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Chapter 6: First Buddy


The chapter starts with Iori and Chisa. Iori is begiging to his cousin to be with her, she doesn´t need to do anything, just stay there and let her be by her side! Chisa says a clear no… Heartbroken, Iori starts crying since he only wanted to be with Chisa and copy her answers for the German exam!! A little later Iori tells to his friends the bad news, they will face the German exam, to the group we saw in the past chapter, Yuu and Kenta join now on this adventure! Now they start making the moves to cheat! Putting some answers and stuff on pencil cases, water bottles, inside clothes and even in the arm! A classic!

The exam starts and the rules that the teacher has left, plus some sweat makes most of the papers useless! The teacher, feeling that Iori and the rest of the trash are done for decides to do them a freebie, he will say 3 phrases, they only have to translate them and write them on the back… The 3 phrases are very weird so it was useless for them!

In the end, Iori and friends got horrible results (Chisa got an 80), still the teacher has decided that anyone who got 10 points will approve and if they get 20 plus it will be an A; The happiness comes for our heroes, until they read that they will have to get a retake since they tried to cheat! 


Back at Grand Blue, it´s the moment of the formal introduction for Aina to the club! “Cakey” starts giving her introduction and while she is talking, slowly, but surely everyone starts getting naked; as expected, Aina is very surprised and a little disturbed about that, the nakedness, the weird behavior of some of the members (Chisa being a Sadist and Nanaka being a Siscon); still the people has started to party and while partying Chisa confess to Aina that she is very happy and excited to make a new friend who is into diving just like her!

Suddenly they get out of booze and Aina alongside Chisa goes to get some, meanwhile Iori and Kouhei start an argument about what is better if bamboo with Chocolate or mushroom with chocolate (Protip: Both are the same, it´s just the shape that is different), still the seniors stops them to fight and say that they should settle it with a game instead the game choose was that game where they use those chocolate/cookie sticks and they have to eat in front of the other; but since they didn´t had they used… Other stuff 


The party continues and Cakey demands to the party goers to have some decency and put some clothes on! Anyway, now that the things has settled down, It’s the moment to teach the juniors some diving stuff! Especially because they have to get their licenses in time! Yes… Iori and Kouhei were impressed by that too.


They will have to start learning the hand signals since those will be the only way they could communicate while underwater; Kotobuki and Tokita ask Iori and Kouhei if they had studied those already? Our Juniors here start saying that yes! They have! They are signal masters by now!}

Detecting the lies, Kotobuki and Tokita start making some signals and both juniors utterly fail! So it´s study time for both of them!

Iori is studying and suddenly Nanaka comes and puts her big chest on his back, Iori´s appreciation towards diving is increasing, while Nanaka says some advices in how to memorize the signals, all of Iori´s concentration goes towards the nerves of his back, to memorize the shape, feel and softness of his cousin beautiful bust.


Suddenly, Nanaka tells him something that she has heard… And that thing is that She has found out that according to rumors he and Chisa are going out. 

…Iori´s blood turns cold and all the erotic feelings got erased of his mind and replaced by fear of the wrath rising from the siscon… Iori tries to explain everything and begs Azusa to helps him, which was about to backfire since she would paint him as having sexual desire towards Kouhei, so desperate Iori choose the lesser of 2 evils and yells that he loves Chisa!


There is to say that the danger signals where being used by Iori in various moments, communicating without talking is a key part of diving anyway!

Nanaka suddenly shows a sign of happiness because she says that a clear proof that Iori and Chisa gets along so well that the people think they are in a relationship!... Because if they where dating Nanaka doesn´t know what she would do. In any case, Iori explains that in truth they doesn´t get so well…Nanaka says that is strange, because Chisa is very likeable. 


In any case, it´s time to dive! They will go in pairs and Iori will go with Chisa! After some strip and Aina awkwardness about the whole situation, the group is ready to go all in!

Chisa is very serious about diving, and Iori is following her, he can see that Chisa is not being mean to him, nor she is hurting or anything, joking time has passed and Chisa is serious about this activity and how she can bring the most enjoyment to him, someone who until very recently didn´t wanted to be underwater…

The diving has ended and it seems that both Iori and Chisa are in Ok terms now… Or at least that is what Nanaka can feel at seeing both of them.


Of course, that peaceful feeling ends when Iori says that Chisa´s butt is amazing and complete delight to see it while they were diving.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Oh man an amazing chapter this time around! Everything was funny on this chapter! From the beginning to the end it was filled with lots of laughs and good moments for me!


In another point, I truly like how the “extra chapters” of the manga are added as the introduction of the chapters, doing it fast, but in a successful way in how the flow of the chapter is on every iteration.

Also we had some diving! Although we had some of that before, but it was just a sip…And this time it was too! Although it was juts a little time too, but I think it´s for the best since the anime is centered in the comedy instead of the hobby and well… I don´t know about you, but an anime 100% centered in diving it might be a little boring since diving feels more like one of those activities that can be amazing when one experience it personally, not through a third person eyes.

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!