu gets beaten up by the girl, while his corpse gets received by the group who has accepted him again as one of the group!


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

I really liked this chapter! Not as much as the past one, but this one had it´s moments and the two parts of the chapter where very funny, although the first one I found it a bit lacking, and most of the jokes didn’t hit the spot with me, although I want to think that is because those jokes I already watched it on the manga; but oh well, it is what it is.


The second half though, it was laughing city for me! Since chapter one I was expecting this chapter and I am glad that it was well made that it was full of laughs for me! Man truly their friendship is based on being the trash of the classroom! One part that truly got me was the part where Kouhei faked the voice, which it was funnier now that I was able to hear such fake voices!

Finally, It seems they are changing some things from the manga, including some order of the chapters, which cements my idea that the series big finale will be the Okinawa, part, which is a good way to end the series, although it would need some modifications since that part in the manga ends with a link to the next arc.

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!