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Chapter 3: A New World


The chapter start with Iori, who it seems is obliged to prostitute himself to gay sex… Luckily for our hero, it was just a dream, still he promises himself that he will never use a girl´s school uniform… words and resolution that will soon be put on the test.

Iori walks out of his room and see Kotobuki and Tokita holding… A School girl uniform. Iori and Kouhei (who has a boy´s school uniform in his hands) demands answers from their Senpais! They want to know why they need this?! The muscle guys explain that it´s for diving, so now Iori and Kitahara start checking on the girl´s outfit.

Chisa gets to the living room and watch that bizarre scene, she says that both guys are perverts until they say that it is for diving, that word got connected and the girl ask her Senpais if it´s that moment of the year? Both Tokita and Kotobuki says that yes, it is… For that, they explain that the club needs money… Diving is an expensive hobby, so having big bucks is a necessity. 


Weird ideas comes from both males Kouhai, from getting to be a rock start to be a gay prostitute for any weird man out there. In any case the Senpais soon explain that the Izu University is going to have their festival…And they will have prizes for the club that outstands in some stuff, Kouhei is attractive so he can be Mr. College, while Iori is a dumbass, so he has at the comedy prize. Both males don´t want to participate, but it´s time for other stuff now…

It´s time that both Iori and Kouhei gets to know the equipment, from the goggles, the air tanks, the heavy belt and all that! First, they need to put the suits. The young ones put them and the muscle guys tells them that they will go and practice diving now! Iori asks if Chisa won´t go with them? The girls say no; she has to be in the store… 


Now the group is in the sea and at first they will do some test so they can get used to the water, something simple, in the case of Iori is to submerge himself in shallow water, so he won´t get nervous since he can´t swim and all… Iori has some difficulty at first since he is scared even if he has the full equipment, Kotobuki then explains him that the gear thye use is not only for individual, but to use as a team, to help other diver who is in danger or to facilitate the help…So he must not be afraid. Also they see some clients who decided to dive before going on a business trip, one can see they love diving and immerse themselves in that other world that is underwater. Iori tries again and… 


He can feel at ease, and even if his vision is limited to what low profundity can give you, it´s still very amazing for Iori…

Iori comes back and he thanks Chisa, he is excited for what he saw and he wants to watch more! Chisa is happy for him, but she tries to clam him down.

The next day, Iori has woke up from a drinking night, he suddenly finds himself besides a pretty girl… 


No… This isn´t a dream, a girl is sleeping besides him and on the same room Kouhei, Kotobuki and Tokita are naked too. The Muscle guys explains that the chick is Azusa, she must have come to drink with them and slept besides Iori since he was on a futon; Iori and Kouhei can´t believe it… That a girl has done that! Still the Senpais explain 2 things: First. Azusa is part of Peek-A-Boo since the club is intercollege, AKA a club that accepts people from different universities; Second. They will be losing their time if they treat Azusa as a lady, better see her as one of the boys.

In any case the muscle guys have something to tell to both Iori and Kouhei…

Later. Chisa, Iori and Kouhei are outside, Azusa is in there and she is cooking, it seems they will be doing a Okonomiyaki stand at the festival (BTW it seems that Okonomiyaki is basically a Japanese hot cake that can be sweet or salty), so Azusa will be teaching to her juniors to do it good; meanwhile Kotobuki and Tokita will be doing some stuff and later they will bring the others and a lot of appetite so they need to make lots! 


After some practice cooking Okonomiyaki…The time for the plan that both Iori and Kouhei have towards Chisa has started… The memory comes to their minds about that same morning, when the Senpais revealed what they wanted to tell… And is that there is a chance they can avoid participate in the Mister Izu contest, and that is… By making Chisa entering in the Ms. Izu contest, all of them believe she is pretty enough to win… So knowing that she will not accept they have only one chance… They will get her drunk and make her accept while she is unconscious!

The first try start, they will serve the Oolong tea, one of them is “Oolong tea” (AKA Alcohol), that one will go to Chisa… So they give it, but Chisa is busy so she doesn´t take it. Azusa decides to take one…So the fake one goes to Iori´s throat…Now it´s Kouhei turn and he falls too! 


A mentioning incident is that Azusa reveals that she is the “Friend” to which Nanaka was talking over the phone the other day…And she knows about the room incident, Iori tries to explain about the porn and gay porn stuff! Azusa says that it´s Ok, but she has a declaration to make… She is like him, she goes both ways too. Iori, without knowing how to get out of that misunderstanding decides to shut up.

After various failed attempts, our Heroes start to give up until Azusa questions them on why they want to drunk Chisa? Iori´s cousin is surprised by that revelation, although Iori and Kouhei decides to spill the beans and explain that they want her to enter to Miss Izu contest. Obviously, Chisa says no, and it´s definitive! Still Azusa calms her and tells her to let the men explain themselves! There must be a good reason for that, right?


Iori explains (somewhat embarrassed) that they believe Chisa is cute enough to have a real chance to win the contest… Their words can´t penetrate Chisa´s heart, who is still set in the “No” so without trying more, Iori and Kouhei starts making peace with the tough of doing something embarrassing in the Mr. Izu contest. 

Everyone is back at the Grand Blue… All of them are partying and Azusa decides to join the strip rock, paper, scissors! Iori and Kouhei can´t believe it, she is going to strip?! Azusa says that she will, of course not all… She is a maiden after all, so obviously she is using band aids on her nipples… With conviction, and practically buck naked, Iori decides to fight one last time! With only a hair pin on his head he will get in a fight that will make his blood boil!


…And he alongside Kouhei utterly fail, Still Azusa can´t stop laughing at them… After the party, Azusa has taken a liking to both Iori and Kouhei, who have passed out; She then asks Chisa if she wouldn´t do them a solid and enter the contest? Since both of them were convinced that she is so pretty that she could win! Chisa is dead set in the no, until she swallowed a lot of her beer and says that the problem is that she does not want to do this alone! To be the only one to be embarrassed like that! 

The next morning, Iori and Kouhei are greeted with the surprise that Chisa has decided to enter the contest! Although with a condition… That both Iori and Kouhei must enter too! So instead of evading such fate, this has been secured… The three juniors of PAB will enter to botht he Mr and Ms Izu contest!


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

We finally started diving! Well… It was just a little, but hey! It´s something! The chapter in general wasn´t as good for me in the humor, since I only cracked up once instead of three times, but that´s nothing bad since we got a lot of story development and character development to make up for it, besides we finally got to know Azusa who brings her own flavor of craziness on this whole setup! Especially because (Spoilers ahead) she will try to hook up Iori with the other 2 newbies in Peek-A-Boo, but you will see in more detail next chapter, so do not worry!


I have to say that the scene in the underwater was really good, I enjoyed it a lot! Like the animators or someone truly hit the nail on the head in that scene, very refreshing and very well made.

In the end what got the claps was the character development, it was very well made and natural! Especially in why Chisa decided to accept in going to the beauty pageant, which will be filled with a lot of crazy stuff!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!