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Chapter 4: The Male Beauty Pageant


The day has come for the Izu Spring Festival and the boys of PAB are excited for it!... Except Chisa, but that is to no surprise.

The excitement for the Juniors goes the way of the Dodo when they had to take care of the Okonomiyaki stand, and especially when they don´t have much clients to begin with, that is because they are against Tinker Bell, the Tennis Club that is filled with both pretty boys and beautiful girls…Also they are doing Okonomiyaki. In any case, Azusa has come to help… In her Undies, well the Bra, because her blouse got stained… 


Some clothes (and a little of jealousy from Chisa to Azusa´s Breastsonality) Iori is seeing everything with Azusa who is more interested in doing Chit-chat about… Bisexual stuff, like what kind of men and women he is into? Azusa is into Tokki and Nanaka; Iori tried to solve the misunderstanding until he heard how happy Azusa is since she was never able to free herself and be able to talk about that kind of stuff! In any case she wants to know what guys does Iori likes?

And the next thing we knew is that Iori was passing time with Kouhei, the Otaku guy wonders why Azusa was so eager and pushy in making that Iori and Kouhei spent some time together? Iori can only keep quiet in what he said to Azusa about the “guys he likes”…

In any case, both of them are having a good time, the festival is enjoyable and all of that is relaxing…Until both Tokita and Kotobuki appeared and informs them that after the event they will be going to party!! And it´s special because people from other clubs will be coming! Iori is excited since that means that cute girls could be in there! The Senpais then show that the other club is the Rugby one… A club filled with muscled machos… Good bye dreams of knowing a nice and pretty girl. 


In any case their time to enjoy the festival has ended and is time for the shift! So after chasing out the Tinker bell guys; Azusa was being too pushy so Iori begged Chisa (who hasn´t rested) to stay with him! Chisa agrees and Kouhei and Azusa goes their own way.

Chisa wonders why he wanted to be with her? Iori says that it´s because… He gets very… Nervous, yes, nervous, when he is with Azusa; Chisa says that it´s understandable because she is very pretty…Iori agrees although that´s not the reason… In any case while they talk both our Hero and Heroine are in perfect sync, so much that they can talk and pass stuff without even look at the other.


The time for the female beauty pageant is coming closer, Chisa says that they will have the first part today and the finals tomorrow; Iori says that for the guys everything will be today…Also Chisa should go and get ready for the contest, Iori´s cousin respond by saying that she would go like she is right now… Until both Azusa and Nanaka comes and takes Chisa in order to prep her up for the contest! Soon enough Kotobuki comes and tells Iori that they will close shop now…The event is going to start soon anyway. 

The event has started and the female representative of Tinker bell is in there… A girl with a wig and lots, and lots of make up… Aina is her name, but I know that you will remember her by her nickname “Cakey”. Everyone is laughing and saying she is cute, the PAB guys says that even the girls use comedy in order to bring more attention.


Soon enough is Chisa´s turn and she looks beautiful, with a nice dress and all prepared, still her attitude is distant, her responses are short and her pose is stiff, on this pace she will definitely lose! So the guys must have to help one of her kin! Kouhei, who is a female expert (in Animes/videogames/Manga) says that if they smile at her, she might smile back… So everyone gets close and yells her name. Chisa looked in anger the weird smiles of Iori and the others, she is pissed at them. 

The next plan is made; they will make her blush! If they show a big appreciation to her, she will react in a cute way! It´s a scientific fact! Scientific! So they will yell her name again and she sees… That thing you see above… Yeah, no words can describe it.


Chisa looks at them as nothing more than filth… So Kouhei´s last plan is to embarrass her a little, in a cute way that will make everyone be impressed at her figure and cuteness!! They will use some little bouncing balls that will go under her skirt and will go up, securing the reaction… The plan starts and… 

It´s a success! Reaction from Chisa and the publics are appearing! The PAB guys start cheering for Iori and tells him that he is doing a great job! Iori goes with the flow until he understand the “He”… Soon enough he finds himself alone, Chisa is looking with tearful eyes to Iori…


After the event Chisa is with a baseball bat, searching for her cousin… Kouhei is hiding alongside him. 

Suddenly “Cakey” appears behind Kouhei and grabs him! She has something to ask of him… To be her boyfriend! Why? Because he is hot! That´s why! Kouhei tries to run, but he is unable to…Iori for his part he is enjoying what Karma is doing to the Otaku guy for having left him alone in the ball incident! So he is ready to leave and wish the happy couple a long and happy life together! In the end Kouhei is able to get rid of her and both guys go to the party.


In the party, Iori and Kouhei (alongside Tokita, Kotobuki the rest of PAB and the Rugby club) are enjoying…Until Chisa came, Iori starts begging for his life, but Chisa says that she is not angry anymore… Although he owes her, Iori agrees and for that he will buy her some sexy underwear!...Yeah, Iori you were doing so good and ruined it… In any case Azusa has come and she is a bit in a bad mood, she explains that she got hit on by a very pushy guy… Kudo from Tinker bell, to whom she was only able to get out by making him entering the male beauty pageant… Anyway, all of that is in the past and it´s time to have some fun!

Later, Kouhei and Iori are taking a break from all the craziness at the party while they wait for the male pageant contest; Suddenly “Cakey” comes again and she smells like alcohol and by seeing how she acts is obvious that she is drunk. In any case, Aina AKA “Cakey”, starts crying and damning her fate of being the laughing stock, she says that she joined Tinker bell thinking that she could get some hottie or get some good friends, she didn´t cared if she was the center of the jokes! As long as she could have friends or anything… She even changed her looks in order to fit in! But now… When she tried to stay in the Tinker bell party, they just shout her out by saying that the had enough laughing at her for today! She is free to go home now.

Iori, after hearing that starts making a plan… One that will show her that no one is always laughed at or laughing at!


The male beauty pageant starts and while some uses it as a muscle constructivism activity, Kudo from Tinker Bell gets a lot of female attention; now… The PAB turn starts and Kouhei comes with the school uniform, he says his name and then decides to confess his feelings to Azusa who was in the front row! Feeling the pressure, Kudo decides to do the same and confess his feelings to the maiden! Whom will the beautiful lady will choose?!

Azusa extends her hands and… She picks Kudo! Kudo mocks Kouhei for having failed and be humiliated, but the reaction of the Otaku is very different; “Azusa” puts her wig out and it reveals to be Iori! Both Kouhei and Iori starts mocking Kudo for what he did! Things from: “The ace of the tennis team has declared me! What should I do?!” to “It pains me, but I will step aside so go and have a long happy life together!” 


Finishing with the same phrase that he said to “Cakey” who watched the whole thing and how those 2 strangers helped her… In the public, Chisa, who was seeing at the distance with the real Azusa gets up and leaves angrily.

After that everyone goes to party including “Cakey” who sees the absurd quantities of Alcohol that both Iori and Kouhei can drink!


The next day, at the second day of the festival, Chisa was being hit a lot, by some very pushy guys, in the Okonomiyaki tent, Iori and Kouhei had their lights out and couldn´t defend her, thankfully Tokita and Kotobuki chased away those guys.

In any case, Chisa, whow as still very angry at Iori and Kouhei, has won alongside Iori! Double price money! Still the muscle guys can see that Nanaka´s Sister is very angry; Azusa can understand her though… She says that after the fact that because of them she entered this, then got humiliated by them, then went out of their way to defend a random chick and finally got hit on and they didn´t protect her… Is obvious she would be angry, heck Azusa herself would be! 


Still… When the moment to speak comes, Chisa, with bright eyes and a big smile, says that she is happy to share this place with her Boyfriend! The man who is out cold next to her! Kitahara Iori!!

After that announcement, a killing intent coming from the other guys who see that basically a human trash was able to get a beautiful girl like Chisa is rising… Problems are coming to our spaced out protagonist!


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Man what an Amazing episode! Couldn´t stop laughing! Especially in the first half, the second one was a little more weaker, but still filled with good laughs all around!


One of the things that I like more about Grand Blue is how the characters change or are influenced by the happenings of the story, Take Chisa for example… And how she reacted after the whole Izu contest and why she got mad at the PAB guys in general and Iori in particular; and the reason why she acted which basically will throw Iori in to a disarray since he will have to face the bunch of horny…I mean jealous guys from the Campus. Basically one action can bring a lot of stuff and be a pivotal point in the chemistry between characters.

At the same time we got to finally meet Aina, although in her “Cakey” form, we will see more about her soon, I won´t spoil much, but be ready for what is coming!

Finally, yeah…There wasn´t much diving today, but by this moment one should got used tot hat in Grand Blue!


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!