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Chapter 7: Doubles


The chapter starts in College, The make-up text for German has finished and it seems that Iori and the rest of the trash… I mean the rest of his gang has passed up the test! So to celebrate they will go and have a drinking party!! Something normal that the college students do…Now the place chosen for the party is… Iori´s house, our hero starts sweating bullets, not only for the fact that they believe that Chisa is his girlfriend, but because they also think she lives with him…And even more, Nanaka lives there too! So instead of a happy occasion, it would be a funeral!

Iori tries to reach Kouhei for some help, but he has been utterly betrayed by him! 


Back in Iori´s house, he begs to Nanaka to hide, because his life depends on him! Nanaka then wonders if the people coming are his friends? In any case, the friends come over and both Sisters are nowhere to be seen. Iori quickly takes them to his ruined room and they find a lot of women clothes, Bras, lipstick, wigs, high school girl uniforms and so on, the fact that he was searching for job and it seems that being a some form of street model just makes weird images to the group so they decide to put that aside and start drinking!

The party goes well, until Yamamoto goes to the bathroom, he took a while, but he came back… Yamamoto was shocked! He says that what he saw was an angel! And angel from heaven cam to earth and he was able to see it! 


Yamamoto took a picture and it was Nanaka, Yamamoto still know that she is way out of his league, but still! He wants to go out with her! And if that´s impossible then… Then! He just wants her to have his babies! With decision, Yamamoto bets everything on his possibilities and goes towards the chick and confess his feelings!

Soon he comes back with tears in his eyes, if Nanaka was sight from heaven, what he saw now was truly one from deepest pit in hell…Yamamoto explains that when he went and meet the beautiful he just saw a lot of naked men! Hajime and the other guys not part of the P-A-B club said that is truly rough, without knowing that Iori and Kouhei gets that image a lot.

In any case, after the party, it seems that Iori is not living with a girl…And thinking it with a cold head, the chances of Iori going out with Chisa seems fake too!


When everyone was ready to leave, Chisa opens the door saying that it was turn to Iori to bath, she sees that our hero had guest, so she apologizes and gets out running, Iori tries to do the same, but it´s impossible. A beating comes, Kouhei just tells them to not get the floor dirty with blood.


The next day, Iori is having breakfast and both sisters are able to see that his life was indeed in danger. Chisa apologizes for what happened.

In other moment in the future, Tokita and Kotobuki are talking to the newbies, and they have a new test for our juniors! They will play tennis! Double matches! Why? Because it will teach them companionship… Or something, the juniors can see through their lies, and the real reason is because the folks at Tinker Bell have challenged them and if PAB wins then they will get the second place prize money! Which means more funds for diving! 


Anyway, the diving club goes to the tennis court, everyone is wearing sporty wear…Although Chisa has to pass the embarrassment of using a tennis uniform and her sweater and stuff are… safe at home.

The game starts with Tokita and Kotobuki against some random members of Tinker Bell! Easily the muscle guys show that even if they are novice, they quite good at sports, so making them a run for their money is an easy task!

Everything starts painting well for PAB, until Iori detects that the cheers from the other members have been silenced, he checks and finds a brutal scene… All of them are very drunk already, whatever they where drinking it was very heavy, and it was given by Tinker Bell as a peace offering! Iori and Kouhei contemplates in horror how the “water” evaporates almost instantly after it reaches the ground.


In the yard, the muscle guys start having problems! It seems that they where drinking before the match started and now they are starting to feel the consequences! So for Iori and Kouhei it´s payback time! And they have decided to make them drunk by putting that same drink in their bottles! The match ends and PAB has won the first match! 

Now it´s turn for the ladies! The match goes equals and it seems that Aina is able to hold her ground while Chisa is actually quite good at tennis; The match continues and the Tinker Bell girls start trash talking them, especially Chisa by saying that the only thing she has for her where her looks and because she slipped her skirt in the beauty pageant! Chisa is decided to crush those chicks!


The match continues and Chisa has shown to be a good partner to Aina, so the PAB guys start yelling <<<Chisa, Good Buddy!>>> which a lot of people hear as <<<Chisa, Good Body!>>> making that a lot of people start checking the chicks in order to find the good body! In the end, and after some embarrassment, the duo of Aina and Chisa was not enough to win…

Now it´s turn for Kouhei and Iori against Kudo and the guy with glasses!

The match starts and Iori is actually quite good at tennis! Thing that throws out Kudo and his partner! Until they realize that while Iori might be good at this sport, Kouhei sucks at any kind of sport activity…


The match is not going so well for our heroes, so they start making weird plans in order to win! The plan was to Knocking them out. After being their intents fruitless… Iori tells Kouhei if he is ready to do anything for them! Which Kouhei says that yes, he is ready to go until the last consequences! 

Suddenly… Kouhei felt the ball hitting his head knocking him out. Iori doesn´t have a partner, so they have to get a substitute which are Kotobuki and Tokita who are already sober! PAB has won 2 of the 3 matches! Now they have more money!


Everyone then asks Iori on why he is so good at tennis? If in highschool he was part of the tennis team or something? Iori says no, what happened is that before entering college, he trained with his friends since his investigation showed that the tennis club was popular and he wanted to get some chicks… But now, he is not interested in Tennis, there is other activity he wants to do now! Diving! 

After such events, the Senpais have news for the juniors… They are going to Okinawa! Be ready for the license class, lots of diving, beautiful beaches and everything that paradise has to offer!


While everyone is excited, Tokita and Kotobuki have separated a note in how to drink alcohol in Okinawa…

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Oh boy I laughed so hard at this chapter! Both segments where amazingly funny! Especially with the faces, although that is to be expected for this series at this point!


One thing that I notice on this whole chapter is that the pictures where better made, since in past chapters that part was lacking and one could see that clearly in the faces, now on this chapter in particular the quality in various frames was higher, still it had the same antics that the series presents (characters talking while the background ones are just static), but at the very least the center of attention on the scene was better anyway, so that´s something!

Now on the story we know we are going to Okinawa! And I think the anime might as well end it there, not because the manga finishes there, or after that it downgrades in quality; but it’s a good ending point since as far as I know its an anime of 12 chapters and finishing it with a big event feels quite right, just some modifications here and there and one has a good ending.

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!