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Chapter 5: Too Late


The chapter starts with both Iori and Kouhei in the classroom, both of them are in their undies and they can see a lot of hateful eyes towards them. Iori wonders why they see them like that? In any case, both college go and ask one of their classmates and after getting insults and menaces of harming them (thing that it seems was very common to Kouhei) are even more confused…

…Of course they could ask Chisa, but she has been in a bad mood after the spring festival, and since they are in their trunks she will surely look at them as mere trash, without any other thing to go, they decide to look at Chisa and…


She greets them with a big and beautiful smile!? Both Iori and Kouhei are freaked out by all of these revelations and developments. Suddenly Iori gets a hate letter saying that he must break out with Chisa or else… The consequences will be deadly!

Frightened and confused, Iori goes to Chisa, who talks all cute and lovey-dobey with Iori, our Hero tries to ask her what is happening and about the death treat he just got! Chisa acts like she doesn´t understand, but… She is just so happy that Iori loves her so much to put his life on the line just to be with her!

Kouhei quickly realizes and understand that the problem is with Iori the dastard who decided to keep for himself one of the few roses in the campus! …So quickly he decides to throw him to the wolves, Iori, feeling the solitude, decides to get Kouhei back by saying that he is dating Azusa, the hot chick from the Oumi Womens University. Now again, Kouhei is abck to being one of the hated ones by the mob… While that happened, Chisa did the smart thing and left the place. 


During lunch, Iori has more death treats on his side, our Main Characters wonders what he could do to improve his position until 2 shady guys comes his way… Their names were Hajime and Yamamoto, they starts being friendly with both men in trunks, until they make the question… One that every trashy men desires within his heart… Where did they learned that hypnosis technique to make 2 beautiful girls fell for them?

Reluctant to answer, the mood turns again violent towards them and they even start planning on killing them and buried them in an unceremoniously way. Iori tries to convince them that Chisa and them are nothing, just school friends! But Kouhei just keeps making things worse for him. 


Fearing the worst Iori and Kouhei decides to make a mixer for some of them! With the snap of a finger, the hate becomes love and the seeds of a perpetual (?) friendship starts!

Back at Grand Blue, Kouhei and Iori are begging for Chisa to present them some friend of hers in order to make a Mixer! Azusa is a little reluctant, although she ask why they don´t ask Chisa? Iori is a little reluctant, but still asks her and gets a very brutal No from her…


Seeing that there is no other way… Azusa agrees on presenting her a friend of hers, although with a condition: Iori will have to pretend to be Chisa´s boyfriend until Chisa tells him to stop…With no other choice, Iori agrees. 

Soon Azusa has brought a friend with her, a cute girl called Yoshiwara Aina from the same university as hers, Iori and Kouhei goes for her and ask her the important questions like If she does like anime and all. Aina explains that she was a former member of Tinker Bell, but has decided to join Peek-A-Boo. The muscle guys ask Azusa if she went for her? Azusa responds by saying it´s the contrary, she went and ask her if she could join.


Soon Kouhei and Iori starts remembering her… She, that girl called Aina, is that Cakey chick from the festival! Aina then looks at Chisa with some weird eyes and goes to be presented to the rest of the club! 

The night has come, Iori and Kouhei are with Hajime and Yamamoto, the mixer will soon take place, the P-A-B members remember how they got Cakey to bring some friends of her to make this Mixer a reality.


Before entering, Hajime starts making some rules to avoid any conflict, with their chopsticks they will point any chick they want to be with, and will point to themselves if none of the chicks is doable; Iori and Kouhei says those are sensible rules and agree with them… Although Yamamoto says he won´t need such thing because he made a promise in his heart…That no matter what or whom he will get laid tonight and will lose his virginity. The other three guys can´t do nothing, but be admired at the desperation and trashiness of Yamamoto.

Still… the group enters hoping for a brave new world! A world with girlfriends! 


… Little did they know they would be received by the Cakey invasion. All the friends that Aina brought, and Aina herself, had a lot of make up in their faces… Soon Iori, Kouhei and Hajime were not interested, but not Yamamoto… He picked a girl and was decided to get through! No matter the face what it´s important is that she is a woman and that was enough for our desperate guy!

Feeling his determination, the hearts of the other 3 friends was melted and decided to help him! A true works of Bros, they will be their wingmen! For any block that Aina or any other of the guys might do, the Alcohol was the answer! They will direct Yamamoto´s heart to the bed of one of those girls! 


…Until they watched a photo of one of the girls without make up and… She is a true beauty! Soon Iori and Hajime are aiming for the same girl with the chit chat… Who cares about Yamamoto´s virginity anyway?! They want a chance with the pretty girl behind the make up!

The competition starts and both Hajime and Iori have defeated Yamamoto in their career for the girl, Kouhei watches uninterested… Those are just 3D chicks, nothing could defeat a 2D chick…Especially these plastic…Girls.

Iori´s eyes see the picture again and can see that she has a magical girl´s children anime!...Could…Could she be one of him? A Kindred spirit that has followed the way of the weeb? 


Without doubts in his mind and resolution on his heart Kouhei gets up and ask the girl if she could go to his room!? A bold move that makes the girls go to a bathroom break! After some discussion from the part of our gentlemen, the ladies are back and it seems that Iori has caught the attention of the girl! There is no way Hajime or Yamamoto could break between those two!

…Kouhei then gets up and makes the ultimate question, the one and only taboo on the mixers, the last betrayal that a bro could do to another bro… He revealed Iori´s relationship status, which is that he is Chisa´s boyfriend, the ultimate cockblock and the testimony that Iori is a cheating bastard!


The attack continues, until Aina is able to change the topic towards desserts; Iori is moved…Could be that the best wingman is a woman?! That the path towards the heart of a girl will no be made by the help of a bro, but a sis?! 

Quickly he sees that it was just because Aina told them that Iori already had a girlfriend… So Iori was out before even started. The girls took a selfie and the Mixer ended with no good results for our guys.


In the end the girls said that they had fun, the hope that they might as well ended up doing something right and that this will pave the way towards the next mixer was eliminated when the girls said that seeing those guys was like “watching animals in the Zoo”… So our guys here started throwing insults to the girls and went to drink, forging the fires of friendship! 

The next day, the girls (without make up) were talking about how much fun they had although Aina said that in that group of boys there might be one that is not so bad, especially since there are boys who would defend a girl even if he barely knew her… Aina´s friends said that she has watched a lot of romantic dramas!


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Oh man what a funny chapter I was laughing almost the entirety of it!! While the story didn´t advanced as much, the laughs that it gave me maked up for it!


Now, we finally have all 4 of the Juniors from Peek-A-Boo! So be ready for all the weird things that the “always in love” Aina AKA Cakey will bring to the table and what weird things her mind makes from seeing some simple innocent thing!

Going back to the comedy, man the second part was pure gold! The first half was strong, but the second killed it for me! So much laughter in how the guys backstabbed each other, only to be best friends, only to pass again as back stabbing!...That´s true friendship right there if you ask me! Also in the “Trash Circle” that makes Iori´s friends, we are still 2 people away from being truly complete, Hajime and that other desperate guy are just the beginning of Iori´s friends circle outside of the diving club, and it´s going to get even crazier!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!